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Park Zaryad'ye

Moscow, Russia
4.6 / 58
Public space in the historic district of the capital of the same name. Construction was carried out in 2014-2017, after the demolition of the hotel "Russia", located on this site. The park features 4 landscape zones of Russia. The total number of trees planted - 752, shrubs - about 7 thousand. In different parts of Zaryadye, zones with an artificial microclimate are found. In 2018, a concert hall opened in the park.
Address:улица Варварка домовладение 6, строение 1, Moskva
Phone:+7 495 531-05-00



Great park in the city center. There are places to eat and free toilets. The park is divided into zones with different types of trees. There is a floating bridge over the river. Plays classical music, very atmospheric. Spray water on hot days.
Unique park in the very heart of Moscow. Its hills and lowlands are covered with forests, steppe landscapes and floodplain meadows, which recreate different natural zones of the country, from the Far North to the steppe regions.
Zaryadye Park in Moscow Visited on 5/10/2019 Zaryadye Park is a landscape urban park located adjacent to Red Square in Moscow. At Zaryadye Park’s entrance facing Red Square is the Dome pavilion. It is an information-navigation centre and exhi.. Read more »
Thanks to the creators of this park!! It was a great idea to do this park close to historical RED SQUARE! Such a view from the park on the walls of the KREMLIN!!!
Located next to the Kremlin and the Red square. The park is well designed. Lots of banches, you hear light music from speakers. There is a few isolated places for private chats but also spacious ones too. Good for long walks. All in all a little fore.. Read more »
What a beautiful park! Walking distance from the St Basilica. This is the park where the iconic Floating Bridge is. There is car parking available. There is also a restaurant which serves really amazing food - Zaryadye Gastronomic Сenter
Located along the Moscow River, near Red Square, it is a lovely green and open space in the heart of Moscow. There's great views and walking paths and the blooming flowers in season are lovely. There's dining and activities for young and ol.. Read more »
I don’t like to sound snobbish starting with the cons, but I expected more nature and less structures. There is not enough space, for such a metropolis as Moscow, the park should be several times larger. Before seeing firsthand I was thinking t.. Read more »
A scenic park at near Kremlin. It is an elegant park by all standard. There lot to see in this park. It has a square with trees, gardens, a winter house, a concert and symposium. Then there is the suspended bridge where one can take a walk of river M.. Read more »
Another fantastic Park of Moscow! Combining nature with culture! Great to spend the whole day in! Nice restaurants and cafes and a great media center which you should definitely visit! Do not miss the soaring shows there!
Great park! There are different zones for walking, playing and food zone. Amazing view on Kremlin
I enjoyed visiting Zaryadie, very modern park located in the heart of Moscow, with breathtaking views of Kremlin and surroundings. Entrance if free, plenty of snack options public bathrooms and more.
I’m reading the reviews and I can’t believe my eyes... Are we going completely nuts? There’s nothing fantastic about the place! It’s such a cheap attempt to recreate some futuristic reality... It’s absolutely tasteless .. Read more »
Fantastic park with lots and lots to do. Right Next to Red square. You could easily spend the day here and not see everything it has to offer
Landscape urban park, interesting, multipurpose variety, amphitheaters and a philharmonic concert hall. Picturesque view of the Kremlin and a floating bridge. Great views and a lot of photo & selfie opportunities
Great weather + reduced lock down for people it's good reasons to go to Zaryad'ye. You can see lots of different people there. Foreigners as well.. If u look for a great (one of the best) view, wanna seat and absorb that beauty, sun, wind .. Read more »
A park in the center of Moscow with different landscapes. A good place to come and to relax on benches. Many plants as in botanic garden including alps. Beautiful view on Moscow.
Pretty and attractive place :) There are a lot of trees, flowers and other plants and bushes! Plenty of bench with amazing city’s views makes this place cozy and comfortable! Be prepare for crowds of people on holidays! Subway station “Ki.. Read more »