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Prague Castle

Prague, Czech Republic
4.9 / 118
The complex of structures included in the Guinness Book of Records due to its enormous size (70 thousand m²). Here are historical palaces, ancient cathedrals and chapels, galleries, towers and museums, as well as the famous "Zlata street". The government of the Czech Republic sits in Prague. The first settlements existed here in the 9th-11th centuries, as evidenced by excavations. Prague Castle is a “city in a city”, it is considered the core of the Czech capital.
Address:Prague 1
Phone:+420 224 373 368



Marin “SayanMk” Kolev
Most of the palace is actually a free to walk around area. You need to pay if you want to visit the museum parts or a small street, or the toilet. The signs are very distinguishable so you need not worry. The front yard of the castle has a narrow gar.. Read more »
Subbash Patel
Great place to visit when in Prague. If you walking quite a bit of steps to get up. Once you up there nice Castle. Great view of city from up there. We were there at time guard was changing. Lots of people here to see that at noon. No entrance fee he.. Read more »
Nima M.
Including a cathedral, palace, museums, restaurants and shops, and many other things. Good place to spend a few hours. Left the car somewhere far away, took a Tram #12 and bought ticket inside the tram for around half of Euro, Pretty simple and strai.. Read more »
Florence Elizabeth
Prague Castle is definitely a place to go if you are visiting Prague. There is so much interesting history and the architecture is magnificent. I’d recommend going to the visitors point and getting an audio guide as you walk around, as this ma.. Read more »
Juan Pablo Naranjo
This place is unreal!!!!! It is hard to believe that places like this still exist. This whole city is actually unreal. This is definitely a place that everyone (if you have a chance) should visit at least once in their life time. There are so many pl.. Read more »
Russ Randelle
For those who love history, Prague Castle is the place for you. Loads to do and see. Beautiful views across the river towards the city centre. Recommend you take binoculars if you have them. Bear in mind that if you approach on foot, it is a steep .. Read more »
Carys Compton
Gorgeous place to walk around - but be prepared to WALK. Being one of the castles with the largest surface area in Europe, it is a feat to walk around. I suggest taking a day to do this. There are plenty of cafes inside the grounds to sit at for a qu.. Read more »
Pranav Rathi
One of the most beautiful places to visit in the city. It is better to take public transportation to the castle than car. The best time to get there is early in the morning like 7 (even though the places inside open at 9) to take pictures when no on.. Read more »
Patryk Koziara
Prague Castle is located on a tall hill and has a view of the city below. It's like its own small town. I took many pictures here, and when I showed them to my friends, they thought the pictures didn't look like they were taken in real life.. Read more »
Nathan Rose
Beautiful beautiful beautiful place and an obvious must see. We took a guided tour and our guide was easy to understand and extremely knowledgeable. You can do a self-guided tour but I'd recommend a guide. Every bit of the castle is amazing and .. Read more »
Win Tai
Beautiful church inside the castle grounds. Need about 1.5hr to 3hrs depending on your speed. Ticket are bought at information booth. Nice place to wander around outside if you don't want to go inside. Lovely park ground and architecture. Worth .. Read more »
Elena Ko
The church inside the castle is really amazing. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes and try to avoid the busy time. We went there around lunch time, a lot of tourist groups and the restaurant is a little bit full as well. It will be better to .. Read more »
Carlina Flores
I think it’s the most important place to visit and to know in Prague. Although there are possibilities of knowing the outskirts without paying, totally worth paying to see the interior of the entire structure. It’s the history of Prague s.. Read more »
tanya kolodeznaya
Very beautiful part of the town. Consider to get water and plan more time for the walk during the summer: the hill is steep and under the sun its like going to gym? The view from the upper part is breathtaking. On the streets there are a lot of cafes.. Read more »
D Tailor
Absolutely amazing venue. Superior views across Prague. I was very impressed with the food service. I was lucky enough to be invited to a special dinner. I was particularly impressed that the staff were so attentive that before my drink had finished .. Read more »
Caroline Backos
You can buy a ticket that gets you into four of the attractions in Prague Castle, it’s worth doing for two of the places alone. The Cathedral is beautiful and the golden lane was cool experience. The other two were very bland and you would onl.. Read more »
Denis Duranovic
Definitely worth a walk up a hill ?. Another one of those place that is much better out of the season of early in the day to avoid crowds. Exceptional architectural marvel the provides a “ old world “ almost fairytale like feel to the pla.. Read more »
Abhiram Jogadenu
I recommend going early in the morning (before 8am) or in the evening (after 5pm). During these hours, the crowd is usually low, and you can enjoy and absorb more of the castle's beauty. I definitely recommend to go to the top of the lookout tow.. Read more »
Linda Lokočová
It is like the must to walk through the castle or stop for a little bit and admire the castle on my way home, to work or just randomly go for a walk. I love the scenery, the sun creates a beautiful atmosphere or the evening lights deepen the image. I.. Read more »
Amaal Daar
I really liked the castle or the complex as our tour guide described it. Such an amazing mismatched of historical building with interesting stories. Its accessible by public transport (tram 22) from the old town. its better to take the tram up since .. Read more »
Mark Winstead
Absolutely fantastic experience. I would definitely get a guide. In fact doing this on a half-day tour combined with the boat ride is probably the best thing to do. Word of warning… Unless you are an experienced walker (miles), Don’t wal.. Read more »
Eldhose Shaji
If you are visiting Prague. You must go to this church. Its one of the main attraction of Prague. Very old church with lots of architectures. There are lot of other attraction near to this church. At least you need 7 to 8 hours to see everything. Wha.. Read more »
Jinesh V George
Prague Castle is a castle complex in Prague, Czech Republic, built in the 9th century. It is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic. The castle was a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czech.. Read more »
Ciaran Oosterhof
Great and enjoyable activity to do while in Prague. Of course there are a lot of tourists but that is with reason. Some of the exhibitions are free, but paying for the extras is advised. With the combined ticket you could roam for multiple hours and .. Read more »
Tom Wilson
This is a must see place in Prague. You can see entire city and it has nice view. Also castle itself is architecturally beatiful. There are several restaurants in the area. There is also Starbucks and it is the coolest Starbucks I have ever been to. .. Read more »
Traveling With Spice
Amazing trip to this beautiful place. Take walking tour and enjoy every bit of history. Walking through the Charles bridge, blend yourself to the architecture, we really had an amazing experience. Go early morning to avoid the crowd, take walking tou.. Read more »
Sourabh Kulkarni
Beautiful castle, lots of culture and history there... you really feel like you are in that medieval era. It has Christmas markets inside around the third week of December which serve tasty food and wine and the vibe is happy and fun.
Smith P
Prague is castle is huge. At the entrance you will find the security who are well dressed and still. The are the attraction for many. People click pictures with them too. The inside of castle is very beautiful. The garden has panoramic views. It'.. Read more »
Our trip to the magnificent Prague Castle was extraordinary. The place is beautiful and enormous and beautifully maintained. The palace grounds are huge. The architecture is spectacular and the walk around the castle was really worth the few hours of.. Read more »
Shih Yao Hung
Praha –One of the most beautiful cities in Europe Prague retains many ancient and steeple buildings, it also known as the ‘’ City of Hundred Towers.” If Prague cannot be called an architectural museum, I don’t know where.. Read more »
Most definitely one of my favourite place I visited whilst in Prague and worth a visit. We went all the way to the top and the views were stunning. It is also really nice to just walk around. However, I do think they need more seating and restaurant .. Read more »
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Prague Castle is the largest coherent castle complex in the world, with an area of almost 70,000 m2. That 'coherent' title isn't bad for a castle that was built way back in the 800s. It&.. Read more »
You should visit Prague castle. Its marvelous. You can have a panoramic view of the city of Prague as well. Stunning view. Many shops inside the castle such as souvenir shops or people selling local sausages. You might wait in line before you enter s.. Read more »
Vivek R
Overall, a good place to visit. St. Vitus Cathedral, St.George Basilica and Golden Lane are worth the visit. Change of guards was very interesting along with the band. The old Royal Palace with all the renovation work was not worth the time at all.. Read more »
Tom David-Kemp
Probably one of the most iconic place in Prague ! Very crowded and very touristic but it's still a wonderful place ! Very fancy architecture. The cathedral is juste fascinating. I recommend to get there in the very early morning, you can have th.. Read more »
Safiyya Kassim
Beautiful if an understatement! Makes me wish I had been alive in those times so I could have enjoyed the culture & elegance which came with such an amazing, captivating age
Patryk Sobczak
Free entry to most places which is great. Really lovely walk through the premises on a summers day. Beautiful sights all around. Highly recommend for all people who don't mind climbing up a large set of stairs.
Ruby Sunday
Absolute must see when visiting Prague. You can book a guided tour or explore it on your own. Entering the castle grounds is free but if you want to enter the buildings such as the cathedral, you will have to buy tickets at the info center. Restauran.. Read more »
Nithish Sirangi
Beautiful castle with church. Didn’t struggle much to enter the actual paid areas because there are huge queue especially peak times like summer. It is a wonderful attraction with beautiful gardens inside . The view from the Castle to Prague ci.. Read more »
Niket Doshi
Absolutely amazing castle ! The architecture is very beautiful. Had a wonderful time over here. The view too from the castle of the Prague city is mesmerizing. Had an amazing time over here ! I wish to visit this place again , just can't get ove.. Read more »
Very nice castle. Did not bother trying to enter the actual paid areas because there was a HUGE queue especially for these times. The rest of the area was also very, very nice, however. Beautiful to see, even if you don't actually visit the insi.. Read more »