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Pont Alexandre III

Paris, France
4.9 / 94
A graceful bridge decorated with figures of angels, nymphs and openwork lanterns in the architectural style of the Beaux Arts. Thrown over the river Seine. After crossing the bridge, you can get from the Champs Elysees to the territory of the House of Disabled. The design was named after the Russian emperor Alexander III to emphasize the proximity of France and Russia in a certain period of time. The bridge was declared a valuable architectural monument in 1975.
Address:Pont Alexandre III, Paris



Wide bridge over the Seine that if crosses moving south heads towards the Eiffel Tower, and if north, Champs Elysees. The bridge is decorated with numerous statues and is in my opinion the most impressive bridge in all of Paris.
This bridge itself is like a museum. Beautiful artworks everywhere from bottom to top. Please pay extra attention to each status or carving on the bridge. They are all different and with its own meaning. You can enjoy the Eiffel Tower at sunset, too,.. Read more »
This bridge is just very pretty, the dark and gold contrast of its decoration is really nice. It has some sculptures on each corner and each end of the bridge. From here you can take some river cruises on the Seine river as well.
Pont Alexandre III is the epitome of Parisian elegance, a bridge that's as much a work of art as it is a functional structure. Spanning the Seine River, it's adorned with ornate lamps, cherubs, nymphs, and gilded sculptures, making it a fea.. Read more »
Very beautiful bridge, I love this bridge. So happy I got to come here with my best friend for some photoshoots. We got some nice angles to capture the bridge and the Eiffel tower. Highly recommended to visit this bridge if you ever come to Paris.
The beautiful and full of historical memories bridge. Needs to be seen and walked . Unbelievable structure and amazing design. Great architectural design and style.
The bridge over the Seine that we encountered while walking towards the Louvre museum. You may encounter bridges of different sizes on the Seine River, but we especially liked this bridge. We can walk on the road on the street at the top, or we can w.. Read more »
This is my love. In the evening you can take some wine or champagne, glasses and have romantic evening with amazing view to the Eiffel Tower
We feel Pont Alexandre III may be the most beautiful bridge in Paris. Like many things it is hard to truly capture the ambiance with a camera. We strolled the bridge, facilitated by the loveliness. Even the under structure, which is easily overlooked.. Read more »
Very beautyful historic Bridge with excellent sightseeing! When I was there, some people used the Bridge as Location for photo Shooting. When Weather is nice you can find some nice food truck on South Side with Crepes! At least so was in April 2018.. Read more »
Incredibly beutiful bridge about 25 minutes walking distant from the Eiffel tower. Great view of River Seine and Eiffel. Both day and night times have their own charm from this view point.
A beautiful bridge built in the 1800s. The bridge has heavily decorated lamp posts on both sides and the entire bridge has touches of gold to its structure. This makes the bridge very majestically appealing. You will get a beautiful glimpse of the Se.. Read more »
A beautiful bridge built in the 1800s. The bridge has heavily decorated lamp posts on both sides and the entire bridge has touches of gold to its structure. This makes the bridge very majestically appealing. You will get a beautiful glimpse of the Se.. Read more »
The best architecture all around. This bridge has amazing architecture on every inch and detail. During sunset this place looks even more amazing with a view to Eiffel tower and Seine river
The most beautiful bridge in Paris! Gorgeous. Gold details, vast walking space. Stunning view on the Eiffel Tower. You can take fantastic pictures here !
And exquisite deck arch bridge, with beautifully carved statues and lampposts. You’ll see gilded flames, a Nymphs of Neva relief (at the center), and many other beautiful extravagances. It has beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower, and the D&oci.. Read more »
Iconic bridge with huge pedestrian area. The huge light posts and architecture is exquisite. The Eiffel Tower can be seen in the distance. We saw wedding photos being taken here and why wouldn’t you!
Stunning bridge with beautiful lampposts down either side. Great views over the river siene and a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. This is a great photo spot.
Hadn't been here since I was a little kid 20 years ago and coming back to it when i had pics was something special. Very cool bridge with nice touches and decor. Definetly worth a visit.
For me the most beautiful bridge in Paris and one of the most beautiful in the world, the details on it are incredible, from the columns at its ends, to the lamps full of details, it is simply incredible. At night with its lights the magic is dazzlin.. Read more »
A very delicately decorated bridge full of history. I heard it’s even better to visit here during a sunny day. Anyway, the night view is already stunning.
Among the many bridges in Paris, this one's got to be my favorite!! Adorned by royal pillars on both ends, this bridge gives a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower!!?? Much less crowded than the bridge near Eiffel and maintained very clean !! H.. Read more »
It's a bridge. A nice bridge. Don't really know how you're supposed to review bridges. Seems strong. Didn't collapse when we were there. Also a good place to take photos and have a good view of the Eiffel tower.
One of the most beautiful bridges around, but also a great place to take a picture with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. The bridge is big and the pavement for pedestrians on either side is very wide. Once night falls, it's also a great place .. Read more »
One of my favourite bridge which is very pretty and very photogenic. I realize it's one of popular spot for sunset viewing (which I experienced myself and it's beautiful).
MOST DECORATED BRIDGE IN PARIS!! MOST BEAUTIFUL!! This bridge is most beautiful in Paris, with large numbers of statues and decorations. Its opposite to the Army Museum and Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte !! One can easily spend long hours exploring thi.. Read more »
Well I can't really express how I am excited about this place and the shot I was able to take during the bastille day fireworks! This place is just so amazing and so iconic for Paris and that is why I planned to take this shot exactly at this sp.. Read more »
The most amazing bridge in Paris, in my opinion. All the architectural details are awesome. The pictures will be amazing.
Great bridge. You can walk on both sides. To left river bank, to right river bank. Not missing cat statues, so overall ranking very good.
You can't be in Paris without walking on one of its most beautiful bridges. Entire structure built only of metal made for World Expo. Great decorations and views of the city. A walk in the middle of the night is an even greater adventure when th.. Read more »
Beautiful Bridge in Paris where you get a nice view of the Eiffel tower and walking distance from the Champs Élysées. Best time to go, Mornings during Sunrise. For the best photos.
One of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Stunning with it’s gold colored toppings and blue painted sides. Not only should it be strolled upon in both directions but also looked at from either bank to gather the full beauty of this amazin.. Read more »
I might have to agree that it is the prettiest bridge in Paris! Walking and embracing a little culture was long worth the journey. I recommend researching the history of the bridge to appreciate this monument fully.
Prettiest bridge in Paris! I usually go here to see the Eiffle tower glittering every hour after sunset. The gardens on either side of the bridge are good for picnics and it's a good viewing point during the Republic day fireworks on the Eiffel .. Read more »
Pont Alexandre III is the best known and likely the most visited Paris bridge crossing the Seine. Wonderful gilded statuary and great views of attractions including the Eiffel Tower, Grand Palais, and Petite Palais. If hunger strikes, be sure to grab.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful bridges I’ve ever seen! 2 columns carry golden statues on both sides of the bridges. Over it, many other statues decorate the bridge.
Beautiful bridge, worth seeing. A little shining piece of history in a dreary world.
19th century Pont Alexandre III the most beautifully opulently decorated ornate, extravagant bridge in Paris. that spans the Seine in Paris.It has been classified as a French monument historic since 1975 It has Art Nouveau lamps, cherubs, nymphs an.. Read more »
What a gorgeous bridge! I love coming here from about 5pm onwards, when the light is perfect for pictures. There are a lot of wedding shoots here, as it is one of the most popular locations in Paris for photos. From here, you can also walk over to t.. Read more »
This is a must see. Very nice to go and take picture and selfies also. It's so beautiful and the art work is really breath taking.
The bridge is well decorated and provides a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. Taking a walk along the bank of Seine river makes the visit more beautiful.
Pont Alexandre III in Paris over the Seine river is extremely beautiful to watch. You can take a closer glimpse of the same by doing a boat ride which are again a amazing thing to do. Visited this place few years back and hopefully will visit the sam.. Read more »