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Plaça de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain
4.7 / 130
Beloved by both the Barcelonaers themselves and the guests of the city, the square from where the main city routes start. Here begins the Rambla Boulevard, Paseo de Gracia, the borders of the old and new areas of Barcelona converge here. Buses and vehicles stop at Plaça Catalunya for the airport and suburbs. The place is popular and always full of people, even at night.
Address:Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona



Patryk Koziara
This central square serves as a bustling hub, connecting various parts of Barcelona. Its strategic location makes it an ideal starting point for exploration, with easy access to iconic landmarks, shopping districts, and transportation hubs. The squar.. Read more »
Linda Samson
They had food stands and a live band playing on Saturday night. The music was great! The crowd was very orderly and lots of police around to make sure there's no trouble. I didn't eat anything but the food looked really good, all kinds of t.. Read more »
Joanne Durann
Wonderful place to shop! Be sure to go down the side streets for better deals and awesome pizza and food. They als9 have amazing street performers.
Putri Dumadi
One of the Barcelona landmarks, it’s surrounded by so many restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops and everything you need. There are bus stops for the Barcelona sightseeing buses, and also if you’re leaving to the airport you can take a bus fr.. Read more »
ankur kumar
All in one place. Here you will find malls and old city walls at a small distance. Overall this place is the focal point.
Juliana Torquato
Such a beautiful place! Historic buildings, nice atmosphere (families, young people, tourists....all in peace), lots of restaurants and bars, many shops. Clean and easy access.
Khalid Alanazi
It's circle space between high buildings around it, its tourists places. There are some chairs for seating. It's good to visit it. I highly recommended,
What a spectacular place to sit down and feed the pigeons. Felt like I was in a movie from the 1900’s with all the buildings and people around me. A must see if you’re in Barcelona, had a wonderful time!
lefteris daskalakis
A gigantic and quite jaw-dropping plaça in the middle of the city, full of statues, benches to sit on and admire all the people and the huge buildings around it. Kids were playing everywhere, having fun and in general a happy and relaxing plac.. Read more »
Erik Sanchez
Great big plaza with lots of room to walk around and people watch. Especially the man feeding pigeon with hundreds Landing and eating over him.
Niliam Joy
It is located in the heart of the city and could me a good meeting point closed to most of the shopping center, restaurant, and tourist attractions. There will be pigeons around the square, too.
Giselle Santamaria
This is very iconic and beautiful landmark that you must visit if you are staying in Barcelona. Located in the heart of the city, it is the perfect place to find local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, fancy shops, art and historic buildings. Walking .. Read more »
Judy C
Expansive area with a lot of steps. Fly by night merchants had junky merchandise spread on sheets blocking our way. They must have gotten a warning because all of a sudden they wrapped up their sheets and went running into the hills!
Neshalan Latchmanan
Amazing shopping experience. Very busy. Lots of things to see and do and buy. Beware of pick pockets.
Aidan Wynn
Plaça de Catalunya, located at the heart of Barcelona, is an enchanting square that captivates visitors with its vibrant energy and rich cultural heritage. Surrounded by stunning architecture, it serves as a gateway to the city's iconic l.. Read more »
Nikhil Verma
Amazing views of the city. Well connected with subway and buses. Escalators if you feel tired walking. 🇪🇸❣️
Jamie O'Donnell
An expansive city plaza in Barcelona, Placa de Catalunya, is a great place to people watch, a tourist trap, and home to one of the official tourist offices all in one. A beautiful plaza it is worth a walk through, especially if you are visiting the .. Read more »
agules '
The square where the heart of Barcelona beats. You can reach almost anywhere from here. The square is quite large and hosts activities from time to time. The fountains and trees provide a little cooling opportunity for those who are tired of walki.. Read more »
Magdalena M
Beautiful square in the middle of the city. Everything is close by, good connections with trains and other types of transport (buses to/from airport, regional trains, etc). It really feels like it's a center of everything. I love it.
Martin Zagorov
The greatest plaza in the whole Barcelona! It is very big and round and surrounded by fountains. Most of the time Placa de Catalunya is full of pigeons. It is pretty interesting and the kids love it. The square is made of unique tiles which are reall.. Read more »
Writing Reflex
Popular spot in Barcelona. You can catch the airport express bus from around this area. You can walk this area onto other popular holiday hot spots. There's a good transport link with tickets for bus, Metro, tram and trains. Always look at for t.. Read more »
Julia Piroddi
I was there on a banking holiday. So lots of people, but all shops were closed. I was blessed with perfect weather for my photo's ??
Alex Calvert
Great Christmas activities for the kids in the center. Worth a visit if you have a family around Christmas time. Check timings as some activities are at certain times but there was things for all kids ages to entertain
Nikolas Sof
Really nice area, and central in Barcelona. Is full of people, shops and restaurants and it’s a really nice way to go out and enjoy. You have a variety of options to do.. the only problem in general, is that there are not many people speaking i.. Read more »
Abhi Saxena
Wow what a place. Tons of people walking around lot of shopping and most beautiful part is after dusk when the fountain lights up. Good place to kill time and enjoy the surroundings.
Nice park to hangout! Also, near the premium shopping area. I didn't get to spend much time as I would like but I will be back for sure. This location is convenient. This is where you catch the blue bus to/from the airport, it's very conve.. Read more »
Shubhangi Verma
Enjoy the architecture throughout your walk in this zone... Empty some cash as you cannot hold yourself from some retail therapy.... People who enjoy shopping must visit this street.
Stephen Suley
If you visit Barcelona a walk through this area is a must. It has sweeping views many benches and shaded trees two people watch and to just relax from a day of touring I would advise being careful at night as the area fills up with pickpockets and o.. Read more »
Andreea Gaita
Great place to relax. The benches are not very clean, but other than that is nice to stay next to the fountain, admire the pigeons and watch the city. Various stores and resturants nearby.
Abir Tarin
Big square around town area. So many pigeon ? wow I love it. People feeding those birds absolutely beautiful scene.
Victor Polinkovskiy
Lovely party of the city. Very nice and not so crowded. Loved being at it. Everything is close to us.
Ge Na
Beautiful place with fountains especially beautiful after sunset. The square is surrounded by shopping centres. During my visit near fountains were a demonstration of about 1000 Catalonia separatists requesting liberation of their imprisoned comrad.. Read more »
Andrés Ramirez
It is a great known touristic place with so much history, It is really well placed at the center of the city (kind of). I am not particularly a fan of crowds, I do not like being trapped in the middle of so many people and doves. If you are okay wit.. Read more »
Andrés Ramirez
It is a great known touristic place with much history, It is well placed at the center of the city (kind of). I'm not particularly a fan of crowds and doves, and this is exactly what you'll find here.
Yaseen Ali
This place was great center of barcelona with all the bus stops and restaurants. I came here in the morning after arriving to Barcelona. With so many pigeons in the area it was a great vibe watching them fly by and eat the food given by the people. I.. Read more »
Catalonia Life
Beautiful square, but too many dirty, homeless people. They laying on the benches, eating in the bushes. I hope Ajuntament de Barcelona can help them and find shelter.
Simon Drury
Large central square with many bars and restaurants where you can watch the fountains and the world passing by. It is also easy to reach as there are several buses and there is a Metro station so it is easy to reach. A good place to start a walk alon.. Read more »
Fatima ElHaniti
Nice place, birds are, and I loved the florists the most there ?❤️??
Hafiz Kurram
Lovely place specially for kids playing more than in the evening with pigeons. Most beautiful place for feeling relax without worries and tensions.
Nicole Cruz
Really good place but the food for the birds are a bit pricey considering that its just food to feed some birds
Vishal Sharma
Very nice place. Thousands of pigeon and nice environment. You can feed the pigeon and they come and sit on hand. You can spend a lot of here. Kids love this place due to birds and they can play with them. And birds are not harmfull. If you are in Ba.. Read more »