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Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas

Madrid, Spain
4.8 / 71
Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, located in Madrid, is a captivating bullring that offers a unique cultural experience for visitors. Whether you are a fan of bullfighting or simply interested in Spanish traditions, this historic venue is a must-see. The architecture of the bullring is truly impressive and picturesque, making it a sight to behold. Even if you visit when there is no bullfight taking place, exploring the arena provides a fascinating glimpse into the rich history and traditions of Spain. The museum at Las Ventas offers a wealth of information about bullfighting, making it an informative and educational experience. However, it is important to note that attending a bullfight may not be suitable for everyone, as it involves the killing of animals. If you are uncomfortable with this aspect, it might be better to skip the bullfight. Overall, Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas offers a memorable and enriching experience that showcases the unique cultural heritage of Spain.
Address:Calle de Alcalá, 237, Madrid
Phone:+34 913 56 22 00



Was very interesting visiting Las Ventas Bullring. The audio guide provided a rich history on bullfighting, and I enjoyed the museum too. I went in late June, and there was construction taking place, but that might be complete now!
It was a nice experience. I would recommend this place to visit if you are in Madrid. Since I am not a fan of this sport, I did not pay much attention to the audio guide. The architecture is spectacular and picturesque.
Las Ventas Bullring is a must-visit in Madrid, whether you're a bullfighting enthusiast or simply seeking a unique cultural experience. The architecture is impressive, and even when there's no bullfight, exploring this historic venue offers.. Read more »
Would suggest you think carefully before attending a bullfight as this is the real deal. We enjoyed the spectacle of the parade and the theatrics of the event and just finding out about a tradition in Spain. However if you don't believe in the s.. Read more »
The arena was impressive as a place. The show was not of my taste. I find it really inhuman to torture the bull until he dies, just for pleasure. If you don't have problem with that, you'll be really excited. Personally I'll not repeat.. Read more »
Fantastic bullring, the most important in Spain! The tour and museum are highly recommended. If you come for a bullfight, use the cushions - it's not for the concrete, it's for the sun that has heated your seat to 200 degrees!
I'm giving it 3 stars just as an average between bullfighting fans and those on the opposite side of the spectrum. We left when the first bull finally succumbed to his wounds. Not knowing the protocol we were sternly told to sit down and that we.. Read more »
The historic bullring in Madrid is simply majestic. Looks like it was built yesterday. Granted that it is not the oldest in Spain, that distinction is assigned to Aranjuez which was built circa 1760. For the Bullring in Ventas you will find a plethor.. Read more »
As you can imagine, it is one of the best places to catch a bullfight. The staff is wonderful, and I wanted to give a special thanks to the staff. There was a woman who passed out a couple of seats away and was in a bad way. The staff immediately .. Read more »
While many people are completely against this kind of show, for me it was an interesting and genuine experience. I loved the overall atmosphere and how traditions were preserved. Of course, this is not for everyone and some moments could be really sh.. Read more »
Always a debate between animal cruelty vs tradition. I am strong believer in tradition and thus the event did not disappoint me. It was good to see how the local Spanish community participate and are totally indulge in the game. It is a must see attr.. Read more »
We went to the May 2 bullfight. It was exciting and interesting and a little macabre. There is beer, hard liquor, soda and water available inside. Rent the cushions for 1.5€ you will want them. There are numerous vendors and taxis outside the v.. Read more »
Nice visit to the past and tradition. Not nice to know that corrida is still allowed, luckily there is none in February. It is cold in winter, dress up well. At the entrance you need to leave some ID to get audio guide (it looks like it is from 80s, .. Read more »
I wasn't expecting to enjoy this tour as much as I did, but the audio guide explains why bullfighting is a cultural treasure of Spain. You get to step on the bullring, learn about the architecture of Las Ventas, and go to the museum to learn abo.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful. This place has many steps but the view and history is worth every penny. I went with family and this also meant grandparents. The stairs took them a while but to get back down they could take an elevator if needed. The staff was.. Read more »
We had an amazing experience at Las Ventas Bullring! The building is immaculate and it is very very convenient to reach. The entry points are well marked and there are no issues in locating where you need to enter the building from in order to get to.. Read more »
This was one of the most exciting thing I've done in a long time. It seems cruel but nothing like what they do in a slaughter house. Its not that gruesome, I found it very entertaining. Pretty cool. Try it, you'll like it. This is Madrid.
Excellent event to watch (score 5) but I have to give low score because not good customer services at the official ticket counters, who do not understand any Spanish language. There are different ticket prices depending on- i) circular position, ii) .. Read more »
It was my family’s first time watching the bullring and it was exhilarating. The energy of the crowd and the matadors didn’t disappoint. I will definitely come back.
A spectacular building with lots of of history! We visited only the museum as we didn't want to support the bullfights. Still, I can understand know why it is such a long tradition of the Spanish culture and why the locals are so into it. The mu.. Read more »
Unfortunately when we visited in February it was the off season for the bull fighting so we did not get to witness the event, however the tour of the arena was extremely interesting and educational. There were plenty of displays featuring the history.. Read more »
Great experience. It is not for everyone's taste, but it is a huge part of the Spanish culture, and hope it stays that way. I loved every part of the show, especially the ambient, the music and the nice sunset we had over the Bullring roof. It c.. Read more »
Beautiful building, the small museum is free, you can take like 10-15 minutes to check it out. The staff there is nice. To see the rest you have to pay. The entrance to the museum is at the red gate.
I don't like bullfights and I won't see one, but the architecture of the place is really amazing, it is worth seeing just from outside. Moreover, Cibeles fountain and mail palace are very close to it.
Older ladies threw their handkerchiefs and handfans into the ring. Bullfighter would pick them up, kiss it and throw them back. My ultimate goal when I grow old.
At the entrance you will be given an audio guide, an interesting story, the museum has beautiful exhibits, but keep in mind that there are strong drafts, in winter you need to dress warmly
It is difficulty to describe this dramatic place but one gets feeling that this is a place reflects a unic part of the life of the great nation
I loved the place. Excellent audio guide in my preferred language. It was very interresting.
Amazing bullring, one of the biggest and oldest in the world. Nice place to get to know about bull fighting history, although it is very sad.
Despite the sad history against the bulls, in whom to concerns I completely disagree, the building is stunning. Easy to reach by train ( metropolitan ) quite and safe.
There are a lot of benches spread around the entire plaza. Beautiful peaceful place.
Historical! Simply amazing. I was not able to visit the museum but just the outside area is very beautiful. I sat down for some time since many benches are surrounding the stadium. It is like a park but without much shade. You can exercise by jogging.. Read more »
Amazing bullring, exceptionally well preserved and clean. Nice place to snap some photos.
The plaza de toros de Las Ventas, known simply as Las Ventas, is the largest bullfighting ring in Spain, located in the Guindalera quarter of the Salamanca district. It was inaugurated on June 17, 1931. Its seating capacity of 23,798, makes it the th.. Read more »
What a wonderful place for those that likes to watch bull fighting .
Love the place and it’s very calm during the weekend
Incredible place. You felt contagious with the atmosphere. The beautiful building and decoration with the happy people made you feel excited. And what can you say about the bullfighting. Is a savage art
Incredible place. You felt contagious with the atmosphere. The beautiful building and decoration with the happy people made you feel excited. And what can you say about the bullfighting. Is a savage art emotional
Every year lots of tourist and people are gather here for watching and enjoying the fight between the Spanish bull and Matador.
I've not visited the complex yet but it's fabulous from outside. Definitely a nice place for some photos
Awesome historical architecture building. Bull fights are held annually during summer and stadium is full with tourist. Most local citizens do not visit bull fights as they find it cruel. Opposite the stadium across the road, there are some good bars.. Read more »
A beautiful structure. No more bullfighting. It’s alright to have a walk or a morning run. It’s worth to take a quick tour if you are first time in Madrid.
Beautiful arena! Quite the experience. Take a hat if you buy "sun" seats. It gets toasty.
Beautiful exterior architecture with a lot of Spanish history. We were able to get student pricing for the kids and ourselves but normal pricing is a bit much without a discount. The audio guide tour is decent and gives you some insight into how it.. Read more »
Wedid tour of museum and bull ring. Tour also available in English. Good explanation of how bull fight goes and where bulls come from. Museum with clothes and swords of famous bull fighters. It was very interesting even if you are not into this sport.. Read more »