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Pobiti Kamani

Varna, Bulgaria
4.4 / 60
Stone columns of natural origin, located 18 km from Varna. It is believed that they arose as a result of weathering of rocks or formed from hardened corals. For 200 years of research, scientists have not come to a consensus about the veracity of one of the versions. To preserve the unique sights, the territory with stones was declared a natural monument.



Slava Balandin
Loved it! The ancient sea, and we walked through it, amazing white sand, and thousands of weird rocks. It worth it, definitely
Peter Bell
Wrong location! It's about 2km further east! But the forest is 5 stars!!
Mars 13
Rare and interesting place. Extraterrestrial landscape. One of the few real deserts in Europe, so consider walking on sand during the visit. And the last but not least. WARNING! Happy merchant on the entry will try to charge you for the visit. He doe.. Read more »
Justyna Singh
Area is pretty big so easily you can spend here even 1-2 hours. Great attraction for adults as well as for kids. Big parking just next to entrance. What i really like is completely no garbage between stones - very clean place and nice sand at the gro.. Read more »
Николай Торнев
Significant and beautifull place with lot of history. The people maintaining it were very nice and open, explained the the history of it and gave directions to specific rocks that resemble natural object like mushrooms etc.
Michal Kowal
wrong location
Really intresting place. Definitely will go there again. That small treasure hunt game that was organised is really cool way to spice the experience. If you choose to go at the summer better to do it before 11 o'clock, after that is too hot. Br.. Read more »
Discover Your Feminine Po
Wrong location. Search for "the stone forest".
Anton Eftimov
Great place, very responsive staff. very easy access, passes through sand, it is recommended with flip flops.
Elina Staneva
This is one of the most unique places in the whole of Bulgaria. The guide is also very informative and helpful. Kids love playing with the desert sand there.
Penka Andonova
Wrong location! Тhe real place of the so-called "Pobiti kamani" is not here. Search for "The Stone Forest".
Eduard Tohvri
Nobody knows history of these stones
Georgi Vasilev
Super beautiful and very old