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Park Güell

Barcelona, Spain
4.6 / 118
City park, created by Antonio Gaudi. Initially, it was conceived as a place for building the mansions of wealthy citizens, but the project failed and the land owner - industrialist E. Güell sold the park to the authorities. The territory is decorated with figures and sculptural groups created by the famous architect, as well as several houses of his work. The park has a municipal school and several office buildings.
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What a wonderful spot. We went up and down twice and had a great experience. We went earlier in the morning and enjoyed great views with the sun over the horizon. Great combination of Gaudi's work, nature, and the view of Barcelona.
There is so much to see here. It makes a great view point to see the city from higher ground. The slopes to get to the hill are not steep, and there are steps for the fitter ones to get to the top faster. The architecture by Gaudi made the park even .. Read more »
This place is very unique and everyone will thoroughly enjoy. It's different from the rest of the landmark attractions in Barcelona. It can get really crowded with people taking photos. Suggest to walk every inch of this gorgeous park if you are.. Read more »
This park is incredibly beautiful. It has a great view of the city. The gardens are unique, they transport you as if in a fairy tale. Every detail is beautiful. Only the organization is a bit strange - once you enter the terrace, you don't have .. Read more »
We had such an amazing time at Park Güell in Barcelona! The best part? No waiting around to get in—definitely recommend snagging your tickets online a day before. Trust me, it makes everything smoother. Once inside, the place just blew us.. Read more »
The park is rich in trees and clean. No map is provided at the entrance. It was suggested to use the app. Routes are not all suitable to pass from if you have a stroller or wheelchair. There is a slope at the beginning and a good number of steps are .. Read more »
So beautiful! Definitely get tickets in advance. I waited too long and ended up having to do a tour in order to get in. I really enjoyed the tour and the overall scenery. The cafe was super crowded, as was the main bathroom. Worth it though! Also, th.. Read more »
Quirky place. Beautiful..buy tickets in advance. Also, plan for all of the hills, if you walk there and back. Depending on which direction you're coming from, there may be very steep hills or hundreds of stairs. The architecture is beautiful. Do.. Read more »
Beautiful park to see! Worth the entrance price. Word on the street is locals get in for free but as I'm not a local, I'm not sure how that would work. Very beautifully maintained. The gorgeous seating is ergonomically a masterpiece. Great .. Read more »
Lovely park to visit, booking in advance is essential as it sells out fast. The ticket is valid all day from 0900-1930. Give yourself 3 hours or so there's lots to see, lots of walking. It's elevated so being on reasonable health would help.. Read more »
Wow. This place was just incredible. You can’t go to Barcelona and not visit this place. Everywhere I looked was like a movie and I was blown away by the architecture and nature. Beautiful place to walk around. If you are still in the mood to w.. Read more »
This is a renowned and picturesque park, masterfully designed by the legendary Antoni Gaudí. Its ideal location in the heart of Barcelona provides easy access via public transportation. It's a perfect destination for a day out with friend.. Read more »
Really nice park with many pretty Gaudi monuments. The most significant buildings are concentrated at the ground level but if you walk through the entire park, there is much interesting things to see. Just be prepared to walk and bring some water wit.. Read more »
This is a must in Barcelona! What an amazing park! The lovely views and incredible architecture make it a must-go-to place. Make sure to get tickets ahead of time and be there at the time marked on your tickets. This park has a limit on how many can .. Read more »
A wonderful city park full of outstanding architecture. Large parts of the park are open to the public with free access but you have to pay to access the more ornamental areas. We spent a couple of hours here enjoying all the park has to offer.
Beautiful park, takes you back in time, the ruins, the theater, the famous Gaudi art and buildings designs are beautiful. You can easily spend 3-4 hours walking through this park, exploring every ancient area and there are plenty of points to view th.. Read more »
This park has some great view of whole city and also all in sudden you feel like you are some different world surrounded by palm trees. I don't know how to describe the architecture of this place but it looks like to me like I am in Morocco. It&.. Read more »
My wife and I had a wonderful time walking a couple of miles from our hotel to get here. The second half of the walk was uphill as this park is perched on a hill overlooking the city. There were plenty of cafes outside to get something to eat and t.. Read more »
An absolutely beautiful park... a must see visit if you are in Barcelona! Tickets are around £10 so not expensive and you can stay in the park as long as you like once you are inside. There is a lot to explore... very picturesque and there were.. Read more »
Great place to visit —you can get to tickets upon arrival and park in the outside areas. This time of the year temperatures are very comfortable. You need to wear comfortable shoes because you are going to walk and take many stairs up and down... Read more »
When you go here, prepare like for a small hike, as this place is up on a steep hill and it's a big garden you need time to explore fully. Make sure to grab the map at the entrance. The garden is big and has many sights to see, it is advisable .. Read more »
The park is indeed very nice and impressive. As a part of it there is a very nice walk up a hill with lots of interesting plants. The only downside is the amount of tourists, so you never get to see the park as in the movies.
The ticket price was okay (10€) and the park was very nice. In the upper side of the park you can sit on benches and enjoy a break. There were salesman selling water or touristic things. Down in the main attraction of the park were too much peop.. Read more »
This is one of my favourite place on Barcelona. The park is on a hill top and provides a spectacular view over the city. He architecture is amazing.so many thinks to see. I strongly recommend to book in advance because there are many tours and groups.. Read more »
Due to the fact that the place is famous / popular and in the same time rather small in size , it is quite crowded. Everyone is trying to secure a good spot for a picture without strangers in it, but that’s not easy. Maybe the situation is bett.. Read more »
Be prepared to climb from your car/taxi to the entrance and remember this is a park built into the side of a mountain, so you will be climbing there as well. The seating area is spectacular and the alligator and buildings at the exit show Gaudi'.. Read more »
Beautiful park, nice example of modern style architecture and very beautiful flowers :) We have reached there with subway, but on the way back we have seen that bus connections were also very good to the city. I would also recommend buying tickets in.. Read more »
The entrance area is very beautiful, although it is so busy. The ticket system says people need to go in as their chosen time slots. Don't feel this is enforced. Another not so great thing is that there are only 2 bathrooms in the entire park. W.. Read more »
This place is amazing. It had a beautiful nature park and it has also amazing architecture to see. The sad part is that you have to pay extra to visit the museum. When going make sure to buy tickets ahead to avoid not getting in. But if you have a ch.. Read more »
Park Güell is set on a hill with nice views over the city. Entrance is 10 Euros but there is lots of interesting architecture to see and walks to go on within the compounds of the park. I would highly recommend a visit but beware some of the wal.. Read more »
The park sits on a hill top which provides a spectacular view over the city. The architecture, the design of the rocks , the benches decorated with colorful mosaic were beautiful and unique. The entrance fee is a reasonable €10. But be aware it.. Read more »
Great for to spend a whole day there and with little kids too! We kept our little one entertained saying this park's a dinosaur's nest: so we looked for its eggs (on the roofs) and its sleeping chambers (vestibule). There's a great caf.. Read more »
Beautiful garden and house inside sad that as a resident we have to pay this is local heritage this should be free for the people's living here. You can still walk around it actually a beautiful view point is hiding behind if you don't want.. Read more »
Amazing architecture! Beautiful view from the balcony. Highly recommend it for taking pictures with the view of the Barcelona coastline. This place among many others makes you wonder what a great genius Gaudi was. Each corner of this place is beautif.. Read more »
It's better on pictures then in reality. Expectations was huge, at fact only 10% of the park is worth to visit. Do not expect fairy tail it's totally not. Almost everything you will observe in front of entrance.
This park is great to visit. Tickets available only online. Start your journey from the top hill to bottom entrance, makes it easier. You’ll need around 4-5 hours to visit. You can see all Barcelona from the top. ☺️?
Great place and you get an amazing view of the city at the top. Nice trip for a family and very good play area for children as well. It’s also stroller friendly. Lots of very beautiful mosaics as well. I highly recommend this place. PS. Check.. Read more »
This place definitely deserves 5 stars! What an incredible garden. The history behind it is very interesting. I would just lounge in the shade in the garden all day (well, if there weren't tourists walking by everywhere). Lol This was one off th.. Read more »
What a truly magical place. We got there right as it opened and had the place nearly to ourselves for a good bit. The online ticket purchase was super easy. Absolutely beautiful.
I love coming here! One of my favourite tourist attractions here. Since moving to Barcelona I've been a handful of times. As well as the obvious art, it's got a great view of the city, lovely atmosphere (weekdays) and it takes you out of th.. Read more »
Now you have to pay to see any part of the park, bit sad about that. But overall it was well maintained, everything was easy to get to and felt safe. The park and architecture are beautiful!
Awesome place! The views to Barcelona are amazing. It's a big park where you can walk, run or just go and read a book in a bench. It's free if you go to run.
This was the highlight of my trip to Barcelona. I loved being able to experience the park so empty. The serpentine bench was so unique that I walked it end to end many times. I walked around the very top at the back and had the most amazing views. It.. Read more »
I went with my family a couple years ago. It was amazing and really sparked my love of art. I will say if you want great family memories maybe go here.
It's a nice park with the architectural works we've seen on every travel guides, however since July 2020 we have to pay a 10€ ticket to get in. The reason they give is to prevent the spread of corona, which sounds questionable since th.. Read more »
Beautiful park for a morning walk. You can have a fantastic view on sun rising above the sea - take the best place to see it which is terrace with the longest bench. Save 1,5h minimum for this attraction.
A gift for all people living in Barcelona! . Take the chance to see this wonderful park without tourist. I Really enjoy it. Will come back soon!
Beautiful park on the out skirt of the city. You get the best view of Barcelona and there’s a museum and old mosaic arts. Everything is so well maintained and managed. Great place to get pictures for the gram. I’ve never seen architecture.. Read more »
This park is very nice, big, with a lot of paths with palm trees but before you must be prepared to climb many stairs to arrive here. The view over Barcelona it's amazing. The architecture of the buildings is unique and intersting, like all Gau.. Read more »
You can get an amazing view of the whole city there. Beautiful mosaic design. An absolute must if you go to Barcelona. Entrance is 10 €. Place was almost empty as we were there during COVID times.
Great large view of the city, the architect if the whole area is beautiful. There are some lovely audio books to listen to if you're interested in the architect and the history behind it. Very lovely place to go for an hour or 2. However, try an.. Read more »
Piece of art, beautiful mosaic of ceramic tiles. Good connection to and from the park (park-city centre). Paid attraction, reasonable price. Get to the park early mornning to avoid hordes of people. So, just put on some comfy shoes as the park itself.. Read more »
Antoni Gaudi's amazing city park, done in his unique style of Catalan modernism. Walking and play areas, water features, great views. One of the world's great public spaces -- and usually crowded!