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Port of Alicante

Alicante, Spain
4.8 / 50
The port of Alicante is a picturesque marina - a mooring place for yachts, boats, motor boats and other types of ships. Mediterranean cruise ships often anchor here. The harbor is also of great economic importance, with cargo ships arriving here regularly. In the port, tourists can order a boat trip on a yacht or rent a whole ship. The main walking street, the Esplanade of Spain, stretches along the port of Alicante.



A relatively easy walk to the town from the berth we used. Probably 15 mins. You come to a pleasant promenade with shops and cafes as you near the town. Nice beach nearby as well.
Julie Athey
Love Alicante a great place to walk round and lovely places to eat.
Daniela Parisi
The alicante’s port is a very beautiful place to eat in one of the restaurant or to walk The view is beautiful, especially at sun set times :-)
J. K.
Port of Alicante is really nice, I loved it. What I noticed though, that it seams to me there are more rude locals or Spanish tourists then in other cities and I know that usually Spaniards are not rude but instead warm and nice people.
Emma Bradley
Alicante is where my heart is. They are currently regenerating the port area, and I can't wait. Beautiful to walk around. Amazing boats and lots of venues to eat, drink, and socialise.
Airaiba Sarria
Best place to watch sunsets ! Very good ambiance , full of restaurants and amazing views !
Jason Zahn
We arrived on a cruise ship and you are on the far outside portion of the port, about 15 minutes walk down the pier (on the side of port roads). No particular facilities at all. Nice port location near the best beach in town, a long palm covered prom.. Read more »
Danny Jorgensen
Before the docks were filled with emos that did nothing but sit around there, but then they added music and removed the emos and now it's great :)
Mayara Da Silva Feitosa
I love this City!
Anri Erinin
Good view from/to the Castle.
George Palmer
Nice port but a long walk from the ship to the business area. Nice beach just after leaving the port area. Lots of open air restaurants along the beach. Most restaurants had a covered eating area and at least one seating area that had a wind scree.. Read more »
Must visit.
Something to do. Lovely harbour. Loads of benches to sit and relax and to allow the world to pass you by. Lots of places to eat. Comes alive at night. Sat dreaming maybe one day I will have a yacht like the many on view. Was not crowded when I visite.. Read more »
Paul Profir
Ok. Nice ,clean and safety.
Elina Nazarov
beautiful view! great place to walk!
Zarra A
Port was very beautiful. Sunset was amazing to see from here. Makes everything gold. Nice for a romantic evening walk
Oana Maria Simtion
Beautiful place to explore at nighttime. Clean, peaceful and safe.