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Poltava Museum of Long-Range and Strategic Aviation

Poltava, Ukraine
4.8 / 16
The Poltava Museum of Long-Range and Strategic Aviation has seen significant improvements over the past few years and is now a must-visit attraction, especially for families with children. While there is a lot to see, it is highly recommended to hire a guide. Viktor, in particular, is a passionate guide who speaks English well and will enhance your experience. For those interested in military history, air force, and Soviet history, this museum is a must-see while in Poltava. As an aviation enthusiast, I found it to be a great experience, despite its relatively small size. The staff working at the museum are also very friendly, adding to the overall enjoyment of the visit. However, it is important to note that due to Covid restrictions, visitors are currently unable to view the bombers. The only accessible area is a small outdoor park at the entrance, which features a few helicopters and trucks. Nonetheless, the museum boasts a wide range of exhibits and provides a unique opportunity to see last Soviet far-range bombers up close. The highlight of the museum is the chance to enter and explore the phenomenal Tu-160, the only place in the world where this aircraft can be visited. The museum also showcases a variety of other aircraft and offers an indoor museum where visitors can learn about Operation Frantic, a rare case of cooperation between US and Soviet forces during World War II. It is worth noting that foreign visitors are required to have their documents copied, likely as a precautionary measure. Nevertheless, this should not deter anyone from visiting this impressive museum and enjoying the chance to walk through historic planes and learn about the fascinating history of Poltava airport during World War II.
Address:вулиця Олександра Засядька, 1, Poltava
Phone:+380 66 853 4902



It's getting better and better for last years. Worth to visit with kids.
Lots to see but make sure to get a guide! We had Viktor who is passionate about the subject and speaks good English.
If you are interested in military, air force and Soviet history this is a must see while in Poltava.
I am a fan of aviation so for me it was great. Even though it is small but it's still nice. People working there are also very friendly. I enjoyed my time there.
Beware. You cant see the Bombers due to Covid. All you can see is the small outside park at the entrance (that has a few helicopters and trucks)
Very nice museum with a lot of Exponat
Last Soviet far range bombers
Great museum, a must-see place in Poltava to visit. A unique opportunity to see long range bombers from the inside as well as the phenomenal Tu-160 as this is the only place in the world where this aircraft can be visited. Our guide Viktor is pheno.. Read more »
Awesome place to visit for a an aviation enthusiast. All planes are still in a great condition. As a bonus, you can visit an indoor museum where you can learn about operation frantic - a rare case of cooperation between the US and Sovient forces duri.. Read more »
That was impressive indeed, especially the planes to walk in, situated on distance. Though foreigners must have their docs copied (avoiding spying or smth)))
Awesome ! The rich and interested exhibition, a lot of different planes as well as their equipment. Additionally there are cannons, helicopters and a small museum
The English tour guide was really great. If you come to Poltava you need to visit this museum
Top place to visit if you are aviation enthusiast! If not, it is still the place to be! Superb stuf who are ex military and are happy to answer questions. Not sure about their English, but their are very nice people. I've been in over 50 museums.. Read more »
Nice place. There are two unique aircrafts - intercontinental bombers (not available in other museums in Ukraine), except other specimens of aircrafts, which are available for viewing. 4 planes are available to enter insede. Photos permitted. But you.. Read more »
Fantastic museum and exhibition of former military aircraft. Well worth paying the small extra fee to go inside the likes of the TU 160, aka the White Swan. Two planes are free to enter and children can go in those. :)
One of the most underrated museums in the city. The Museum of Heavy Bomber Aviation is a museum of aviation equipment located in Poltava on the territory of the former air base "Poltava-4". Prior to 2004, the 13th Guards Dnepropetrovsk-Buda.. Read more »