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Town Hall in Kamianets-Podilskyi

Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine
4.5 / 76
The Town Hall in Kamianets-Podilskyi is a historical and cultural attraction worth visiting. It offers a nice exhibition and provides informative insights into the city's history. One interesting feature is that you can purchase a single ticket that grants access to five different locations, including the Town Hall and Fortress, as well as three museums. The ticket costs UAH 150, which is quite reasonable considering the value and variety of attractions included. The museums themselves are also quite interesting and offer a diverse range of exhibits. The Town Hall itself is a former building of city self-government, dating back to the XIV-XIX centuries. It is located in the heart of the old city and was constructed in the 30-40s of the XIV century. The building was a result of the city being granted Magdeburg rights by the princes Koriatovich and later by the Polish crown. The town hall underwent reconstruction in 1754 and now features a rectangular clock tower with two bells installed in 1756. In 1884, a mechanical clock was added, which still functions today. Beneath the town hall, you can find dungeons connected to the Dominican and Franciscan churches. Currently, the Town Hall houses a cafe and a museum. Unfortunately, the observation deck is closed, but the building itself is still a sight to behold. Its stunning architecture showcases various styles, including Renaissance, Baroque, and Gothic. The ground floor is home to a restaurant, while the second floor hosts a museum of money with a wide-ranging and constantly updated collection. The town hall is also illuminated in the evenings, creating a special atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that some visitors may be disappointed that certain areas, such as the observation deck, are inaccessible or closed during certain seasons. This can be frustrating for those who have traveled a long distance to see it. However, the museum of money, known as the "Crown of the World" exhibition, is a highlight of the town hall. It offers a fantastic collection of money, with the majority of the exhibits focusing on Ukrainian currency from ancient times to the present day. The museum also covers the history of electronic money, making it a fascinating experience for both history enthusiasts and collectors. Overall, the Town Hall in Kamianets-Podilskyi is a captivating architectural monument that has preserved its historical significance. Despite some limitations, such as the closed observation deck, the town hall provides a worthwhile visit for those interested in history, culture, and unique exhibitions.
Address:Ploshcha Polʹsʹkyy Rynok, 1, 2 поверх, Kamianets'-podil's'kyi
Phone:+380 3849 74385



Not a bad location to visit! Nice exhibition and informative! You can also buy a single ticket for 5 locations at the Town Hall! Town Hall and Fortress, as well as 3 museums! The cost of 1 single ticket is UAH 150. In my opinion, it is very profitabl.. Read more »
Mezei is interesting, but unfortunately you can't go up. A large collection of coins and banknotes from different countries
The town hall in Kamenetz-Podolsky is a former building of city self-government - a magistrate of the XIV-XIX centuries. Located in the center of the old city. The stone building was built in the 30-40s of the XIV century. The construction of the tow.. Read more »
The observation deck is unfortunately closed, but the Town Hall itself is beautiful????
Unfortunately, I put 3 for 2021, I hope my opinion will change next time. In short, everything that is open is expensive as for just watching, and the most interesting is locked. Personally, I, and my young team, wanted to go up to the town hall an.. Read more »
Quite an interesting architectural monument, well preserved. On the ground floor there is a restaurant, and on the second - a museum of money with a fairly wide exposition, which is constantly updated. There is a clock on the tower that informs about.. Read more »
This is the building of the city magistrate, dating from the XIV-XIX centuries. It was constantly changing and restructuring. It has examples of different architectural styles: Renaissance, Baroque and even Gothic. On top of the building is a clock, .. Read more »
Got to the exhibition "Crown of the World", why very happy. He also saw the "money story" from exchange to electronic money. You can take photos anywhere.
Inside is a fantastic collection of money. 90% of the exposition is Ukrainian money. Samples are presented from ancient times to the very latest samples. Bonds also look decent. For collectors, this is the main place to visit. I recommend to everyone
A beautiful building that proudly rises above the former Polish part of Kamieniec Podolski. Inside the museum, you can hear live music in the evenings at the foot of the town hall.
Super hotel. Pleasant atmosphere. The very center of Kamianets-Podilskyi. The quality far exceeds the price. Highly recommend!
the museum has many beautiful and exciting exhibits!)
A large number of coins and vouchers. From ancient to modern. You can spend several hours watching.
There are two museums inside. Money Museum and Crown of the World Museum. As a bonus to the money museum, there is also a hall for the history of Magdeburg law. The Museum of Money is quite interesting, especially for those who are interested in such.. Read more »
I bought an entrance ticket as I expected that it would be possible to see the old city from the top. But unfortunately, there is no such service in Kamenets yet. ((
Museums are not about anything. The crown show is just an exhibition of replicas. Entrance 40 hryvnia is not worth it, the granny at the entrance closed museums before it was "time". It is better to go to the Museum of Antiquities for 20 hr.. Read more »
Beautiful historic building. If you do not plan to visit the museum, the best time for a photo - 6-7 o'clock in the morning, when everything is still closed and there are no tourists)))
Nice building in the city center. Inside there is a museum of money and Magdeburg law, and now there is also an exhibition of crowns from around the world. The entrance fee to museums is 40 UAH. for an adult, if you want to look at the crowns, you wi.. Read more »
The money museum has something to see. But Roman denarii should be cleaned, nothing is visible at all. The model of the Olbia dolphin is a horror! Don't mislead people. There is no opportunity to climb the tower, but I really wanted to. Although.. Read more »
Over the years, the town hall has changed, it is pleasing to the eye.
Interesting town hall ❤️??
The museum of money has a very wonderful beautiful place. It shows the full history of money not only in Ukraine but also in different countries.
The Polish square and the town hall are very harmonious. Beautiful in the daytime and in the evening. The square is beautifully decorated.
The impression of a cafe on the ground floor - check the cleanliness of the glasses - can pour the drink into a formidable glass with the remnants of lemon seeds. Yes, after the remark, the drink was replaced, but the impression was spoiled. There sh.. Read more »
The museum is small, but has its advantages: a unique collection of coins and vouchers that were used in Podolia at different times (Kamyanets-Podilsky had his own money!), As well as a restored meeting room of the magistrate, where you can take pict.. Read more »
Nice, perfectly fit in the atmosphere of the city.