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Père Lachaise Cemetery

Paris, France
4.8 / 72
A world-famous necropolis, where many famous personalities are buried. The attraction attracts more than 2 million tourists a year. The cemetery has been operating since 1804, over two centuries its territory has grown to several tens of hectares, today it is a whole city with alleys, chapels and monumental crypts. Many actors, statesmen, writers, artists and poets have found their last refuge here.
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This is absolutely amazing place, worth to visit. I don't know what can be better than visiting very good conserved and maintained cemetery with so many famous people buried there. Before you go, it is highly recommended to get the map of the ce.. Read more »
One of the most fascinating cemeteries we've ever seen. Full of tombs of famous people from literature and the arts, but also amazing tombs of Paris families. You can go on a treasure hunt to track down big-name tombs or just wander around and .. Read more »
A large, quiet cemetery with a couple of famous people buried. At the entrance you'll get a free map of the place. This place is not suitable for wheelchair users and strollers, the road is made of cobblestones. Some gravestones are beautiful wo.. Read more »
Beautiful cemetery which was started in 1804. It's the largest in Paris and has all sorts of well known names such as Edith Piaf & Jim Morrison buried here. Some incredible graves! It's very vast so bring sensible shoes!
Frankly , I was skeptical about going to a cemetery. But once I was there , my perspective changed. I haven't seen a cemetery so huge and beautiful. It's really huge.... And so sure it's difficult to cover the whole area. We spent aro.. Read more »
We stopped by this cemetery because we were in the area. Admission was free and there was no wait. While not listed on the sign of famous people this is the resting place of Gertrude Stein. We visited her and Oscar Wilde which were both easy to find.. Read more »
As cemetery’s go this is by far the best I’ve seen! Not that I’ve seen many!! The graves/tombs were a site to be seen. They were huge. Some like small houses. Some must have cost a fortune. The cemetery is huge too. You need good f.. Read more »
No bike and alcohol inside the cemetery. It was a good walk around the large park where there are many historical tomb structures of large sizes and unique design that are never seen anywhere else.
Such a beautiful and peaceful place to wander around. We got to see Jim Morrison’s tomb, among so many others, and had a wonderful time exploring this huge cemetery. There are directions to guide visitors around, which are easy to follow, and m.. Read more »
An excellent place to visit and learn from. There’s so many illustrious people here, from Edith Piaf, to Jim Morrison or Oscar Wilde. The place is massive, but there’s seating areas and toilets in several parts. I would advise to carry wa.. Read more »
Amazing place. The biggest cemetery in Paris opened in 1804. Chopin, Balzac, Modigliani, Jim Morrison, Édith Piaf … 2-3 hours of walking, but if you want to visit more important graves even longer. Some of them are not so easy to find, .. Read more »
Although it’s far from the city, it’s definitely worth the visit to pay your respects to some of the most talented people that have existed. The best and most affordable way to go there is by metro which is very near the cemetery. And on.. Read more »
This really was an unexpected pleasure. I hadn't expected to spend a few hours wandering around a cemetery but delighted that I did. Whether it's Jim Morrison or Oscar Wilde you've come to find you'll stumble over some fascinating.. Read more »
This is the most amazing cemetery I will ever see! Cobbled stone roads, mature trees and very interesting tombs! It's a little eerie but very peaceful even with other people walking thru. Everyone is pretty quiet! You've never seen the like.. Read more »
An eccentric spot worth visiting in Paris. Here lies many historical figure including Chopin, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, etc. Might not be the best place for picnic but a walk here is definitely something. Calming vibe and quite as a grave (pun intend.. Read more »
It's a pretty place and definitely worth a look though it's one of the few times I think I'd recommend going with a guide. It's so big you can't find much, event with a map, unless someone is there to direct you. The statuary.. Read more »
Remarkable activity and place to visit while you have got some time left in Paris. This cemetery exists for several 100 years and that is also what you notice when you visit this place, a variations of large ancient crypts and newer smaller tombstone.. Read more »
It seems strange to review a cemetery, but it is worth the visit! Spend time honoring the wonderful lives that are in the cemetery. It is larger than you might think and the walkways are cobblestone. Prepare to be there for a while if you are wanting.. Read more »
Very quiet and restful to come here and sit in the middle of Paris. But so far I cannot find the graves of the people I was looking for….the map is not clear at all. But beautiful trees and landscaping !
Beautiful graveyard with both big names and long forgotten tombs. Wonderful getaway from the city. Public toilets are available but be sure to bring your own paper and soap, as they are not always filled.
So peaceful, you forget that you are in a major European city. Very different to cemeteries in Ireland. Interesting to see the different graves and tombs nestled amongst the greenery. Also nice to see some famous people's final resting places.
This cemetery was amazing. Beautiful tree line paths everywhere. The tombs were works of art. Very peaceful areas. Get lost if you dare. I used my google maps to maneuver and discover. I went in the morning and there were many birds chirping and food.. Read more »
Great place to get away from the buzz of the city! Calm atmosphere, it was interesting to walk along the graves that have been there for nearly 200 years. It was very fun to „run into“ some of my favourites artists, especially Jim Morriso.. Read more »
Lovely greenery in the cemetery, definitely a unique setting! Cool how there were many french families exploring around
Historic cemetery in Paris with many famous graves including Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Marcel Proust. A very welcome green space with many birds. Many grand family crypts dating back to the 1700s. You could spend hours here but if you are mo.. Read more »
This cemetery is almost like a museum. We went there on a perfect grey winter day, it was foggy and also started raining at some point. There are some graves and tombstones of famous people, but we preferred just wandering around instead of doing �.. Read more »
Such a beautiful and interesting place with so many graves. You could spend hours just wandering around taking it all in. The war sculptures are especially poignant
Great time to visit in late summer. Visited gravesites for Wilde, Piaf, Morrison and Richard Wright. Had a chance to explore other parts as this is a large cemetery with many beautiful monuments. As a person in French posted, I’d recommend s.. Read more »
Historical place to take a walk in Paris 11th! I am not a fan of seeing the graves of famous people… but it is a nice place to take a walk. It is a huge place and I recommend to use google map to help you navigate or you will get lost! It&rsqu.. Read more »
My husband say this place really important place for visit. Have many famous people here into tomb. The place peaceful and No need to pay to visit this place.
Beautiful and so peaceful. Graves of famous and less famous people of different religions. May their souls Rest In Peace
Was beautiful! We meandered through the stone walkway through the cemetery looking at all the old, moss covered coffins, sarcophagi and mausoleums. We found Jim Morrison's grave stone and Oscar Wild's. It started to rain and it closed so we.. Read more »
There is a man who stays at the cemetery, he looks like Jim morrison. Give him 5 euro and buckle up. He knows every grave stone in the place. Truly remarkable. His name is Raphael...
Beauty and peace of mind come toguether. Really awsome place to calm your self and go for a walk
Beautiful grounds with no shortage of famous and revered tombs to find. Absolutely recommend.
I am definitely not the kind of person who visits cemeteries, but Père Lachaise is something different, almost a work of art in some of its parts. If you have time, go take a gander.
An amazing place and unique cemetery that opened in 1804 in the heart of Paris. There are the graves of some famous people. Presently there are more than 1 million bodies buried there and you can spend many hours to explore it. Highly recommended.
Its size is 43 hectares and it contains 70,000 tombs. It opened in 1804. At first it was not well accepted by the Parisians, as they did not want to be buried outside of Paris. Over time, illustrious figures were moved and buried here, which helped i.. Read more »
Amazing beautiful place filled with legends. Thank you for inspiring me to write my latest book BLACK MASS available at amazon. The book mostly takes place in Pere Lachaise and features many legends surrounding the place.
Very beautiful place where the illustrious people of France are buried. There is an enormous respect for what the people who are buried there have accomplished in their lives.
A peaceful place to eat your sandwich and connect with the dead.
Such cemetery, I have never seen like before,very unique old style.It is really amazing.
What an amazing place!!! A great place to walk around. We went to see Jim Morrisons grave but the rest of the cemetery turned out to be so much more. It's hard to wrap your head around how much time and money people spent on getting buried. Woul.. Read more »
A beautiful place, I could walk around for hours. A piece of history in a tranquil setting.
Be prepared to spend hours in this beautiful cemetery. There are two toilets near both entrances. Unfortunately they stopped providing maps because of Covid infection.
This was the first cemetery I have ever been in my entire life. Apart from the tone and function of the place, everyone has to regard this as one of the city's landmarks. I came to see the tombs of Oscar Wilde and Frederic Chopin, and whilst the.. Read more »
The chance to walk in a museum-like cemetery is unique. You can see the tombs of many famous people and to learn a bit of the history of France. Each part of the cemetery has its own story to tell and if you visit Paris you definitely have to pay a v.. Read more »