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Pinacoteca di Brera

Milan, Italy
4.8 / 84
Picture gallery, an outstanding collection of Italian painters and sculptors. In 38 halls of the museum are paintings by Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio, Lotto, Tintoretto and other famous masters. The museum collection also includes paintings by recognized artists from other countries - Goya, Rembrandt, El Greco. The Pinacoteca is housed in a 16th-century palace and shares the premises with the Academy of Arts.



Amazing experience. The public gallery in a beautiful classical building. Great exposition and collection of the painting. The paintings were mostly religious themed. We bought tickets online, and entrance was without waiting.
If you're staying in Milan, I highly recommend a visit. You'll find some unique masterpieces. The museum is modest in size, but if you want to fully appreciate the exceptional details and expressions, you can devote a whole afternoon to it... Read more »
Most breathtaking collection of Renaissance art situated at the heart of Brera. The way the art is presented with the collectors view on the piece of art presented, is most interesting and interactive. The cafe is a pleasant place the have a drink or.. Read more »
Amazing collection and history of the museum. Not to be missed if art is your gig. If you’re lucky you’ll even see live restoration of paintings.
A lovely art museum in a beautiful classical building and university. The paintings were mostly religious themed which can be too heavy to watch (especially Jesus and his suffering) The highlight for me was the modern art pieces, the forum and the .. Read more »
Nice small art museum. Personally too many paintings with religious themes but overall very well organised museum with lots of chairs to sit down and bilingual explanations of the artwork.
I love art, especially by old Italian Masters. Got to witness two of Caravaggio's works. Something about how it's been put together, very easy to read through and understand. There are many small stations with a small desk and pencils for y.. Read more »
We had a bit of a hard time to find the entrance, but we asked another tourist and we were directed to go upstairs. There was a short line of about 8 people around 2pm, so you can purchase tickets quite easily at the counter. You can leave your back.. Read more »
One of the best art museums that I had the chance to visit. Since it was February, we didn’t consider the need to buy the tickets in advance. But even during this time of year we didn’t expect to see so many people; so I definitely recomm.. Read more »
Beautiful museum, the best i’ve been to in Milan! The courtyard is free entry, if you just want to have a look at the building and some of the statues, but there are many gorgeous art pieces to see inside. When we went, there were also 2 artist.. Read more »
Beautiful museum. The entrance itself with the open courtyard is already impressive. For sure worth visiting for 2-3 hours. Bigger than I expected it to be. The only negative thing to say would be how unclear it is where the entrance is. They placed .. Read more »
One of best museums I've ever had the honor of visiting. The collection of Italian Renaissance painting is unmatched. This is a must see! This is one of the best activities you can do on Milan while on holiday.
Absolute gem of an art museum. All artworks are explained bilingually. Some have family friendly descriptions. Some have fabrics attached for visitors to touch. Two ateliers of restorations are on view. Feels like a living and breathing museum.
Extraordinary art gallery, absolute must see in Milan. This is one of the best art galleries I've ever visited, the use of wall colour and lighting really brings the experience to life, we went in the middle of July and it wasn't crowded at.. Read more »
Yes!!! Just Yes!!! I went there and bought a ticket for the next day for 15€ in a machine in front of the museum entrance,cause I think the tickets for the day I went were already sold out But it was 100% worth the wait! The museum has some &ld.. Read more »
Raphael, Bramante, Caravaggio. Need I say more. Excellent high renaissance art pieces. Definitely book in advance. Easy to get lost here. And the cafe at the end is a nice recharge.
I was not able to purchase tickets online - website isn't loading and the email also bounces back. How are people suppose to purchase tickets ? Came on Tuesday and got tickets right at the machine, which was great. Beautiful paintings but very s.. Read more »
For art lovers the best place to visit in Milano. Not particularly big, but nice collection of visual art mostly from Renaissance era. Very nice Caravaggio is probably the biggest highlight of the museum, but far from being the only interesting thing.. Read more »
The magic of this place is that it is not only a museum, but also an Academic of fine arts! You can freely walk along the corridors and look into the classrooms where lectures are being held! Also in the museum you can see a unique process - the rest.. Read more »
Definitely worth a visit, incredibly large selection of Italian and European artists. The part dedicated to Hayez is itself worth the ticket price. Remember to book in advance, you will need to add the time of visit as well. We were there the day of.. Read more »
It was okay I guess. I'm not a pro so maybe my review is biased but I was quite underwhelmed... Not much diversity. Lots of renaissance paintings which portray Madonna and the babe and Jesus being crucified... Once I had seen a dozen of these, I.. Read more »
The museum is worth a visit if you are into art. A lot of it is religiously themed however so take that into consideration. The building itself is very beautiful and nice to look around in. The upper floor is the museum consisting of around 32 rooms .. Read more »
One of the best art galleries I have been to, and probably the best only-painting one in Italy and one of best in the world. The price is very reasonable and especially for students. Audio guide was very helpful and good and the price was also good. .. Read more »
This is a must visit if you’re in Milan. The Brera area and architecture is beautiful enough but the art inside is breathtaking. You could get lost for hours in there. I highly recommend it.
This place is truly amazing. Definitely worth a visit. Great paintings and the explanations and extra info under the paintings is also great. We spent quite some time here, so take your time.
A pretty interesting place. It has A LOT of paintings. Unfortunately, the audio guide was exclusively in italian... Which I don't know. :) You can read about the paintings tho in English on their side, there are usually a couple of metal plates .. Read more »
The entry is a bit expensive but it's an exceptional collection displayed in a beautiful place. The museography is held at a good standard and you get to see the pieces which are being restored. Also soon you will be able to see the 20th century.. Read more »
An incredible place, perfect for people interested in antique art. It's undeniably a popular tourist attraction so you'll most likely find long queues but it's definitely worth the wait. You'll find some convenient lockers at the .. Read more »
One of the best museums I've ever had the pleasure to visit. The staff was nice and kind, and helped us discovering the various galleries. The measures taken for the pandemic are also impressive and the overall experience was of course amazing.
Artwork were all beautiful. But I suggest booking through their official site rather than any other ticketing site.
Don't forget to book in advance. We had the earliest entrance,but needed to wait as they were late to open the gallery. It is not as big as we expected. In general exposition itself is not bad.
Amazing food and service. My wife and I found this restaurant by accident. Well worth it. We ordered the cheese board for two and pizza, 2 prosecco, 1 chianti, 1 gin tonic. 50 euros. We didn't finish the amazing food so they wrapped it to go.
This is the museum that everyone who goes to Milan visit, and I understand why. Pinacoteca di Brera consists mostly paintings with classical style (I hope I am right - what I mean is the traditional way of painting that was taught in Art academies). .. Read more »
Beautiful collection of excellent pieces of art. Great lighting and calm atmosphere. I passed hours touring the gallery and it wasn't nearly enough.I would return as soon as possible
Nice place but in covid period you need to make an appointment on the website for visiting
If you want to feel the magic of one of the best historic areas of Milan is a must to go. The art gallery is inside the Art University - Brera. You will have access to an incredible art collection like Raffaello, Caravaggio, Bellini... The perfect pl.. Read more »
Wonderful historical place. Would love to have some animations as it feels boring
Fantastic collection with a lot of really famous masterpieces such as Hayez's kiss. If you're into that I really suggest you visit it, it's very well kept!
Beautiful gallery with some amazing art! Please note that during the covid19 crisis the exhibition seems to be smaller than normal and that you are limited to spend one and a half hour at the museum. Furthermore you are required to book a slot in adv.. Read more »
Fantastic Italian art and friendly helpful staff who were very welcoming.
Great gallery! Mostly with paintings relating to religion.
It is awesome. Went in early August so I had to book, the museum was almost empty, lots of space to enjoy properly each piece. I had ab amazing experience although there was no guide but it can be accessed through their app. My only regret is not hav.. Read more »
Very beautiful museum and interesting art content. They really welcome their citizens, but also foreigners, to see what they have to offer. They used to offer (I don't know now) a reduced price entrance if you'd go late evening on a certain.. Read more »
We came on first Sunday and get free tickets. Line was very long, but staff manged it well. Space is well organized. Pictures are impressive. Very nice?