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Park Prater

Vienna, Austria
4.7 / 126
Located on the left bank of the Danube. Until the XVIII century, there were imperial hunting grounds, then at the will of the royal family was destroyed park - there were coffee shops, carousels, pastry shops. People were entertained by clowns and street artists. From the XIX century on the territory was held the Vienna Fair. The park has a Ferris wheel, recognized as one of the oldest in Europe. Prater is a favorite vacation spot for Viennese families with children.
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A very nice place for kids but for adults also. Its not very big but it has everything to have some fun. I would definitely recommend this place while you visit Vienna.
This is a very nice theme park in Viena, and the entrance is free. You only pay per ride. There are numerous shops and restaurants where one can sit down and relax and rides for everyone, from the easygoing to the extreme adrenalin junkie. On a very .. Read more »
My wife and I had a wonderful and unforgettable day here! One of the most beautiful entertainment places in Vienna, without a doubt. Games, restaurants and cafes nearby. The atmosphere in general is very wonderful.
Lots of fun rides and shops. Reasonable prices. Good eats too. We just enjoyed walking around watching people on the rides. So much fun.
amazing place with a lot of fun for everyone. you can find all kinds of attractions, games, rides and more. but also a lot of street food. you pay for each ride you choose, there is no general entrance ticket. recommended especially in the evening w.. Read more »
Great for kids. A lot of attractions and activities. Literally returned me to my childhood. Enough extreme attractions for brave people. Prices are kinda high. But it's Vienna. I don't think you find something less than 1-2 euros except to.. Read more »
Wonderful park!! It's more of an amusement park. You'll find awesome rides and fun activities inside. There are tons of food joints where you can eat while choosing rides. It is good for kids as well as adults both. Inside you'll fi.. Read more »
This is a fun amusement park, there is no entry fee and rides all seem to be €5 or less each. Good food options there too and the walk through the surrounding park to get there was very nice. Waits for rides weren't too long. I would recomm.. Read more »
This place was bigger than we thought. There are lots of rides and ghost houses, a bit old style but really fun! We tried some ghost rides and had so much fun. There is no entry fee and you can pay at each ride.
So much fun! Short lines and no wait for lots of rides. Pay by the ride and almost all of them are 5 euros. Much better than paying an entry fee for all rides. Lots of food places and the lights and vibe are exhilarating.
Prater is an old amusement park in Vienna with no admission fees or opening hours; games, restaurants, and shops set their own opening and closing times. The Vienna eye is fun for families and easily accessible by wheelchairs and strollers. This plac.. Read more »
Prater, Vienna's thrilling amusement park, is an absolute delight! From the iconic Ferris wheel to thrilling rides and green spaces, there's something for everyone. The availability of lockers adds convenience, making it a must-visit for an.. Read more »
Awesome amusement park , very well kept and clean. Went there unexpectedly and was totally worth it. All rides are great and fun, had such a good time
Amazing with a lot of fun activities, hours of entertainment but my only problem is the prices. Each ride is between €7-€15 depending on the ride which is quite expensive as there is alot of rides so it makes you want to go on a lot more th.. Read more »
I didn't expect much since we got the same attractions in Prague twice a year for several months, but the atmosphere is really great. And it gets even better after sunset with the bulb lights. I recommend going on a Booster and the high carousel.. Read more »
Love it, always a ton of fun! A bit on the pricey side, but keeping in mind this is an amusement park in the middle of Vienna, open basically every day, it makes sense to pay per ride. Fun for a quick trip, 2-3 rides and then off to grab something to.. Read more »
It was a fun night out! Wasn't too crowded since I went around 9 pm on a Monday! So no long queues and i got to enjoy the lighting. View from the top of some of the rides is unbelievable.
Fun place to visit with kids. Many of the rides are really scary - going crazy fast and high (I and my son tried almost all of them) They do have some rides suitable for young kids too. Entry to the park is free and then you pay for each individual r.. Read more »
Great amusement park with a large variety of rides and activities. Not too crowded, waiting queues are small or rather nonexistent. Good option for a date, family day, or some old fashioned adrenaline rush. Ferris wheel is particularly charming dur.. Read more »
Best amusement park I have visited in a long time, has something for every age group . . You can spend one whole day without getting bored, make sure to take cash as they don't accept card for all the rides. .The park gets even better at night w.. Read more »
Good place to spend time with family, friends, colleagues, alone. Possible only walk and enjoy or try one of the many many of atractions. Music, smell and laugh are making this funpark even more than place for fun. Even little rainy day, this experie.. Read more »
It's a great place to spend half a day without getting bored. I didn't think it would be so much fun even for adults to walk around and try different stuff out but it turned out to be a great spent time.
Very great experience for both, children but also teenagers. We have spent great time there with my girlfriend and will be surely coming back in next months. Parking was good, prices are very affordable and the entry is free. You pay for the attracti.. Read more »
Highly recommend place to spend quality time with your beloved ones. get there easily from train station. You can enjoy sunset while you ride Wiener Riesenrad ..a lot of different games and clean restaurants..
The Prater is the most famous attraction in all of Vienna. Going to Vienna and not seeing the Prater is like going to the Vatican and not seeing the Pope. ? Amazing adventure, fun, laughter, games! It is something unforgettable and worth a visit. .. Read more »
If you like loud places where a lot is happening Prater is right for you. But even then it is rather expensive, a lot of the rides cost 5 Euro, it adds up fast, especially if you are there with children. Still it's a place with great tradition w.. Read more »
A very interesting park. Thanks to their card for €45, we really saved a lot, so if you plan to come here for the whole day, I recommend the card (Name approx. Prater Highlights)
Very fun and full of content. One can definitely feel the park's long tradition and rich history but also experience all the thrilling modern rides.
Great park with many attractions...there are many roller coasters, so I recommend to first walk through park and then decide which one should be your next ride..there are many horror houses as well..first get an impression which one is more scary..th.. Read more »
This one of most important attractions in Vienna, and probably the best destination,, It’s an open amusement park, with roller coasters, museums, indoor games, restaurants and much more,, You can easily spend a day there without being bored,, M.. Read more »
Really fun place, right outside the train station. We came by sunfall and enjoyed the beautiful lights after it went dark. The good rides cost at least 5 euro for person.
As for an amusement park, Prater comes high up on the scale as one of the best in Europe and a need to visit. Just make sure you have enough of cash on you, as not every attraction has the ability to charge cards.
Very nice place for some family time. There are so many different things to do that one day is not enough. We had excellent time.
Lots of thrilling rides to go on. There are things to do for most ages, but I'd suggest you go there as a teenager or older since most of the rides are targeting young adults. Some of them can be a little fast and scary for some people so keep t.. Read more »
Very cool place worth visiting! There is a metro station next to it, so getting there is easy. Everyone will find something for themselves, the facility is very large. There are attractions for both children and adults. There are also toilets and man.. Read more »
Classical amusement park. Really cool for families, especially children. More than enough rides available. Prices a bit steep on some rides and no entry without proof of vaccination. Good fun for the family
We only rode the Lilliput train and the Flower wheel but we enjoyed it thoroughly. This place is packed with rides for those who enjoy them. The park is also a great place to relax and enjoy a picnic.
It's the best outdoor place in the city. Its not far away, has a good access point and enough parking surface. The families can rent bikes, rickshaws. Great entertainment for big and small. In addition one can dine almost everywhere. The greates.. Read more »
I love this amusement park. Love walking around here, it feels like going into outlet mall in the U.S except it has rides and stuff. I'm not too sure if the huge park is also owned by Prater but it's beautiful. You can jog, walk, or just ch.. Read more »
Nice amusement park though huge to even walk through with a smaller child. recommend from 8 years old onwards and only in daylight. In the evening strange locals make the feeling a bit strange.
Nice place. Fun for kids as well adults. Good walking area for people to meet and kids to have fun. One stop place for whole family - Kids to Adults.
I rode all the rides, and had a wonderful time with friends (especially on the Black Mamba). The only thing I'd say is if you're a fearful person then maybe stick to the more classic carnival games. The rides also look like they may fall ap.. Read more »
Excellent place to hang out with friends or family, plenty of fun things to do. When on a European tour I took my passengers there...... teens in there 20's + amusement park = guaranteed fun and laughs. Food, snacks and drinks inside the park. I.. Read more »
Another amazing place, we could even spend days there. Too many options for individuals, kids, families, extreme or not options, loads of adventures. Few food and drink options. Wonderful view. Quite normal prices. A must go place. One of the best.. Read more »
Amazing place to enjoy during the day and also during the night. You can stay on the grass and enjoying the beautiful view how you will see from the photo. But remember after 3 am you should go. 100 % recommended also for family's during the day.. Read more »
Very quiet-due to Covid. Has a great charm. It could be expensive if you wanted to go on several rides
Nice amusement park that is permanent fixture in Vienna. Large selection of attractions. Entrance is free, you pay for each ride. Mostly 4 or 5 euros per person. A lot of restaurants and fast food bars. Nice view of Vienna from Blumenrad.
My family and I had so much fun there. Quite a few of amusement rides, restaurants/diners, and arcades, etc. Nobody would get bored there. A definitely big surprise for me is, there are pinballs in the arcade, which I thought it has been long befor.. Read more »
Quite expensive (about €5 per ride) and the rides are quite short as well. On a fair note, the food is really cheap for an attraction park, so depening on how many rides you go on, it might be worth your while. Kids rides are a bit cheaper, so w.. Read more »
What a huge attraction park! As you walk in you probably won’t expect it. The place was way too over crowded and hardly anyone really was practicing social distancing! But it really is great for ages young to old!