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Palau de la Música Catalana

Barcelona, Spain
4.9 / 85
Concert hall in the Art Nouveau style, located in the center of Barcelona near the Gothic Quarter. The building is richly decorated with mosaics and figured frescoes, the auditorium is crowned by a roof with colored stained-glass windows, wide windows are also made of multi-colored glass. Famous folklore performers, classical orchestras and modern musicians with original programs perform at the Music Palace.
Address:Carrer del Palau de la Música, 4-6, Barcelona
Phone:+34 932 95 72 00



If you have time and it matches the performance time, I highly recommend watching it. I heard that in addition to classical performances, you can also see flamenco and other performances. Unfortunately, we couldn't make a reservation because our.. Read more »
It may be cheaper online to buy tickets but we just bought it at the door. Either way, it’ll cost you less than 20 euros to enter. It’s small but you can see a lot of details and a variation of colors. Not very crowded. This was the secon.. Read more »
One of the most stunning places I've seen, not just in Barcelona, but the world. This is a world UNESCO site for a reason and I only wish we had more time to see/hear an actual orchestra here. The organ was placing a few keys for rehearsal and t.. Read more »
I have done the museum tour, seen 3 flamenco shows and attended the recent candlelight orchestra tribute to QUEEN at Palau de la Música Catalana. Every time was special and exciting in its own way. The venue itself for any type of concert/even.. Read more »
The Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona is a true gem of modernist architecture and a testament to Catalonia's cultural richness. The intricate stained glass windows, intricate mosaics, and the mesmerizing concert hall make this venu.. Read more »
No surprise why it is already in UNESCO World Heritage site list. It has such amazing architectural features. Here is my hint for this place; if you want to watch a flamenco show in Barcelona during your stay, check the website of the Music Palace fi.. Read more »
The Palau de la Musica Catalana has to be on every Barcelona visitor list. Beautiful building. The interior is breathtaking. There is a choice of different shows at night, or you can visit for a tour during the day. We went for flamenco show, and i.. Read more »
Art lovers should definitely stop here. A great experience for concert, dance performance and another performance. It was amazing to experience great works in a historic building. We went to a Star Wars-themed performance and it was amazing. It deser.. Read more »
What a phenomenal place to witness a musical. The building is adorned with a beautiful facade and has some amazing glass works and mosaics too. It might not be on everyone’s list but it should, place also stop and have a coffee or refreshment .. Read more »
A gorgeous music hall, with amazing natural light and an astonishing array of architectural details. There is really just the main music hall and the staircase, but is is really nice, I feel that the additional mosaics and carving the in the hall mak.. Read more »
The venue is one of the most beautiful I've seen. Even if you don't see a show, a tour of the Palau is highly recommended. We came here to see Gran Gala Flamenco, and the show was phenomenal. I cannot describe how talented the musicians an.. Read more »
The show we watched was great, but I guess this is more of a review of the concert hall itself. The seats are fairly comfortable, staff is respectful and knows what they're doing, and the architecture is stunning. I can't think of any venue.. Read more »
This concert hall is small but is absolutely stunning once you get in. I could've sat there all day staring at the ceiling and all the ornate finishes. The organ plays every 30 minutes and is definitely worth waiting for a listen if you are ther.. Read more »
This is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life. The Palau is a great venue for live music. The architecture and decoration is simply astonishing, very colorful and classic atmosphere. The sound quality is excellent.. Read more »
I wish I had been able to see a concert here! It's an amazing venue and I thought it was worth the cost of the visit. Be sure to bring your earphones so you can use the audio guide on your phone. There is also a cute cafe where you can get a .. Read more »
Not here for a concert but enjoyed a cup of coffee and admire the building! It is amazing! I was speechless! So much detail to discover, so many little things to appreciate! The coffee shop serves very nice coffee and meal! The shop itself also hav.. Read more »
Absolutely worth a visit in Barcelona! It is beautiful inside and out from floor to ceiling. The entrance is 11 euros which is totally worth it and you can easily access an audio guide online - bring headphones - which tells you all about what you�.. Read more »
My daughter and I experienced the English guided tour. It lasted approximately 1 hour and was educational and insightful and also gave us time to marvel at this gorgeous building. We were lucky enough to experience the acoustics because a girls&rsquo.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen. The tile work is incredible and the stained glass artwork next level. It was well worth it to get a guided tour to understand the story of the 18 muses representing music from different parts .. Read more »
Went to see a concert here while in Barcelona. Was absolutely blown away by this place- so beautiful. The amount of time and care that went into creating this is astounding. Be prepared for lots of stairs if you're in the upper level like I was,.. Read more »
We did a tour with the audio guide. The design of the palace is elaborate and showcases extensive use of floral and other organic motifs. There is extensive usage of marble, mosaic, ceramic and glass work. The audio guide lasts about 40 minutes and.. Read more »
So this is a beautiful place to visit. It’s a lesser known Gaudi structure but it has no less of the grandeur. If you attend during the week you can sometimes see the orchestra practicing like we did, also the restaurant looks quite good. The t.. Read more »
Amazing place. A must visit. I really recommend the guided tour to get the most out of your visit. It is one hour. But you get great facts and can sit in reserved areas. Great tour
This is a music/concert venue but we went just for a tour of the very impressive building. We did a self guided tour which was very good. It is a very ornately decorated interior and exterior. It is very impressive and was well worth visiting. I woul.. Read more »
This place was simply lovely! All the brilliant decoration of concert hall made me feel fresh through the world of music and dance! The tour guide was a very nice lady who would explain about every single part of this beautiful place in a very fluent.. Read more »
We went to see the orchestra on the 2/1/2022 and the conductor was AMAZING! He had so much energy and made sure that the audience was entertained. The orchestra also played extra songs at the end after the performance finished. It was a must have exp.. Read more »
This was one of the most beautiful places I've been to in my life. Everything is a delight. I went to the cafe first since I had missed the guided visits who happen until 3 pm only and decided to book a concert ticket to see it during the night... Read more »
I couldn't get my audio guide to work. The employee was helpful, but also couldn't get it working. However when I heared the music playing and saw it was actually a live performance I knew it was just an extra. Great experience although the.. Read more »
Beautiful building, interior is a must see really. We booked a concert and I'm a little sad we didn't also do the day tour to have more time to look around and take pictures. But the concert was really nice, I would spring for slightly bett.. Read more »
I love this place. I always come due to its architectonic beauty. I work with tourism and I usually come here with clients, but the staff at the cafe is ALWAYS so rude and seems they don't want to deal with people. (If you don't like custom.. Read more »
Very pretty, the audio-guide is very clear too. We went to a classical concerto here, a few days after our audio guide. A deep, enriching experience but I wished the venue would've dimmed the lights more, I believe it would've made the expe.. Read more »
Incredible building. The architecture and stained glass is truly amazing, and some great facts shared on the audio guide. We were even lucky enough to catch a rehearsal.
A fabulous almost hidden treasure in one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona. Definitely worth the visit. We also got a glimpse of the concert organ during rehearsals and it was fabulous. Exquisite architecture and fantastic design to use natura.. Read more »
Such a beautiful place! The entrance fee allows you to visit the balcony for photographs. Once your tickets are scanned, you may download the virtual guide which organizes the tour into floors and sections. Camera flash not allowed.
The most beautiful small music hall I have ever seen. Definitely worth the €10 to visit.
Amazing place.. beautiful outside and inside. Thousands of details everywhere you look!
Smth you must have seen when you are in Barcelona. I'm here already two years and just explored this beautiful place. Enjoy and explore it.
The Palau de la Música Catalana (Catalan pronunciation: [pəˈlaw ðə lə ˈmuzikə kətəˈlanə], English: Palace of Catalan Music) is a concert hall in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Designed in the Catalan modernista style by the architect Llu&iac.. Read more »
What an incredible place! It gives you the chills it's so beautiful! Take the private tour :p
Haven’t had a chance to see it from within but it’s a beauty on the outside, specially at night .
El Palau de la Música Catalana is a jewel of Catalan Modernism. This sculpture by Jaume Plensa, a famous local sculptor, is distinctive, beautiful, and impossible to ignore. Completely at odds with the environment and utterly perfect. Enjoy.
Walking in the lanes of Barcelona, lies this beautiful gem. It looks splendid both from inside and out. The acoustics in this place is so beautiful to listen to the organ playing is simply surreal. One of my friends took me here and explained the his.. Read more »
It was really nice place to visit. The guide Bela if I'm not mistaken who was explaining and showing us the place was great and really have us along of info about this Palau.
Beautiful place with rich history. There’s a very recommended tour of the place. It starts with And invested movie after which you travel through the halls and the rooms of the building, and hear explanations about the architecture, the vision .. Read more »