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Park Peremoha

Poltava, Ukraine
3.8 / 69
Victory Park is the oldest park in Poltava, a monument of landscape art since 1970. Located southeast of the central part of the city, along May Day Avenue.
Address:Pershotravnevyi Avenue, Poltava



Anup Saru.
Gotta say I love it. It was a relaxing moment there drinking coffee and hanging out with mates.
Isha Sharma
Its very nice it's like outing with kids, parents, friends or colleagues. Enjoy rides????fresh flowers with coslty fooding and drinks? but ya when you will go more inside your phone signals will leave you alone?..so what going for enjoy so keep .. Read more »
Дария Алексеенко
Great landscapes, you see!! Fresh air
Дмитро Федоров
Good place to spend one or two hours there. But nothing special yet.
Ilona Fedosieieva
Needs renovation and the attraction now are closed
Roman M
Not bad! Perfect place for reading. Lot of trees and branches. Good coffee, no need sugar)
Ivan Aliyev
Great place for relax, nice kids' playground, quiete place.
Andrey Prytkov
Good place for relaxing!
Bohdan Plovetskyi
Stunning nature lookouts, a great location for photography
Ольга Фейдак
The great part in Poltava. In the hill. Large territory, a lot of trees, there is an amusement park(closed in winter) nice view, place for sladging. Unfortunately , park was not cleared fully, only several routes. But in winter it was gorgeous. White.. Read more »
Андрій Верещака
A good place in Poltava to have a rest. There are some amusement things presented like in an old Lunapark. A lot of trees and bushes , a green zone in our city. A famous local night club 'Villa Krokodila' also situated here.
Admissions GURU
A small but historic park known as Victory Park in the memory of 2nd World War. It is situated near Poltava National Technical University with a beautiful landscape.
Dmytro Piddubnyi
Park "Victory" (formerly Poltava City Garden) is the oldest park in Poltava. The park was founded in 1803. In 1852, a Poltava city theater was built in the Poltava city garden, which operated until the beginning of the 20th century. Garden .. Read more »