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Paris, France
4.8 / 110
The building is in the style of French classicism in the Latin Quarter. Originally served as a church, but later turned into a burial place of famous and important personalities for French history. The Pantheon began to be erected in 1764, the first stone was laid by King Louis XV. Under the arches of the building lies the remains of the great thinkers Rousseau and Voltaire, writers Emil Zola and Victor Hugo, physicist Maria Skłodowska-Curie.
Address:Place du Panthéon, Paris
Phone:+33 1 44 32 18 00



One of the most memorable places we’ve ever been able to visit! Give yourself plenty of time- The crypt alone can take a couple of hours. I would also suggest getting tickets early, as the lines are long, even of peak season.
Wow Very big inside. Especially when you enter the cellar with all the tombs from a few ‘famous’ people like madam Curie and Volterre In winter it’s pretty cold. The exhibition was not the best but the building is big and has some h.. Read more »
A really cool building to visit. I highly recommend buying tickets in advance so you do not have to wait in line. When buying inline there was no option to go up to the panoramic view and you cannot buy once inside so do you homework there. Also go i.. Read more »
It was my second trip here. It’s always amazing to watch this beautiful place. The architecture and the details are so amazing. Should definitely visit this if you are interested in history. You can buy tickets and go to the terrace.
Beautiful and interesting monument.. With stunning panoramic views.. The entrance price is very reasonable and can be obtained in advance or at the door... wasn't especially busy on my visit and was able to leisurely walk around and take in this.. Read more »
Amazing architecture, great art work inside. A lot of interesting history. 100% recommend to visit. Also you have a great view and it's not a many stairs how it can looks like. You don't have to buy tickets before your visit. For all visit .. Read more »
Absolutely worth it, so artsy with all the paintings and sculptures. Also recommended to climb up the stairs to the top. Great view to the Eiffel Tower and other famous Parisian places.
Impressive! I took ticket with panorama view (15€) online. No line at 12.45 on Wednesday. Main hall is very beautiful! I like the view and suggest to go up (~200 steps, it’s quick). Also, there are a large crypt, the entrance at the angle .. Read more »
The pantheon is a beautiful structure with a rich history. We were fortunate enough to visit when the option to go all the way to the top roof and it did not disappoint. The crypts are fascinating to see and read about the history of those who were .. Read more »
This place is 100% worth it! We arrived at the time they were about to open (I think It was 9:00 am), and there was just a small line. The architecture is great, there is a panoramic view and I would say it was my favorite place to see Paris from the.. Read more »
I was not sure what to expect here but the main section is open and airy with a Foucault's pendulum in the middle. Downstairs in the crypt are many tombs of France's literary heroes - Zola, Hugo - and Marie Curie. Get a ticket online to sav.. Read more »
Stunning piece of architecture. It's massive and beautiful. I believe it was around 13€ to get in. I'll pay that once in my lifetime to see this place. I wish I had paid more attention in history class, though. Went on a weekday, so th.. Read more »
Fantastic place. A monument dedicated to French nation and its people. Historic and a must if you’re into museums. Inside it’s Curie’s famous lead coated grave.
Beautiful historic of course! building close to the University of Paris. The final resting place of Marie Curie, Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, and Simone Veil. You can't just be buried at the Pantheon, it requires a special act to be buried ther.. Read more »
A very nice museum and building. Seeing the tombs of some of the most famous french people there. Don't forget to go to the view point on top. The view is fantastic and totally worth it. Go there first thing in the morning
A wonderful experience ! Quite, respectful, calm. This is where some of France's most respected people are laid to rest. This was the most wonderful combination of educational and beautiful experiences in our trip to Paris. Order your tickets ah.. Read more »
Very cool spot to visit, make sure you get the Panorama pass as well to see the views from the rooftops! You get a great view of the city and can see many other landmarks. While the inside of the building feels so new relative to other buildings, i.. Read more »
One of the best tourist attractions in Paris, the beauty of the building itself os breathtaking. A memorial built to honor the great men and women of France. Very nice visit.
Very interesting visit. I do recommend getting the ticket to go upstairs and enjoy the beautiful 360 view of Paris. Also, booking a ticket in advance on the website is a must for me as you don't have to wait at all. Pro tip: if you're from .. Read more »
In the crypt they have many famous people interned there. Voltaire, Josephine Baker an African American singer that was in the underground during WW2. They also have numerous statues and murals depicting various eras in history
I recently visited the Pantheon in Paris and was blown away by its grandeur and beauty. The architecture is simply stunning and the history behind it is fascinating. The interior is equally impressive, with intricate details and impressive artwork. T.. Read more »
Gorgeous views from the top. Expect once you enter to have to wait 1-2 hours before being allowed to enter the observation deck on top. You don't have to wait in line, however you do have to wait your turn. So when you enter, make sure to pay fo.. Read more »
Beautiful Architecture at its best, this place is stunning! There is no queue to get in. We weren't fit enough to do the 200 winding stairs to the viewing platform but would have liked to! Go to the Crypt in the basement, Marie Curie, lays to r.. Read more »
For EU citizens under 25 age you get free entry. But make sure you have your passport. Lovely place. Amazing architecture and full of history. Benches everywhere, so you can have a seat and enjoy. The view from the top is beautiful! One of best memor.. Read more »
Lovely place. Go on the terrace for a nice view. The ticket is cheap. For Eu citizens under 25 age you get free entry. But make sure you have your passport. I recommend buying tickets online.
It's a fantastic monument honoring those who did great things. The architecture is beautiful and I recommend going to the top as you have a fantastic, panoramic view of the entire city (or most as the city is gigantic)
Beautiful architecture outside and inside, recommended to purchase e-ticket so no Queue is needed , it will save you some time to travel around other part of Paris. Also, don’t forget to purchase another ticket to go upstairs to see the panoram.. Read more »
Pantheon is a neoclassical architecture located a short distance from the Eiffel Tower. The beautiful building here, the audio guide was helpful in remembering the history of the French Revolution. It is a mausoleum where notable French citizens are .. Read more »
What a find in Paris! I loved this building not only because as students we got free entrance for the monument AND the observation deck with one of the best views of Paris, but because of the incredible interior of this architectural masterpiece. A b.. Read more »
A must see in Paris. The paintings are amazing as is the Foucault's pendulum in the middle. There is always queue so it's better to reserve online so you can skip the line. It's free if you are under 26 and EU resident.
Beautiful structure to photograph from the outside during the blue hour and even night shots. You can learn about the fascinating history of the building by visiting the interior of the building. France honours those that have contributed the most to.. Read more »
In Paris, I stumbled upon Pantheon on a stroll I was astonished by the beauty this museum and the deep history behind this gorgeous museum. The painting are mind blowing with the most fascinating history and meaning. I was truly amazed by the creativ.. Read more »
Amazing architecture and full of history. It's essentially a crypt for many famous people with ties to France. The view from the top is beautiful! It's not a must see while in Paris, but if you have done all the other major sites, then find.. Read more »
A truly impressive site, there's a pendulum right in the center and if you stare long enough, it'll get you dizzy. A great experience really. Make sure you pay a visit if you're in the Paris area, trust me on this one, you won't r.. Read more »
Beautiful artwork and tribute to France’s great contributors. I enjoyed the exhibit on the progression of abolition of capital punishment in France. While there were electric heaters around, it was still cold. I would advise that you wear somet.. Read more »
The outside is super cool. The murals inside are interesting. The crypts were awesome. The item which made it stand out the most was the special exhibit in the crypt, which when I went was Victor Hugo. I recommend going when they have a special exhib.. Read more »
Absolutely gorgeous, a must see while you are in Paris. Stinks that it was closed and fenced around but did not get in the way of great photos. Centrally located by bus stops. Recommend taking the bus up if you don't want to walk up hill.
It is a grand, huge and magnificent building. Definitely one among the top 5 places that a person should visit while at Paris. It is also well connected by public transport. The grandeur of the Pantheon will definitely awe you.
WOW!!! Words cannot describe how amazing this building is! It is truly remarkable. There are tombs underneath which you can see, filled with very important historical Frenchman. You can even go to the very top of the building, on a guided tour. Once .. Read more »
Amazing place. Everything is on an epic scale (which is the point right?). The tombs are beautiful and there is still open space for more additions. Went during the exhibition about Victor Hugo and was not disappointed.
The Panthéon is fascinating in itself with lots to see inside and plenty to see, it also has one of the best views over Paris if you take the tour on the balcony. The tour outside is really the crowning glory on an excellent building, well wor.. Read more »
Highly recommend! Nestled in the Latin Quarter, adjacent to The Sorbonne and other prominent architecture, the Pantheon commands attention; drawing the eye to its detail and grandeur. Inside, the eyes wander ever upward to the painted, patterned dome.. Read more »
I just enjoyed the mystique of the place, the air felt like from centuries ago. It was a great place to have photos taken, the culture sweats in this place. A must see architecture, all parties are welcomed, even kids. Highly recommended.
Impressive monument and museum. Is overwhelming to see the burial grounds of some of the most influential people ever lived. And Foucault's pendulum was spectacular!! Must visit place!
Impressive monument and the burial grounds of some of the most famous and influential people ever lived. A converted cathedral, older than 240 years. Super big, spacious and was built to mimic St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The audio guide is p.. Read more »
Really stunning. This wasn’t on our list of places to visit but we were nearby and popped in. Very grand tributes to some of France’s monumental figures in history. Amazing architecture, it’s very moving inside.
The Pantheon is a lovely building. It was constructed in the second half of the 18th century, primarily to serve as a church, but events conspired and it has actually been a mausoleum for most of its existence. It is worth a visit.
The Panthéon (French: [pɑ̃.te.ɔ̃], from the Classical Greek word πάνθειον, pántheion, ('temple to all the gods') is a monument in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, France. It is located in th.. Read more »
Very nice x-church... I had a wonderful time with lots of grave of famous people from the past of French history who was responsible for what France today...
Impressive monument and the viral grounds of some of the most famous and influential people ever lived. A converted cathedral, older than 240 years. Super big, spacious and was built to mimic St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The audio guide is pr.. Read more »
A national treasure and a monument to the Republic. The interior is grandiose and the crypt is also pretty nice. I just wish the heroes of the Republic that lay there had a decent explanation of their story, for now this is only true to a handful of .. Read more »
Breathtaking experience! The audio guide is very detailed, but it was amazing wandering all around the huge area and humbling to go down into the crypt where all the amazing architects of history lay. Almost overwhelming to wander in the footsteps of.. Read more »