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Pisa Baptistery

Pisa, Italy
4.5 / 88
The magnificent Gothic building of the XII-XIV centuries., Built by the architect Diotisalvi. The Baptistery is considered the largest in Italy. The building is 55 meters high, the diameter of the wall ring is 34 meters. According to the initial design, the building was planned to be erected in the Romanesque style, but the duration of the construction work of almost 200 years allowed adding more elegant features to the Gothic style.
Address:Piazza del Duomo, 23, Pisa



David Nagel-Nunez
Beautiful structure! I thought this was interesting and neat to see! I got the combo tickets that bundled the leaning tower tickets and a bunch of other attractions here. The inside of this building was quite impressive, and we climbed to the top .. Read more »
Taty Andrade Junqueira
Lovely architecture. Easy to see every sightseeing from Pisa in just one location
Simon Fagg
The highlight of the visit to the baptistery was witnessing the steward demonstrating the acoustics of the dome. There is a 10 second echo which allows him to harmonise with himself. We watched this from the upper balcony and it was very powerful. Th.. Read more »
Bhavishya Goel
It is more beautiful from outside than inside, but it is worth it to buy ticket to go inside for the hourly demo of building acoustics and the view of the cathedral from the top floor.
Nyreli Zanalnire
It's really beautiful from the inside, a video can be watched for 2€. There's a starcase heading up to the upper level, it's not too narrow. We could get in easily, there was no one at the entrance. We bought the ticket at the Sin.. Read more »
alberto montalesi
More interesting from the outside as the inside is pretty simple and doesn’t feature many decorations. From the second floor you can get a pretty cool view of the cathedral
There was no line, we had the bundle tickets. Nice and cool inside if you want a break from the heat. A lot of people, especially tour groups only see the main floor and don't go upstairs which has a great view of the cathedral.
Adrian Monaco
It's worth the price of admission for the views alone. Up in the top, looking towards the Cathedral and Leaning Tower, was my favorite spot in Pisa. It wasn't crowded - the ticketing helps keep it manageable - and you have a perfect view ov.. Read more »
Shipra Brummeyer
Our ticket allowed us entry to this building, but honestly, the beauty is on the outside. From the second floor, you have a nice view of the cathedral. Good place to cool down as there is very limited shade on a hot day in Pisa.
Hoang Tuan ECOMLED
"Battistero di San Giovanni" is the Italian name for the "Baptistery of St. John", a famous architectural landmark in the city of Pisa, Italy. Built in the 10th century, it is considered one of the most beautiful Romanesque buildi.. Read more »
Beautiful building worth a look. We got the combo ticket with the tower and museum but probably not worth paying separately. Make sure you go the upper floor since you can get an amazing view of the church and tower!
Thomas Coetzee
Lives up to the iconic reputation. We enjoyed viewing this spot. We didn’t have enough time to go in and take a full tour but took a stroll around the grounds . There’s a massive square before you enter and there was amazing restaurants a.. Read more »
Sumanta Chakraborty
Nice structure. Not like the one in Florence though. Overall, the surrounding atmosphere makes it look interesting and great. The lush green grass makes the view even better.
Dmytro Vasyanovych
Marvellous vitrages on all sides. Amazing sound quality and central bath is high can't see well. Some elevation to see inside of Batismal bath would be amazing.
Lynn Higgins
The Battistero costs $7 or $10 if purchased as a combination ticket which includes the Baptistery, Camposanto, Museo dell'opera and the Sinopie Museum or you can purchase a combination ticket with the leaning tower of Pisa which costs $27 which .. Read more »
Know that you must buy tickets to enter. Once inside it is huge and with stunning design and architecture. Get up to the balcony inside as well for a better view of the main area and altar!
Jaye Aster Broder
The construction is beautiful and the building is somewhat simple on the inside. It is worth visiting as part of the 10 euro complete pass, but probably not worth to purchasing separately. There are three steps where you can sit along the sides. It w.. Read more »
Kamil Młynarski
Nice place to visit. Every hour there is a demonstration of how the dome transmits sound. Stained glass windows in the windows deserve attention. Noteworthy when visiting.
One of the most beautiful monuments with the leaning tower of Pisa at the back side. The white colour attracts you to see and keep looking. The area is also very nice. You can also come to visit during sunset or at night for a different view. It'.. Read more »
Robert Chomicz
This is the largest building of its kind in Italy, and worth visiting for that reason alone. It’s worth the price of a combo ticket along with the cathedral and the leaning tower and can be toured at your convenience while you’re waiting .. Read more »
Elapsing Poison
Tickets required, recommended to get the 10€ one. The structure itself is a beautiful one and has built in acoustics. RECOMMENDED, to stay there for the 30 minute mark of each hour and the start of each hour as there is usually a lady who demons.. Read more »
Ronald Halim
Well decorated baptistry. Worth buying the Euro 10 ticket to get to see all the buildings in the complex (minus the tower)
jannik hansen
A must see when visiting Pisa, and the inside visit is worth the money and time. Very beautiful and quite babtistery. Put it on the must see list in Pisa
Steve Thomas
You need to buy tickets not at the door but aromas the grass in a building. Doing it ahead of time is easier for sure. But on not crowded days it’s not too bad to do it on the spot
Cyber Challenges
(RARC) Congrats! The Pisa Baptistery of St. John (Italian: Battistero di San Giovanni) is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical building in Pisa, Italy. Construction started in 1152 to replace an older baptistery, and when it was completed in 1363, it beca.. Read more »
Ognian Dimitrov
Very beautiful building, next to the Cathedral and Tower of Pisa. We couldn't get in because of the huge queues.
Simeon Goranov
Beautiful exterior, an eye catching part of the Duomo ensemble. The interior is barren and sombre with reconstruction in progress in the summer of 2021.
Hassan Khaled
The baptistery has a nice stunning design to it outside and very huge structure overall, would highly recommend visiting when in Pisa
Gauthier Cherbé
A shame! It would have been great to see it but no one told us it was all in construction! Scaffoldings everywhere inside... we literally stayed 10 seconds inside because there is just nothing to see because of the work. We payed 7 euros per person f.. Read more »
Tickets required. 7 for building only or 10 for the hole site minus the tower. Baptistery looked cool outside but undergoing renovations inside really limited what you could see as even the entire dome was covered when we went.
Odera Onyechi
Pretty, but a bit underwhelming tbh
Andrew Evans
As well as the’Leaning Tower of Pisa’ There are other buildings within the grounds that are also well worth exploring and photographing here. Obviously these areas are much less crowded and more tranquil than the ‘main attraction&rs.. Read more »
Asiyah Noemi Koso
In the beautiful region of Tuscany, where vineyards, history, art, harmony, nature and beauty are just some of the beauty of living, Pisa is located. Apart from the famous Leaning Tower and the Cathedral is known for the exceptional baptistery of St... Read more »
The interior was not as beautiful as I expected but it was still nice enough. Paid 5 euro for a ticket to visit this. I think it took about 10 minutes to visit this.
Claudia Carrasco
Really beautiful. You can even get a view of the cathedral and the tower from the top. Try to be there when they demonstrate the echoes. Something extraordinary.
Julien Cheynis
Amazing baptistery made of marble. Completed in 1363, it is the second building in chronological order of the Piazza dei Miracoli. It is the largest baptistery in Italy: 55m high with a diameter of 34m. It shows both the Romanesque and the Gothic sty.. Read more »
Arthit Yodyunyong
Every 30 min. a staff'll sing in the baptistery to show the echo effect. Normally she'll sit on the ground floor and I had mistaken her for a security staff. Such a beautiful voice!
Yoann Lussier
The amount of knowledge one has to read up on to truly admire this Baptistery is daunting. Let it be that the creators of this ornate building we led by God most-likely. Patterns of columns and lengths have all been purposefully decided. It is said t.. Read more »
Swati Hegde
Extra ordinary exterior and okayish interior ! It looks beautiful standing next to the leaning tower of Pisa . You have a huge lawn area adjacent to the baptistery which is beautiful. I spent couple of hours in the lawn looking at the exterior beau.. Read more »