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Rome, Italy
4.8 / 115
The construction of the 2nd century BC, the "temple of all gods" in Greek. The Pantheon was created during the period of the highest flowering of ancient Roman architecture. For many centuries under the dome of the building worshiped the pagan gods, until the early VII century the Pantheon was converted into a Christian temple. The building is in good condition today thanks to numerous renovations that began before the onset of our era.
Address:Piazza della Rotonda, Roma
Phone:+39 06 6830 0230



Beautiful and impressive! The self tour audio phones were nice to have if you want more details of history and information about the pantheon. We went on a Sunday morning at opening but it wasn’t busy only a few people inside. Didn’t have.. Read more »
Incredible Roman architecture that you have to see to really get a sense of scale. The colors of the marble everywhere were magnificent, the sculptures are beautiful, and the little audio kiosks were nice. Those were two euros for up to 4 headsets, w.. Read more »
What a Building! Pantheon is spectacular for many reasons. The fact that it is an intact structure that survived for the last 2000+ years alone makes it remarkable. Its architecture is stunning, the engineering involved in its construction is mind bo.. Read more »
Amazing place to visit, truly an architectural wonder. We visited on the first Sunday in December so admission was free. We went early so the crowds were not bad. We ended up staying for mass which was incredible. It was very moving. If you can only .. Read more »
If you are a first time visitor to Rome I would recommend a visit. However this is an iconic landmark with huge crowds and long waits every time we visit Rome in October. It is nice to walk around the whole site and you will have an opportunity for.. Read more »
Amazing landmark that perfectly encapsulates the mix of both religious tolerance and the multiple cultures of the ancient world that have influenced this place. So many different cultural influences have made this landmark into what it is today... a .. Read more »
It's an enormous structure and a great attraction. However, the lines are quite long, and the fact that it's a "church" means you have to cover your shoulders and remove hats before entering. Not sure it's worth the price of .. Read more »
We were happy that bought our tickets in advance. Beautiful, but not special enough to wait for hours in a queue. Btw, for people interested in mass, it starts at 5pm
My husband and I both visited around 10AM on a Thursday, the lines were not as full as we saw around lunchtime and later. It was nice & clean, but a lot of it is closed off. We expected more, but it was still very cool to see!
Incredible ancient Roman Temple that has since been converted to yet another Catholic church. Best to do a guided tour so you can learn so much more than what you can learn otherwise. After doing the inside, walk the entire perimeter of the outside t.. Read more »
Beautiful. Very busy but well controlled queues even though long. TOP TIP: buy tickets in advance and to do this subscribe to Pantheon official website and buy tickets directly from them. It's so much cheaper and you can pick your own time slot... Read more »
Well, it's 5€ each to get in, so we went in as we thought it was cheap. It's an impressive building and nice to look at, but unless you're really interested in the history, then there isn't much to do. We spent about 5/10 min.. Read more »
Cool place to visit. Very fascinating to see how it's still standing perfectly fine when it's basically as old as the Colosseum. Went around opening time without buying tickets prior. Only waited about 20-30 minutes to buy tickets and go in.. Read more »
They now charge you €5 compared to free of charge earlier and it's a huge queue, so would recommend booking in advance. The architecture is amazing and the monument is worth visiting. It's one of the oldest and still intact structures
Got here right before the closing time and couldn’t enter inside. The building itself was stunning. Outside sitting at the Piazza fella Rotonda and looking at this magnificent art also was nice. There are many businesses around for you to sit d.. Read more »
We got in very fast! Stood in the line for about 5 minutes then stepped inside. They didn’t seem to care we had tank tops on I think your just not aloud to wear spaghetti straps. Inside it was packed but very pretty. The dome was so architectur.. Read more »
Wonderful. It looks very old, lots of fractured beams, wooden roof also has wear and tears. But the idea is amazing. The ceiling has a big hole and sunlight comes through it and illuminates the interior. The entrance is free and there is in general a.. Read more »
A unique architecture. A huge monument. One of the most iconic sites in the eternal city! The light coming from the ceiling is magical. All spots in this place deserve to be visited. A special advice: stay in the middle of the pantheon and look at th.. Read more »
truly stunning and a magnificent piece of history, beautiful sculptures and pieces of art. There are cathedrals in Italy that I enjoyed better, but definitely worth a short visit. The line moves pretty quickly. Make sure you dress properly!
An architectural marvel. Very impressive preserved wonder of the ancient world. The scale of the dome and the columns of the portico are awe inspiring. Especially considering that they were constructed 2000 years ago. Engineering genius and arti.. Read more »
One of my favourite spots in Rome. This is a MUST visit. You need to schedule a tour time on their website but the visit is free. I would recommend getting the audio guide inside which will walk you through the meaning and the history of this imposi.. Read more »
Very impressive and with lots of history inside and outside. Not sure with the entrance requirements ( 1st July 2022). Sometimes you just show up and can go inside and other days you need a prior booking. To be sure best book in advance if you are pl.. Read more »
Always remarkable place to visit! The light comes always differently so kind of unique every time. PLEASE note that Pantheon is basilica, aka church: there are some good manners to follow, when there is crowded make sure your shoulders are covered a.. Read more »
Overwhelming that this building was built in 142 AD & still stands today. Not only stands, but is in daily use, as a church. No longer does it serve ALL the God's, the Pantheon of God's, but Jesus Christ. I'd like to think, him a .. Read more »
Phenomenal views from the inside of the previously largest dome in the world. The several tombs lining the inner wall are spectacular. Highly recommend seeing the tomb of Rafael (Raffaello) the famous painter and architect. The line to get in is much.. Read more »
A beautiful place with classical architecture. I recommend you see it with your own eyes. You must have a reservation on weekends, but during the week there is no problem with getting in. It is worth taking a look inside because there is something to.. Read more »
The Pantheon is a must when visiting Rome ( find the time you won't regret it). Another amazing structure built without the use of a computer ( mind boggling). The time and effort to build the dome is absolutely fabulous, could have stayed for h.. Read more »
It’s so amazing to see this building while you eat a delicious food opposite to the Pantheon!! Its an amazing feeling and I was so happy to be there, it’s just a different thing what I can’t explain!!☺️ I think I will visit Rome nex.. Read more »
A marvel of historical architecture. So much of Ancient Rome preserved at this one site. The surrounding area is really good too - nice restaurants and cafes. Good vibe. Although entry is free, you’ll easily miss all the secrets unless you book.. Read more »
Astonishing beautiful! There is no word to describe this building. It is one of a kind landmark in architecture world. If you are an architect or have a neck for buildings and visit this place then u’ll know what I’m talking about! It&rsq.. Read more »
What an experience and well worth the visit. As a side note, we went on a Saturday, and while websites tell you it's free (which it is), they don't mention that you need to have a reservation booked as well. This is for weekends only! Witho.. Read more »
Great place to visit. The entrance is free, but I recommend an audio guide. Be sure, if you get one, to go back where you came from to pick up your id. It's also pretty chilly inside due to the oculus. Take care when it rains inside. Such a sham.. Read more »
Very nice place that shows how great the Rome empire used to be, it is now suited for the Catholic Church but it was originally constructed for praising the Roman Gods. We got free entrances for being students and there wasn’t much people in th.. Read more »
Despite being a quick tour (it takes 10-15 minutes to see everything inside), the Pantheon has an amazing exposition, and it is fascinating to see the building inside. Be aware that this is a sacred place, so they won’t admit the entrance with.. Read more »
Come early, like 8:00 (which honestly isn't that early) and you will find a nice quiet square to enjoy the Pantheon from the outside! It seems people start their days later here so take advantage of the calm. There is also a great coffee shop wi.. Read more »
What can I say? The place where Raffaello wanted absolutely to be buried as a sign of recognition to those who designed and built the Pantheon may deserve a visit? ? My preferred timing is sunset simply because of the evening tones but any time of th.. Read more »
Google currently says the Pantheon is closed, but it is open. You need to make a reservation if you go on Saturday or Sunday (free). The interior view is amazing so spend some time enjoying this amazing piece of history. Depending on the time of day.. Read more »
All of Rome is incredible to me. The Pantheon is no exception. It is nestled in the city, so often you just come around a city street to behold one of the most famous buildings in the world. You can’t help but feel a reverence inside it’s.. Read more »
The Roman Pantheon is the most preserved and influential building of ancient Rome. It is a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome. As the brick stamps on the side of the building reveal it was built and dedicated between A.D 118 and 125.. Read more »
While you waiting in the queue you have enough time to admire "the temple of all the gods" from the outside. First Pantheon was built by Marcus Agrippa in 27-25 BC and you can see inscription (M.AGRIPPA) on pediment high above your head. Pa.. Read more »
I really liked Pantheon too much... The fine carvings on the monument is extraordinary example of Roman architecture and culture... It was built by legendary Roman kings. The Pantheon is a great place for archeology lovers... One must visit Pantheon .. Read more »
What an amazing piece of history...words can't describe how magnificent this building truly is...and to imagine it was built 2,000 years ago...I'm still in awe. Make plans to visit several times and plan on eating at one of the outdoor cafe.. Read more »
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From the exterior, the Pantheon is very beautiful. Inside I was amazed how well kept and beautiful the church is. Pantheon is on a beautiful little square with quite a few restaurants to eat at. Well worth a visit and we went there three times.
Ohh, what should I say as an Architect.. I wouldn't like to describe it, it's one of the Miracles of Architecture.. can you imagine?? Highly recommended
Going inside here I had heard the name Pantheon before but didn't really know what it was or why it was there. I was definitely surprised to find that it was an old temple that had been converted into a church many years ago and has since become.. Read more »
I think no words, no records, and no books or articles can describe the feeling of walking into this historic place... anywhere you look it feels like you have travelled in time... a must see... and also the piazza in front of the Pantheon has a nice.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing place to visit. Must see when in Rome. Breathtaking and with a tour was great to find out more information about this amazing place.
Pantheon in Rome is one of the most impressive monument of Augustan Rome. It is indeed a stunning that almost thousand years still very well kept and most preserve building in city of Rome. The Pantheon's dome is a marvel of architectural harmon.. Read more »
Of course the Pantheon should definelty be visited is your in Rome. The pantheon is still very preserved from the Romans and has good security with it which is good. However, the main feature which is good is that the roman parts of the pantheon are .. Read more »