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Picasso Museum

Barcelona, Spain
4.4 / 106
A collection of paintings by the famous artist, is in the palace of "Berenguera d'Agilara" in the quarter "La Ribera". The museum mainly presents works of the early period of Picasso, there are several later works. In addition to the paintings themselves, there are expositions of ceramics, prints, photographs. The museum periodically hosts lectures on the life and work of Picasso.
Address:Carrer de Montcada, 15-23, Barcelona
Phone:+34 932 56 30 00



Amanda Almeida
If you like art then you must go. Not only is Picasso iconic and revolutionary at his time, the building the museum is in is historic itself, being in the Gothic Quarters of Barcelona. There is also this great random room you can walk through that re.. Read more »
Ramya Reddy
Must try place . We can dive into the art world if Picasso . Beautiful museum! You have to put stuff In a locker before you go . I felt a guided tour would be much better . It does take quite a bit of time . Be prepared to walk a lot . We bought tick.. Read more »
Nicholas P
It was alright. You see a lot of artwork and more information about the artist himself. Admission is 15 euros but you can save one euro if you buy online. It was a good size museum and quite a bit of tourists. I recommend going if you are truly inter.. Read more »
Michael Decker
We managed to get free tickets for the Thursday evening viewing. It costs 12 euros per person. You can easily view this museum in 45 mins as it is rather small. Nice pieces of artwork of Picasso
Vautrin Thomas
The Museo Picasso de Barcelona provides a fascinating glimpse into Picasso's artistic journey. The collection offers a rich understanding of his creative evolution, though it could benefit from including some of his more recent works. Nonetheles.. Read more »
Darius Radkevicius
Picasso was a great artist. loved women, liked to have fun, was not suitable for politicians. However, the museum reveals a somewhat depressed side. As if his paintings existed separately from the person. where in Picasso's environment? in the f.. Read more »
Sebastián Velázquez
Beautiful museum full of Picasso’s paintings and masterpieces. My favorite hall was the one with the Meninas. I strongly recommend to buy the tickets online to avoid the big queue. There are restrooms, a nice shop on the ground floor and it is .. Read more »
Very interesting place, taking you through a history of Picasso work; if you like me are only familiar with the cubist stuff, then this should be really interesting as it covers so many periods/ phases and shows what a very skilled artist he was. Re.. Read more »
I can feel my heartbeats when approaching the entrance of El Museo de Picasso. I felt his life and got inspiration here. Also, I took cute and lovely pics here because of you. I talked to two of them, both are kind and charismatic ladies. But not tak.. Read more »
Eduard Ciobanu
I am not a big enthusiast of art, but if something is beautiful i apreciate it and i enjoy it. Overall is a good museum, some of his paintings were exceptional. I am not giving a 5 star because of the museum it self and it could be better. The price .. Read more »
Tanya Rofman
The Picasso Museum in Barcelona's El Born neighborhood is a captivating experience. The impressive collection showcases Picasso's diverse styles and creativity. The ambiance is serene, but it can get crowded at times. Overall, a must-visit .. Read more »
Peti Sikos
I only give 4 stars because of the works of such an extraordinary artist such as Picasso and the building is a gorgeous palace. The temporary exhibition at this time is fascinating too. Other than that the staff is visibly exhausting and the whole ex.. Read more »
Piuli Basu Roy Chowdhury
Being an Art lover, I have always wanted to see the works from Pablo Picasso in person. The museum was really neat and well maintained with quite a large collection segmented thematically. We visited in February, 4th this year. the experience was rea.. Read more »
Sick Note Greeting Cards
A stunning museum. Picasso is one of my favourite artists. To see his work up close was a magical experience for me. Seeing his profession and artistic evolution was fascinating. If you love art this place is a must see. The staff are all very friend.. Read more »
Victoria Busse
Incredible experience to see Picasso progressing and evolving his art throughout his life - starting at a very young age with more traditional paintings up to pottery works to cubism that he influenced more than any other artist.
Sadie Daffer
Would not suggest visiting if you have older people with you that cannot stand for long periods of time. They need about 50 more benches spread through out the rooms, it was hard to enjoy the artwork especially if you purchase the audio guide. Plan t.. Read more »
Levente Barkász
I really loved this place. It's really detailed and you can follow Picasso's career through a series of paintings. It might not contain his most famous paintings but the progression and evolution of his style is really fascinating to follow.. Read more »
Amit Nadig
The Picasso's paintings and works are definitely worth going and seeing. Even if you aren't an art lover you will appreciate the work for sure. The museum itself is very well maintained and the staff are friendly. Tickets are cheap for stud.. Read more »
Susanna SS
This museum houses multiple sketches and paintings by Pablo Picasso. There were also a few sculptures. Most of them were owned by Picasso’s good friend whom he visited in Barcelona. Though there were abundant paintings, I’ve seen more co.. Read more »
Kathrin Tassotti
Think what you may of Picasso, but he was a great, recognizable artist. As an artist, the exhibition inspired me and opened up new facets. Definitely a must when in Barcelona. The museum is beautiful and buying tickets is easy. The price was also co.. Read more »
Alan Stephens
This museum is a little tucked away in the Gothic Quarter. Very reasonable entrance for seniors, €7.50 got you into the main exhibit and 2 interesting temporary exhibits. Given their value could not believe how close could get to artworks. There.. Read more »
Peter Grostøl
The Picasso museum has an extensive collection of works spanning over many decades from his youth to old age. The collection does an excellent job in demonstrating his artistic progression all the way through and illustrates how his later abstract wo.. Read more »
Kristjana Nikolls
Far more than you expect in this museum, you see Picasso’s journey from young artist to profound one. Plenty of material to read and plenty of pieces to look at. We spent a good 2 hours here. The best feature of this museum was the way it displ.. Read more »
Win Pierce
Would recommend you getting tickets online ahead of time. Museum was larger than I had imagined and it was awesome how it included panels about different periods of Picasso’s life in Spanish, Catalan, and English. Gift shop is also awesome :)
Sam MacSmith
Make sure to buy tickets in advance and to book a slot! If you’re going during the touristy season like I did, you could wait up to 30 minutes in line to get in but it is absolutely worth the try. It costs around 17€ for an all inclusive t.. Read more »
Michael Morales
While you may think all of the good Picasso’s are elsewhere in more well known museums, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona is still well worth a stop on your stay. The museum is curated very well and contains a breadth of work that catalogues his .. Read more »
Paula Churchward
This is a beautifully laid out display of some of Picasso's works. There is plenty of space to get around to see everything and staff are very helpful. If you have a backpack or large bag you can store this in one of the free lockers. The shop a.. Read more »
Helen ICE
It is a great museum that has rich contents and exhibits of and about Picasso. I felt I have learnt a lot about Picasso’s work and his life. I also liked those descriptions (in various languages) although fonts were a little too small to read, .. Read more »
Carolyn Feng-Friberg
Crowded but worth it. Really get the sense of what a genius the man was with incredible paintings from when he was 14 years old. Excellent sense of artistic progression and influences throughout Picasso’s life and a beautiful space.
Derek Wallace
Wonderful journey through the numerous styles adopted by Picasso over his lifetime. Starting from his earliest landscapes and s etched at age 11, you can see the metamorphosis of his work and style. The only thing this museum was missing was more of .. Read more »
Mark K
A gem in the heart of Barcelona, the Picasso museum is one place not to be missed. There’s a record of Picasso‘s relationship with a very famous photographer who cataloged his life. It’s fascinating to see not only the paintings but.. Read more »
Olivia H
Buy tickets in advance to avoid a long line to buy a ticket. It’s a nice but small museum. I wish I had known about the free admission days earlier to book one of those tickets. The website says you can book free admission 4 days ahead.
Daniel Freeman
Many of the earlier works of Picasso showing his talents at the age of 14, 15 and 16 years old that accounted for his early recognition as a talent. It was refreshing to see that Picasso had mastered technique, landscape and portrait painting before .. Read more »
Jenn A
Recommend planning in advance when buying tickets from here to avoid waiting/crowds. They have a safe backpack/pursue storage when you check into the museum which is nice. There's lots to see and the building interior is quite beautiful too.
Local Guide
Great museum to learn about Picasso's evolution as an artist. They have free entry on Thurs afternoon but advance reservation is highly recommended. We came on a Thursday afternoon and they were out of the free tickets. Purchased entry for Frida.. Read more »
David Byers
Tickets are easily purchased online, about 4 days in advance of your desired visit date. The entrance is clearly marked and staff will patiently point you in the direction you should be going and gently let you know if you're doing something you.. Read more »
Anita S
The lady at the ticket counter was the nicest person we encountered in our trip to Barcelona. She made sure we all get a discount where possible and was very helpful and friendly. The museum itself is well organized and obviously contains beautiful a.. Read more »
Peter Borsuk
Nice museum full of Picasso's paintings and drawings throughout whole his life. Don't expect to see his most famous pieces, they are in world's most prestigious galleries or private collections. Anyway it's worth visit. You can .. Read more »
Gerry Roche
Great collection of Picasso's early work, paintings from when he was fourteen years old. Already very talented. Right now there is a collection of his jewelry on display. Getting tickets online is easy, reasonably priced and the museum is not cr.. Read more »
Paco Grau
A very interesting Museum for understanding Picasso´s evolution. The best museum in the world for young Picasso with selected pieces for his later evolution. The Museum itself is placed in a series of connected Gothic palaces
Victor Schegin
Very interesting museum, showing Picasso's early works including the famous one he did when he was 15 years old. The architecture also is beautiful. It's possible to buy tickets there or on Internet. A must see, especially for art enthusias.. Read more »
BCN Explorer
I've seen the Picasso museum in Paris and Málaga. This one is worth a visit, too. Entrance fee was €12. It is located in the old part of Barcelona. There is a lot of staff guiding you through the different areas. Overall, a nice hour.. Read more »
Marlena Trała
Lot to see! Lot to read about an amazing artist! But it is not all. The inside of the building is beautiful, some rooms are even more attractive than the art. The museum contain lots of realistic portraits, and few amazing works of cubism! Definitely.. Read more »
Omar Sinbawy
Magnificent museum with artwork of the genius Picasso. Being involved with art and design I have found the museum to have ignited and awakened a strong sense of inspiration. Highly recommended! There weren’t a lot of people especially around th.. Read more »
Megan The Viking Traveler
A must, this was an experience unlike any other. My friend who I was with is not much of a "museum person" but was in awe the whole entire time. You really get to experience the growth of Picasso as an artist and see how his art evolved and.. Read more »
Sergey Fedorov
You will NOT find the most famous works of Picasso in this museum, but you'll find a lot of earliest of his works here. Audio guide is great if you want to know about path of the artist. The museum didn't felt overcrowded and museum shop ha.. Read more »
Per Lundström
So happy that I got to see how Picasso's artistry developed at this museum. Iconic pictures and great display of the exhibit. For anyone interested in Picasso, this is very well worth visiting!
A Google User
Good collection of his work and the building was amazing. Due to covid however the staff were very strict and felt a bit intense as we were followed around. We were also constantly being stared at which made the experience a bit weird to be honest.
Lala Loop
One of my first museum and I loved it so much... You have to go! You won't regret it. I learned a lot! Beautiful!
Vinh Phuc
The Museu Picasso (Catalan pronunciation: [muˈzɛw piˈkasu], "Picasso Museum"), located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, houses one of the most extensive collections of artworks by the 20th-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. With 4,251 wor.. Read more »
Aluzmar Perez
A dream came true! Amazing artist! Spectacular museum! Unique paintings ? Lovely time visiting this unforgettable place. Souvenir store was plenty of awesome stuff! Buy tickets online in advance, and remember to be on time, they won't pencil you.. Read more »
Emidia Lucchese
I was really looking forward to see this place, and it did not disappoint! The museum is so well organized. There is a lot to see! Each room has written info in English so you can understand Picasso’s life trajectory, even if you don’t kn.. Read more »
Jane George
Fascinating to see Picasso's evolution as a painter. Due to current circumstances the museum was quiet, didn't have to queue. The staff were very organised with their health safety and their directions. The guidance and symbols on the flo.. Read more »
Yelena Smith
Every Thursday from 5 p.m. there is free entrance . It makes s really nice possibility for the locals to enjoy the museum regularly. The tickets ( 0 EUR) are available on their website, but on Monday morning.. Hope this helps somebody to go to such i.. Read more »