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Prague Zoo

Prague, Czech Republic
4.9 / 134
The zoo, which contains more than 400 species of animals, some of them are recognized as endangered. A children's zoo with pets and a children's railway are on site. The atmosphere of different climatic zones is recreated in numerous pavilions. The most impressive is the Indonesian Jungle Pavilion, built in 2002. Only in the Prague Zoo, the only one in all of Europe, do Galapagos turtles live.
Address:U Trojského zámku 120/3, Praha 7
Phone:+420 296 112 230



Justyna Motyka
One of the best zoo I've ever been to. The trip around the zoo took about 5 hours but it's worth every step of it. The animals are amazing and all the enclosures are so good prepared and showed you feel like you're in a safari or in ju.. Read more »
Iulia Făgărași
The Zoo is well being taken care of, the animals have lots of space and the Visitors can even enter in the parrots and kangaroos area. From place to place there are little cafes where you can eat and drink something. A truly marvelous experience. The.. Read more »
D. Elhendawy
Prague Zoo is a highly recommended attraction for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. It is widely regarded as one of the top zoos in the world for its conservation efforts and high quality exhibits. This place is located on a hilly terrain w.. Read more »
Mateusz Gawrychowski
Beautiful place that everyone should visit. To start off, it's huge and has a lot of animals, it's possible to see the whole place in one day but it might be challanging especially on hot, sunny days. There's a lot of playgrounds and a.. Read more »
Shlomi Uziel
one of the best zoos I've been to. huge but easy to negotiate. well maintained and clean. looks like the animals are taken good care of. we could see the lions and the tigers face to face from a distance of centimetres through the glass. brillia.. Read more »
Alex Siamantas
I wasn't expecting to be excited about the Prague Zoo, but i did! I spent 5 hours in there, and i would need at least 3 more to see everything. I saw animals from every continent and kind. Crocodiles, hippos, lions, parrots, penguins, and every.. Read more »
Svetoslav Dobrev
It's a great place to visit with the kids. Pleasant shades to hide in summer and have a nice family time. There is a lift, which we didn't use as our kids are too little but it looked like great fun. Most of the areas of the animals look.. Read more »
Natasha Fusenkorn
We went to Prague for the second time and we went to the Prague zoo for the second time also. Our travelling squad is 24-30 y.o. but we had a great experience visiting the zoo. They have beer in cafeterias! And gorillas are so funny! 100% recommend t.. Read more »
Paul Mcdonald
A must visit if your in Prague, massive zoo with great view from the wee restaurants tucked away around every corner. All the animals looked well looked after, wondered if the tiger had a bigger enclosure round the back to roam around in, i hope so. .. Read more »
Benjamin Demetz
This is a great zoo that has a bit of everything. You can go watch marine animals, as well as lions, parrots or polar bears. There is definitely something for everyone. There is even a small area for kids to play. The zoo is also quite bit, but if yo.. Read more »
Will Grimsey
One of the best zoos I’ve ever been to. All animals look incredibly well looked after and there is a wide selection of food and drinks to keep you happy as you walk around the zoo. I’d give more time than you think as everything is nicely.. Read more »
Damaris Condre
A zoo that is worth visiting. You can spend a whole day here and not get bored and the entrance is very cheap compared to what it offers. Hundreds of species of animals and birds. The layout of the park is superlative, from the pens to the landscapin.. Read more »
Patrick Husband
Best zoo I have ever visited. Very large, took me nearly 5 hours to visit everything. Nicely priced, even including the food/souvenirs once inside. Although busy, the vast collection of animals is absolutely worth it - they have all of the favourites.. Read more »
Walaa Fares
Great place to spend half a day with kids. I wouldn't recommend it in very hot weather since most of the paths aren't shaded. Bringing a swimming suit for the kids is recommended since there is a little shallow pool where they can play, my .. Read more »
This is a very nice zoo worth seeing. It is great for families, young, old, and simply everyone. The walkways are well maintained, described, and comfortable. Refreshments and restaurant are also available. The restaurant food was good and prices rea.. Read more »
Kora W.
The Prague Zoo was a fantastic experience for our family. The exhibits were beautifully constructed and maintained, there were conveniently located and clean toilets, and there were several areas for children to play in. Nearly all of the signs inclu.. Read more »
Kuba Zadęcki
That's the best zoo I've ever been to! A lot of different animals. You can also feel like you're at a safari, because you can come in to many cages and meet animals just next to you. I can definitely recommend this zoo to everyone. I a.. Read more »
Thorben Hinz
After 1 hour: awesome. Good prices. Nice areas for the animals. Really nice staff. A man heard that we are from Germany and talked to us in German as best as he can. But we understood everything he explained us about the turtles :)
Strontium Dog
Prague Zoo consistently ranks among the top ten zoos in the world... and with good reason. It can a 5-6 hours walk around its massive grounds and enjoy all it has to offer. The animal runs are spacious and modern (Africa world and the new elephant ho.. Read more »
Chantelle Sobey
The zoo is out of this world. The conservation & work that the zoo put into making the animals happy is incredible. Wear comfy shoes because we spent a good 5 hours walking around. You can either take the tram, or walk through Prague "centra.. Read more »
Teasy Wannabe Fruitbat
It happened to be a rainy day so I guess lots of animals were hiding. The setting is pleasant even if loads of uphill and the cable car wasn't working. There are still indoor pavilions we could enjoy and there are cages you can enter with the bi.. Read more »
Marty Mitáš
CUTE ANIMALS. WHAT MORE CAN I SAY. LOVING THE PENGUINS AND SEA LIONS. But now seriously. Really enjoyable place, even as a couple (My girlfriend loves cute animals). The entry is really good for a ZOO this big.
Kevin Jones
Amazing zoo. Reasonable admission and concession prices with (probably) too much to see in one day - although we did come with a 2 year old and have a pretty slow pace. Everything is extremely clean and well kept. Animals all looked healthy and happy.. Read more »
Nastya Teplinsky
This zoo is out of this world! I was very surprised to see how big the place is and how thought out every animal exhibit was. The animals looked genuinely happy and healthy even though being at a zoo. I liked how in some zones you could actually be i.. Read more »
Tom Hanetz
Amazing zoo! Loved the variety of exotic animals:) Be prepared for long walk as the park area is enormous, and there is even a giant hill to climb. You can easily spend the whole day there. Due to Covid limitations there is a maximum capacity for so.. Read more »
Gio DiLo
The park was so vast and well organized. There were vending machines everywhere and we had all what we needed for the day we spent there. The animals were well kept and the nature was fantastic. Plenty of space to take a walk in the zoo, the staff wa.. Read more »
Dani TsoTsa
Prague zoo is consider to be one of the best in the world, and it shows. Great time with the kids! Unfortunately, a lot of the attractions were closed due to the pandemic, and those are the best the zoo has to offer. This is a zoo, so if you are sen.. Read more »
Richard Lazar
What a lovely place to impress your kids! There are plenty of playgrounds. The animals seem to enjoy themselves (as much as they can do in captivity). Food and drinks are all right (with a reasonable markup). You can easily spend a whole day here.
Michal Hejduk
The best zoo I have ever visited: that means much better than in Basel and London. Animals are given a relatively wide space to move around and some of them have a luxury of living in large indoor imitations of their natural habitat. Human kids can s.. Read more »
Emiel Lemay
A pretty zoo, nice tidbits of information about each animal without it becoming overwhelming to read. Most animals look happy in their spacious environments, with exception if the polar bears and some of the animals in indoor exhibition (lack of spac.. Read more »
An absolutely incredible zoo. The entry fee is incredibly reasonable. The enclosures are clean and have ample room for the animals to run around. The animals look healthy and well looked after. Food and drink options are cheap and tasty. The whole ex.. Read more »
Sani Django
Very family friendly zoo. We had to walk a lot to see some of the animals. So I suggest you go there very early to be able to see all the animals. Otherwise you can just go see your favorite animal and then maybe a few others. PS: Even though I don&.. Read more »
Jeremiah Wilson
I'm really impressed with the Prague Zoo. It's updated, clean and just a great place to relax. I'd never seen a Tapir up close and here you see some beautiful ones. The lions were in heat and that provided a great show. She could not g.. Read more »
Vincent C
As usual, great. Every time I'm going there, I discover new improvements, papillon for hippos, then Tasmanian devil crater, and coming soon, new gorilla's department. Prague's zoo is a world top level always worth the visit - I'm .. Read more »
Ignacio Gamboa
Amazing zoo with tons of different animals. The habitats are in good conditions, clean and animals seem to be mostly healthy. The only ones that didn't seem to be doing so hot were the polar bears and the seal show along with the lemur exhibitio.. Read more »
James Palliser
One of the best zoos in the world. Absolutely loved our visit. The animals are well cared for and have lots of space. The admission price was fair and the zoo itself was accessible using a combination of trams and a bus. It is well laid out for the v.. Read more »
The Prague Zoo is a really awesome zoo, there are a lot of different animals to see and you can even go into some of the enclosures, which is a very fun experience, we even stood next to a pelican which didn't seem bothered at all. And even thou.. Read more »
marco balena
Is sad seeing animals in zoo but is also a good opportunity for everyone to know what wonderful we have on our planet. Amazing zoo!
Amazing zoo and absolute must-see ! Animals are well taken care of, fascility is well planned for the guests. A lot of areas for children and restaurants with good food and prices. I recommend going there for the whole day as it is very big and it is.. Read more »
Ishan Arora
The zoo is rated as the seventh best zoo in the world by Forbes Travel Guide in 2007, and is rated as the fifth best in the world by Trip Advisor. Entry for one person is 250 CZK which is very fair if you compare to large array of animals i.. Read more »
Jim Turnbull
Best zoo in the world, hands down. Essential visit if you're in Prague and will take a full day to see everything, but it is absolutely worth it. All of the animals are cared for to the highest standards and have spacious, clean, and stimulating.. Read more »
Koen van Breukelen
Awesome zoo, with best value for money of all zoos I've ever been. Also, most animals seem to are well treated with clean and relatively big enclosures.
Bruce Wayne
One if the best I’ve been to. The food areas are poor though unfortunately. The review is for the zoo, not the food areas.
Pelewai EveisReal
Wow! What a great zoo! Lots of restrooms and food places, and thank goodness because it's hilly! The hills were challenging, certainly rough for someone with a disability. The wheelchair we borrowed had flat tires and worn brakes. Besides the ch.. Read more »
Raymond Raven
This is for sure one of the best zoo's I Have visited, great place, a big diversity in animals and great natural invironments are build. You can spend your whole day here. Recommended. Thumbs up for Praha. Great job.
Jan Tuháček
Huge zoo, with plenty of the animals in nicely made enclosures. Plenty of enclosures are walk through as well. Which can bring you to animals You can spend whole day in there if you take it in leisure pace. The zoo is expanding a lot in last years bu.. Read more »
Tomáš Pazourek
To tour the entire Zoo properly with a casual pace, you'd need roughly 10h but it can be done even in less. Some of the animals are willing to show off and you can observe them from any possible angle, whereas feline beasts of prey are more like.. Read more »
Avishay Reuven Shem-Tov D
Very big and well organized zoo. Really taking good care of the animals, physically as well as psychologically. There are shows and feeding times posted and you can come and see those which are very recommended. The zoo is very big and I would recomm.. Read more »
Eagle Eye
My wife and I visited on 10 July 2020. We arrived at 10am and left at 3.15pm. The zoo is well designed and some very good displays. There are many good public transport options to get to and from there. We enjoyed our day although quite disappointed .. Read more »
Stepan Vurm
Great place to spend whole day with kids. A lot of animals to see, lot of kid playgrounds and activities and clean. Very rarely you will see any bars, mostly the animal's area are limited by terrain, water or glass. Considering that they are not.. Read more »