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Prague TV Tower

Prague, Czech Republic
4.3 / 116
“The tallest and ugliest building in Prague” - 216 meters of glass, metal and concrete, towering above the city. They do not like her and admire her, and she is a very fashionable place among the Prague youth. It is the Žižkovský vysílač a symbol inherited by the Czech Republic from the era of socialist realism.
Address:Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3
Phone:+420 210 320 081



Dan Dimmer
Bistro 66 is a must see restaurant when visiting Prague. If fine dining and spectacular views are you cup of tea then this is the place for you. Bistro 66 is an experience in itself. The staff speak very clear English are polite warm and attentive t.. Read more »
Steve Peltonen
The structure of the tower is unconventional, based on a triangle whose corners go up in steel columns, consisting of three tubes with a double steel wall, filled with concrete. They support nine 'pods' and three decks for transmitting equi.. Read more »
Pezhman Rajabimehr
The structure of the tower is unconventional, based on a triangle whose corners go up in steel columns, consisting of three tubes with a double steel wall, filled with concrete. They support nine 'pods' and three decks for transmitting equi.. Read more »
Karl Veskus
The Žižkov Television Tower in Prague was a delightful experience! The ticket controller was friendly and welcoming, setting a positive tone for the visit. Once inside, the views from the tower were truly captivating, offering a unique perspective of.. Read more »
James S
Brilliant views of the entire city. Just over 90 meters to the observation deck. A nice way to spend an hour... easy tram ride to only a 5min walk to the tower! Freaky babies attached to it as well! The question is.... was it a space rocket? 😉
Greg Bryson
Made it to the top at sunset and it was fantastic! Provides a beautiful and unique panorama of Prague. The babies are incredible! Cash only or buy online. We skipped the bar when we saw that no seats offered views. Overall as expected and worth the v.. Read more »
Péter Mórocz
Nice panoramic view on 93m height, quick elevator, 3 spacious but closed rooms for view, expensive ticket (300 CZK / adult) and can be ordered via online. E.g on Thursday 13 'o clock were very few visitors... The tower is in the world top of 10 .. Read more »
Brian Parker
Worth the slow hill climb by foot up to it (then take the 15 tram back down) to see what's dubbed by many as one the ugliest buildings (plus a Prague skyline eyesore!). Didn't go up. Enjoyed the creepy barcode babies art installation from D.. Read more »
Neli Temelkova
The tower has a nice view and three rooms where you can enjoy it. The elevator is fast but you may need to wait if there are many visitors. Windows may spoil your photos of the view. The place is free if you have a valid Prague CoolPass card.
Pete / Hel Havard
The structure of the tower is unconventional, based on a triangle whose corners go up in steel columns, consisting of three tubes with a double steel wall, filled with concrete. They support nine 'pods' and three decks for transmitting equi.. Read more »
Nadav Keren
The tower is stunning from the outside and you must come see it if you're nearby. The view is great but you can get it in many other places at a lower price. Still worth going up if you have spare time in the area.
Eva Praskova
The structure itself is really cool with the babies it's such an eye-catching building. But it seems to be completely closed right now. Maybe there is some upgrades happening inside, but the entrance looked abandoned with some dropped bits and p.. Read more »
Christa Gala
Not much to it, frankly. I think there are better views in Prague. The outside and the babies are the most interesting thing and you can see that without going in. The Minimoo restaurant is gorgeous though as well as the mini golf course. Definitely .. Read more »
Anaïs Le Goff
Visited 22.06.2022 at 18:20. I never met such an unfriendly person at the reception desk. Seriously, what was wrong with her? She does not belong here if she does not want to work with tourists. Another bad point: CASH ONLY! But there is an ATM with .. Read more »
Kristaps Kalnozols
They don't accept payment cards. Entrance ticket cost 10eur, I would say it's not worth visiting the top deck. There is very little of attraction. Tv projecter with some movie out of context. Top deck window glass is bit unclear and dirty. .. Read more »
Luke Davis
Nice folks, funky desserts, quick service! I had a pavlova cake. It was weird because it was harder than I remember them being. Espresso macchiato was on-point though. Neat place to visit and it gives you some incredibly good views of Prague--even.. Read more »
Katrina Blake
Really worth a visit for the views. Loved the swing chairs. The other viewing rooms are empty. The bar /bistro/restaurant hasn't found its identity yet I think. But still enjoyed a glass of bubbles there and the food is nice (nothing to write ho.. Read more »
Michael Mack
Nice views of Prague. Love the baby sculptures crawling on the outside of the building—-have to see it, to believe it. Pretty cool. While not the most beautiful looking of towers, the views are great of the entire city. Glad we checked this off.. Read more »
Cassie Tresl
Cool to visit and see from up close. There is a park underneath with food stands and places to sit. Unique and interesting structure to check out during your walk around Prague!
Roman Kovbasyuk
One of the best underrated Prague's attractions. Situated in the middle of lively district with lots of cafes and restaurants, it is an unique sight itself, visible from most of the city, but most impressive up close. The views from the observat.. Read more »
Olga Tsurtsumia
Go and see it yourself! It's fun! There is a park around it. The sculptures of climbing babies makes it look bit creepy but it's still nice. U can see those babies all around the city. Don't know exactly the history of that gotta Googl.. Read more »
The tower is nice, contrary to most people I like the design. The view is nice from the top, sadly it doesn't have any toilets so if you drink something you can't stay there for long. They have nice sofas and explanations about where is w.. Read more »
Krzysztof Gajda
With 96 meters above ground (viewing deck, the tower itself has over 200 meters) it grants a wonderful view on Prague. The downside is that the viewing deck is not all around the tower, it misses one side. Still, wonderful views of the whole city. If.. Read more »
Jason Gill
This tower sure stands out around the beautiful Prague skyline, but it's a cool building none the less. Definitely worth going to the top and maybe even checking out the restaurant. Beautiful 360° views of Prague!
Tamás Nagy
It’s considered ugly, I think it’s nice especially with the crawling babies on it. Staff is nice and helpful. The view is amazing. You can also play mini golf here in a park which if quite nice.
István Kozma (Koi)
They say it is the most unliked building among the citizens with its surrealistic art installations - the creepy crawling babies all over it. It is however the tallest building in Prague and can be very well used as a landmark while getting around as.. Read more »
Nathan Hodson
Originally built by the Soviets to block radio free America broadcasts. Now it is worth a visit for one of the best views of Prague.
Christian Georgiev
Great tower and sights, but you must wisely choose your needs and desires when you make your wish list for visiting Prague.
Jan “Darth Jenda” Prokop
Amazing service, great view (of course) and REALLY great drinks!!! Super nice people, fully recommended! And feel free to ask the bartender about his drinks, interesting stories!
Szilvia Csikós
Outside the babies on the building,inside 93 metres heighth,worth the price 250 czk.
André Oostrom
Very nice developed little entertainment area, close to the center in a great neighborhood with easy access.
Matthias Trabandt
A fantastic place, right under the TV tower you can find a minigolf area for free.
Adannaya Bititi
My daughter loved the babies crawling up the tower. You can get amazing views if you take the elevator up to the 4th floor.
David Dancey
A modern construction in an older city. The TV Tower is a bizarre juxtaposition of the old and the new. It towers over the older residential area of Zizkov like a crashed alien spaceship, acting as a landmark for miles around. The giant crawling bab.. Read more »
The Žižkov Television Tower (216m) is a unique transmitter tower built in Prague between 1985 and 1992. Designed by the architect Václav Aulický and the structural engineer Jiří Kozák,it stands high above the city's s.. Read more »
Akillis CJ
A wonderfull resturante, good food and a veiw over the city
Sebastian Skala
Very cool place within the wider range of the city center. You can take a nice trip to visit the prague space shuttle,how this tower is called by the locals. Some hate it, others love it. Take a trip and decide yourself. Njoy Prague roofs
Carlos sanchez
The location and premises are very nice especially in summer. However, part of their staff is definitely dragging down the place. It completely ruins the experience
Tom Cincura
Restaurant at 180m high is one must in Prag, 100% recommend, vie from special observatory is stunning....:)))))
Albert Soriano
One of the best views of Prague, but expensive and sometimes the windows are not clean. Do not go at night, daylight is better.
Jan Zborovjan
The view is great, and... that's it. For the ticket price I would expect a bit more. At least some cosy room to sit back, rest and enjoy the view. It's a bit bare as it is now in mid 2020's
Char Lie
Visited it at night and oh boy i can tell those huge babys looked really scary. Creeps me out. At the top you can find a restaurant with a half panoramic view. I do not recommend..
Szymon M.
Pricy entry tickets, dirty windows and not much to see. Also, not that high.
Karolina Ferfet
I find the babies on it sooooo creeepy....
Silviu Vlăsceanu
Amazing views, both up and down, but not much to do inside.
cool tower design, but the observatory sucks. there are 2 layers of windows, but the foil on the outer ones is blubbly, scratchy and blurry. so you can't enjoy the great view you expected. this foil has to be removed asap. even the inner windo.. Read more »
Kiko C
Nice view and there is a restaurant on the 3rd floor which you can access without paying a fee, however you need to order
The tower is very impressive. Downstairs a pub and a park, upstairs an observation deck and also a pub. A very interesting art installation on the tower pillars. A place worth recommending.
Milán Kóbor
You could say that it is ugly etc... but it wasn't meant to be beautiful. It's a unique building. Although it's true that this tower doesn't really fit. The view is simply incredible and it's a must in Prague