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Monument to the chimney sweep

Mukachevo, Ukraine
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The Monument to the chimney sweep in the city of Mukachevo is a fascinating and heartwarming tribute to a real person, Bertalon Tovt. Erected in 2010, this unique monument holds an interesting history and holds a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Situated in the city center, adjacent to the House of Culture, the monument portrays Bertalon Tovt, a beloved chimney sweep, alongside his equipment and a faithful cat. This depiction captures the essence of Tovt's profession and the joy he brought to the community. As visitors approach the monument, they are greeted by an enchanting tale that accompanies it. During a guided tour, the story of Bertalon Tovt comes to life, captivating listeners with its genuine interest and touching narrative. What makes this monument even more special is the fact that it honors a living person. This distinction sets it apart from other monuments and emphasizes the impact that Tovt had on the city and its residents. In addition, the monument holds a superstition that meeting a chimney sweep brings good luck. This belief adds an element of charm and whimsy to the monument and further enhances its significance in the community. The Monument to the chimney sweep in Mukachevo is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. With its captivating story, touching portrayal, and cultural significance, it serves as a symbol of warmth, happiness, and good fortune.



Wonderful story of a real person. Nice monument.
Andrey Nesterenko
He is bigger than he seems ..
Ееее рок
Tourists do not feed the pigeons, they are already above a meter from the ground can not break away
Sergey Kostyukevich
Bertalon-bachi is a happy chimney sweep.
Ярослав Орос
It's great that a monument to a living man was erected in the city!
A very memorable monument with an interesting history. We listened with genuine interest during the excursion. The photo from the guide shows the man Bertalon Tovt to whom he was installed. Nice and touching story, I advise everyone to read it.
Mariya Tuzyk
The happy chimney sweep monument located in city center.
Masha Tymchenko
There are many interesting monuments in Mukachevo. The monument to the Mukachevo chimney sweep was erected in 2010 on the initiative of Col. Transcarpathian Governor I. Baloga. The sculpture is located opposite the House of Culture. The monument was .. Read more »
An interesting monument in the center of the city of Mukachevo.
Андрій Бєженко
A cool monument that can be counted in Ukraine on the fingers of one hand. And the finger of the chimney sweep was wiped away for happiness and a smile !!! That the city was always warm and cozy !!!
alex c
Monument to the "last magician in Mukachevo" This slightly fabulous character appeared on the main square of Mukachevo in 2010 and soon became a symbol of the city. The bronze chimney sweep looks up dreamily, and at his feet a cute cooing c.. Read more »
Andrew Oberemok
This man's really happy!!! And his cat too! Nice statue.
Taras Gutych
Very beautiful monument. Guides tell amazingly interesting stories related to this monument.
Really cool.