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Park Yalivshchyna

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.6 / 58
Park Yalivshchyna is an awesome and tranquil place that is undeniably beautiful. It is the perfect location for a leisurely walk, no matter the season. However, it is unfortunate that some individuals leave behind quite a bit of garbage, which detracts from its overall charm. Recently, we accidentally found ourselves running through Park Yalivshchyna, as we mistook it for the main park in Chernihiv. Despite our initial confusion, it turned out to be quite an intriguing experience. Although the park was not well-prepared for running during the transition from winter to spring, it offered a unique opportunity to explore a part of Chernihiv that is often overlooked by visitors. The park itself is a combination of forested areas with a specially designed green route, a cemetery, and a picturesque territory along a river or perhaps a small bay. Unlike the main park, Park Yalivshchyna exhibits more of a forest-like atmosphere. However, it boasts several significant advantages and would undoubtedly be an incredible place for a leisurely walk or run, particularly during the summer or spring seasons. One of the park's standout features is the wide variety of trees that can be found throughout its grounds. These trees contribute to the park's overall beauty and create a serene and peaceful ambiance for visitors to enjoy. Despite the occasional litter issue, Park Yalivshchyna remains a truly perfect park that offers a wonderful escape into nature.
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Awesome, calm and just beautiful place.
Nice place for walking in any season. It's bad that some people stay a lit of garbage.
beautiful but dirty
We were running there because we mistakenly took it for the main park in Chernihiv and honestly it was an interesting experience although in the period of Winter ending it is not best prepared area for running - central Chernigiv park would be define.. Read more »
Perfect park, many kind of trees