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Palanok Castle

Mukachevo, Ukraine
5 / 20
Palanok Castle is an amazing and romantic place that exudes majesty. Though our visit was during the Covid pandemic, we were still able to explore many interesting locations, as several expositions were open. I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful and well-preserved castle. The views from the top are truly breathtaking. If you have a deep interest in history and fortress engineering, I suggest taking a guided tour, which can be arranged at the cashdesk for a fee. Please remember to bring your vaccination certificate, as it will be required for entrance. Inside the castle, you'll find fascinating exhibitions on various topics, including history, a small arsenal, a torture chamber, and a picture gallery. Additionally, there is a small souvenir shop, a café that serves coffee and local wines, and clean public restrooms. Consider visiting the castle at night for a beautiful view of the town, although do note that it closes at 5pm. Palanok Castle truly stands out as the best castle in Ukraine, and it offers a pleasant guided tour, revitalized buildings, and a brilliant view of Mukachevo city. If you have the chance to visit Mukacheve, make sure to prioritize a visit to this must-see attraction. It's a nice experience overall, where you can learn about history, legends, and enjoy a panoramic view of the town of Mukachevo. While some of the museums may be closed, you still have the opportunity to hire a tour guide and purchase souvenirs. Just be aware that the castle closes at 5pm, so plan your visit accordingly. This fantastic castle offers a great history, particularly highlighting the Hungarian history in Ukraine. It's a truly educational experience filled with fascinating exhibitions and stunning views of the surrounding country and Eastern Carpathians. It's definitely worth the visit, and the relatively low ticket price makes it even more appealing. The castle is currently undergoing restoration, and there are plans to build a hotel within its walls. So, if you've ever dreamed of spending a night as a castle native, keep an eye on their news updates. There is a restaurant located inside the castle, but be cautious when purchasing wine there, as our experience was disappointing. The food, however, is rumored to be delicious. The castle has its own parking lot, but it may be small, so be prepared to park further down the road and walk up to the castle. Overall, Palanok Castle is a fantastic place to explore, filled with history and offering magnificent views of the city. The museum exhibitions are explicit and provide a deep understanding of the castle's rich past. I highly recommend a visit to this magnificent castle.
Address:вулиця Замкова гора, б/№, Mukacheve
Phone:+380 99 273 2199



Amazing place, you can find it romantic and majestic at the same time A lot of interesting locations,sadly it's Covid pandemic, so we weren't able to enter each exposition, but a lot of them were opened. Highly recommend for visiting
Beautiful, well-preserved castle. Amazing views from the top. If you are really into history and fortress engineering I recommend taking a guided tour (300 UAH as of February 2022), ask at a cashdesk. Prepare your vaccination certificate, will be ask.. Read more »
Best castle in Ukraine. No caps! You won’t find any better castle in entire Ukraine. Pleasant guide tour, revitalized buildings and brilliant view onto Mukachevo city. Fond of Palanok castle.
Wow. A must visit! Gorgeous castle dating back almost a thousand years (with changes over time) and stunning views of the surrounding country and Eastern Carpathians. If you do one thing in Mukacheve, do this.
It was nice overall, you can learn about history, legends and have a view over the town of Mukachevo. The only issue is that more than half of the museums were closed as usual. You have the opportunity to get a tour guide and some souvenirs. Also, it.. Read more »
Fantastic castle in the area. Has a great history behind. Hungarian history in Ukraine
Great experience full of history. Got there early, an hour or so later was packed. So I was happy to get the place to "myself" for a little there. Very interesting exhibitions and great views over the city.
Fantastic views, great old castle and absolutely fascinating historical exposition. Worth every penny and even more. Although ticket costs only 50 hrivnas which is amazingly cheap. They are keep restoring this place and planning to build a hotel insi.. Read more »
Fantastic place! Big castle to explore with a lot of history and great views of the city. A torture chamber to explore the evils of humanity while sipping on mulled wine. My only critique would be that instead of hosting a few modern art galleries in.. Read more »
A magnificent castle with great history, the museum exhibitions are explicit. I highly recommend you to visit it
Very nice place, with beautiful views. Strongly recommend to visit it and take some excursion.
History always had a dark side to itself and this castle is not less than any other. The castle was build for sake of love but the Queen left the castle and ended up in church too clean up after the ceremonies and Sunday gatherings. Not like castles .. Read more »
Do you have a drone? Then you will love fly over. Insane castle
The atmosphere of this place is amazing. Totally worth taking a guide - the story of this place and how it used to work is really fascinating
Castle is really cool. Would be nice to let people explore all secret rooms and paths.
One of the best castles in Ukraine. Very cosy and romantic locations, great view, ancient touch
Great view on Mukachevo. I had a guided tour here a couple of years ago (and I strongly recommend it) and I came here once again cause it’s a wonderful place to explore.
Awesome place - history, view and atmosphere❤️
One of the best saved castel in Ukraine
Nice castle in Mukachevo. Easy to get, easy to find parking. Is in good shape, new rooms and expositions open from year to year
Highly recommend hiring a professional guide to here the amazing story of this castle.
A very interesting place that has a lot of history. The guide explained things well and the castle itself is unique and beautiful. Would recommend visiting if you're near the area and like old architecture.
Simply amazing castle! I enjoyed immensely exploring every bit of it I could. The views are enchanting, one can just imagine how life a few centuries ago looked like. I’m admiring the staff’s attitude too - you only have to pay for the en.. Read more »