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Petersen Automotive Museum

Los Angeles, USA
4.8 / 100
The Petersen Automotive Museum is an exceptional museum that offers a wonderful experience and educational opportunity for people of all ages. Even if you are not a huge car enthusiast, you will still find the museum fascinating. The museum features a wide range of old vehicles from your favorite movies, Formula 1 racing, and even displays of electric vehicles, which will surely pique your interest. For an additional fee, you can have access to the vault, where you can see some exclusive and rare vehicles. It's definitely worth paying a little extra to explore this unique collection. The museum has a parking garage attached to it, but be prepared to pay a decent fee for parking. Unfortunately, there aren't many other options available in terms of parking in the area. The museum offers so much more than what you might imagine. It's a great place to visit, and you may find yourself spending more time there than you initially expected. With four floors of interesting exhibits, make sure to arrive early to make the most of your visit. Don't forget to bring a fully charged phone or camera to capture all the amazing vehicles. The museum also provides clean bathrooms and a place to eat, so you can enjoy your visit comfortably. Even the parking garage is well maintained and has cool vehicles on display. If you're looking for a place to escape the heat, the Petersen Automotive Museum is a great choice. It offers a beautiful presentation of well-preserved and fully restored vehicles of all types. With three floors dedicated to cars, motorcycles, and exhibitions, it's a great place for young teens and older kids to explore and learn. One visitor describes the museum as exceptional and the best car museum they have ever been to. The museum boasts an amazing collection of cars, including famous vehicles from Hollywood such as Elvis's De Tomaso Pantera and James Hetfield's hot rods. They also have concept cars and motorcycles on display. The visitor appreciates the cleanliness of the amenities and the friendly staff. However, they do criticize the bottom floor, which mainly focuses on Tesla and other companies unrelated to automobiles. They also suggest that the Vault should be included in the entry fee, even if it means a slight increase in price. Another visitor, who visited with their 5-year-old child, praises the museum for its cool cars and spacious layout. The museum offers a dedicated children's room on the second floor, making it a great place for families. The visitor also appreciates the air conditioning, especially during hot weather. They find the cost of admission to be fair and express their desire to visit again in the future. Another visitor highlights the historical aspect of the museum and the wonderful vehicles on display. Although they did not pay for access to the Vault, they found plenty to admire on the other floors. They consider the museum to be a gem for car lovers and suggest budgeting a whole day for the visit. Although some visitors mention that the museum is not as big as expected, they still praise the quality and variety of cars on display. One visitor mentions a heavy focus on the Porsche collection at the time of their visit, while another suggests planning for at least three hours to fully explore the museum. Overall, the Petersen Automotive Museum is highly recommended for car enthusiasts and those interested in automotive history. It offers a vast collection of vehicles from different time periods, including rare and iconic cars. The museum provides a clean and enjoyable experience, with additional options such as access to the vault for an enhanced visit. It's a must-visit destination for anyone who appreciates automobiles.
Address:6060 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 323-930-2277



A wonderful experience and educational opportunity for people of all ages. Even if you are not a huge car buff, seeing the old vehicles from your favorite movies, Formula 1 racing and news electrical vehicle displays will peak your interests. If you.. Read more »
So much more than I imagined. Really great place to see. Souvenirs are a trap and I love it lol. Definitely get there early and get the added ticket to see the downstairs collection. You will spend more time here than you realize. It's 4 floors.. Read more »
Great place to beat the heat. It's been a while but worth the trip. Beautiful presentations of amazing, well-preserved, and fully restored vehicles of all types. 3 floors of very intriguing cars, motorcycles, and exhibitions. Great for young t.. Read more »
Wow, what an exceptional museum! I have been to a lot of car museums and this one takes the cake. The quality and breadth of cars here is amazing. They have Elvis's De Tomaso Pantera, James Hetfield's hot rods, THE Gone in 60 Seconds Eleano.. Read more »
Took my 5 year old boy here. We loved it! So many cool cars. The second floor has a huge room dedicated to children. The spacing is wonderful. Great way to beat the heat as the place is completely air conditioned. The cost of admission is fair. Will .. Read more »
I loved the history ensconced in this wonderful museum. While we didn't pay the extra for Vault access ($25 per person, ouch!) the standard fee allowed us to see many of the wonderful vehicles on the other floors.
This is a gem for car lovers. The vault is the main attraction. You will need way more than the suggested 1.5 hours in the vault if are truly into cars. Most of The cars in the vault are not labelled. Talk to the volunteers in the vault and you will .. Read more »
One of the most visited auto museums with an amazing collection of cars. The museum is three levels and not as big as expected. At the time of our visit, the museum was heavy on the Porsche collection. This series of displays the staff said would be.. Read more »
My family of 6 visited the Petersen on a Friday while on vacation. My son is a car enthusiast & he really enjoyed the museum. He had a ticket to the vault as well & wished he’d had more time to spend there. We had other tours & co.. Read more »
A fantastic museum with a collection of some amazing vehicles. From super early steam powered cars to the modern day supercar and everything in between. If you're a fan of automobiles, you've got to pay this place a visit. I've been he.. Read more »
An amazing collection of cars. Main floors are really cool and layed out well. The basement is awesome, but costs an extra $25 to see and no info plaques below. Workers are amazingly knowledgeable throughout. Family did upstairs, then boys and i p.. Read more »
First time visiting this museum and I was blown away at how awesome it is!! A huge collection of beautiful cars with so much history and stories behind them. I was able to catch the James Bond exhibit along with the Andy Warhol exhibit as well. For a.. Read more »
This is a wonderful museum! Many unique and beautiful cars. There are I think three floors of main exhibit area with a good number of cars on each, each with a plaque describing something about the vehicle. And there are docents wandering around the .. Read more »
The Petersen has a wonderful collection of rare and unique cars! The 007 exhibit was awesome! Not just cars, but watercraft and aircraft from the movies—all with detailed stories of how they were used and what had to be done to make them work. .. Read more »
Words can’t even describe how great the experience was!! As a car enthusiast, I cannot recommend this place more. Peterson Automotive Museum is well-known worldwide. You get to see the most exclusive cars around the world. Cars that were used i.. Read more »
WOW! What a great place. I spent 3 hours there and I can still see all these beautiful cars. The museum is well organized, iconic car models complete with information. The service is great, nice and helpful. A wonderful experience. I recommend it to .. Read more »
Tickets were about $17 per person. We spent about 1.5-2 hours here, going at a slower pace. There are 3 floors of cars to see. We really enjoyed ourselves! My favorite was the top floor, but everything was nice. There were even a few boats which was .. Read more »
Oh my, this was unexpectedly great! We've seen this museum many times from the road, but this weekend we decided to give it a try. The museum is not huge, but it's still quite big, very well balanced in terms of price and time enjoying the .. Read more »
I don't know much at all about cars but this place was a neat museum to walk through. Several cars were newly added and lacked signage of what they were. They have workers you can ask though. You can spend a lot or a little time here. It was onl.. Read more »
Our kids say their dad changes cars like he changes his underwear so saying he's a car lover is an understatement. He loved the Petersen Museum & thought it was one of the coolest places I've taken him. We both recommend
What a fantastic place to check out while in LA! Maybe a bit more exciting if you’re a car enthusiast! The museum has countless of great cars from classic to supercars and vehicles of different uses. It showcases innovation on how cars develope.. Read more »
What a dream come true. I know how the make a wish kids feel now. This place is the most magical place on earth. The collection was just outstanding. I can't say enough good things about this place. I had the time of my life and it was perfect d.. Read more »
Wonderful museum! Three floors plus "The Vault" filled with amazing vehicles! The Vault tour is an extra charge and only runs certain times but is well worth it! The James Bond exhibit was there at the time of our visit and was a wonderful .. Read more »
Who wouldn't love this place! Super fun for gear heads and enthusiasts, but also just fun for anyone who wants to see some rolling pieces of art. Beautiful cars / bikes. Very clean. Easy to get there. Parking was a breeze. Would recommend. Go ch.. Read more »
So cool, great space to walk through and see incredible cars and motorcycles from the past 100+ years! The James bond exhibit was icing on the cake. To see all those cars, boats, planes etc from so many different movies was surreal. Time for a Bond m.. Read more »
An automotive enthusiast's "must see" when in Southern California, this museum houses as much artistry as it's provocative exterior suggests. I very much enjoyed my time here and plan to return for new exhibits to come. Parking .. Read more »
Awesome place! I’d suggest planning on an hour here. More if you really like to read the history notes, I was able to do it all in 45 min but kinda had to rush through. Plan for more than an hour if you buy the vault access. Probably worth upgr.. Read more »
This was such a fun museum! You get to see some of the first cars made to more recent luxury cars. They show the first made motorcycles and race cars too. There are short descriptions with each vehicle which are interesting to read. They also have ca.. Read more »
This is the “go to” place for any car enthusiasts out there! It is very easy to spend hours looking at the diverse vehicle collection that the museum has to offer. There are 3 levels of vehicles that are open to look at. There are countle.. Read more »
This museum made me appreciate vehicles of all sorts in a way I would’ve never have thought of. It’s fascinating seeing the transition of design, aesthetics, shapes, and materials used over time. Each piece has its own unique architecture.. Read more »
Three floors of vehicle displays are included with admission. There is an additional (steep) $20. fee to view another approximately 150 tightly parked, beautifully restored, vehicles in the basement vault - viewable at scheduled times only (11:00, 1.. Read more »
A great place to spend a day with family and friends. They have a great selection of cars accompanied by tons of history and detailed information about every car, bike, project and accessory. Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. The place is .. Read more »
It is amazing!!! See the history of the Automobile is definitely educational. Then we get the movie cars mixed in there and then the magic happens. Seeing them throws you right into the movie. There is something for everyone young and old. Handic.. Read more »
Definitely a must visit if you're a car/motorcycle enthusiast. They have excellent displays of important vehicles from different decades. There is also an underground lot that you're able to tour for an extra fee. The "vault" as t.. Read more »
Glad to have The Petersen open again after the pandemic. There are some great exhibits to see and they are keeping everyone as safe as possible. Mask and social distancing, limited admission. In all, an excellent experience. It will be better soon wh.. Read more »
For $16 an adult this is a pretty good price for an hour and a half! They didn’t have any Formula 1 cars on display but they did have a lot of US history. It’s clear which car brands are sponsors of the museum so if you’re going sp.. Read more »
Accidentally bought the night show tickets for 7:30 giving me only 30 minutes to enjoy the museum. I called and Bobby helped me out with no hesitation. and switched it to 6:30. Great customer service and made me more excited that I’ll be able t.. Read more »
Andy in the vault was amazing, he was extremely knowledgeable and willing to show us around even without the tours. The place made us emotional with all the cars from movies we loved as children. I highly recommend visiting this place if you're .. Read more »
Perfect day outing for car enthusiasts and movie buffs. Purchase tickets in advance and put on your comfortable shoes. There are 3 levels of iconic cars and a fantastic Vault experience (separate ticket needed). No crowds, COVID safe, ample parking (.. Read more »
Not just a great automotive museum but a great museum overall. Very large collection of cars for all fans. Price is fair and even on weekends it isn't so crowded. Even kids would enjoy this museum. Awesome parking too though you have to pay for .. Read more »
So awesome seeing all the historical cars, art work and some of my favorite vehicles used in movies. Can't wait to go again. Staff was very kind and helpful. Thank you!
Great line up of cars, had some old ones, movie cars, sports, motorcycles, and even some vehicles from video games. A great place to go take pictures with some of the greatest cars ever. The only reason why it's not 5 stars is the price, $14 tic.. Read more »
Small modern museum. Highly highly recommended is to get the free tickets online way ahead of time (say 1 month?). You will save so much time and energy by having a set time to visit.
I brought my little daughter here during a weekday and she loved it! It was so fun to watch her face light up in awe at the fish that were larger than she was swimming so close to her. She loved the penguins as well. We will go back as there was stil.. Read more »
As a huge car fan weirdly didn't love love it but super enjoyed my time. I think most people would appreciate that it's somewhat focused on famous and fictional film vehicles.
Had a great time at this museum, it is very clean, peaceful and informative. There are 3 floors, and you start from the third and make yourself to the first one. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy history, adventure, and vehicles .
This was my first time going to LA walk and I gotta say it's pretty cool. They don't have anything like this where I'm from(DMV area) so this was all new to me. I like how they have artists actually creating the paintings while you.. Read more »
THE best car museum you will ever go to! My beautiful wife surprised me with a private tour of "The Vault" and it was amazing. We saw one of a kind cars from all over the spectrum. This is the car museum that others aspire to be.
A lot of cool cars. They change them out every so often. The museum itself isn’t too big and you might go through it quickly if you’re not stopping at every car. The vault tour is interesting and if you’re into the history of cars, .. Read more »
Awesome awesome awesome.
If you love cars, the Petersen Automotive Museum can’t be missed. Inside this stunning structure is an extensive collection of cars, some of which date as far back as 1886. There are modern cars and motorcycles, too. Some exhibits are permanen.. Read more »
Awesome experience seeing so many cool and unique automobiles, especially the Cybertruck in person! The museum definitely made sure everyone was practicing social distancing and enforcing face coverings. Very friendly staff. Hoping to visit them agai.. Read more »