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Palace on the Isle

Warsaw, Poland
4.9 / 96
Another former residence of the Elector Augustus II the Strong. This majestic and picturesque building was called the "palace by the water", since its base is installed directly on the surface of the river. The palace complex consists of the main building, a bathhouse, the White House with galleries and pavilions. Inside the main building there is an art gallery, where more than 2 thousand paintings are exhibited.
Address:Agrykola 1, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 506 00 24



Apostolis Michailidis
I visited on Sunday and to my surprise the entrance to the Palace was free 👍. A wonderful building! With a few things to see and admire. A must visit if you are in the area since this and the park around it make for a great and relaxing experience.
David Fung
A beautiful complex of palaces that sets in a park and a tranquil lake. Do on in the afternoon to take better pics from the bridge.
Angelica Davila
A big and fantastic park in Warsaw. You could spend a whole day walking the grounds and visiting the buildings and structures. Public transport will get you right to entrance gates. It’s a must do for a visit to Warsaw.
Ngọc Anh Huỳnh Thị
Really nice park and the palace looks stunning from the bridge. Many tourists on the weekend, should check weather before go if you want some nice photos.
Nikolay Manolov
This is an incredibly beautiful palace, situated on an isle between the two coasts. Be prepared to wait if you want to take some good pictures, as there are many tourists, even on a Thursday morning.
Tendeso Musimwa
Definitely must see the palace on the isle with its French baroque ornaments, white pavilion and lastly the bright red Chinese gazebo. Free entry on Fridays from 1000hrs.
Federico Navarro
Very nice place. Great views. You can visit other palaces close by, and listen to Chopin's piano concert 200 mts away.
Nicolas weng kan
Amazing little palace in the outskirts of Warsaw. On the day we went there was a bit of wait outside the palace. You have to queue 5-10 Minutes in the sun but it was worth it.
Karolina Palussek
It is definitely worth going inside the Palace on the Isle building since it’s the most important one in the whole park - all the rooms are very well described and you can imagine the character of the place in the past :) I really liked the det.. Read more »
Scarlett L
My favorite park in Warsaw, you must go there if you only have time to visit 1 park:) The beauty of the park is beyond description.
Ugis Drengers
If you like to run, then this neighborhood with its park and trails is the perfect place to get your 10km morning run.
Sabrina Afrin Simi
Very beautiful place with amazing garden. It is very relaxing to walk on the way. I went there in the evening and it was a great experience for me to be there.
Linda Bogdane
Located in a very big and green park with beautiful flower beds and a big pond. A good place where to spend your time just walking around and enjoying the nature, gardens and architecture.
Thodoris Bandelis
Amazing, spectacular, relaxing, peaceful huge and many other positive adjectives could be added here ? !!! We didn't entered the palace though because the line was extra long and would take us about 60+ minutes to enter... However, we explored a.. Read more »
Volodymyr Omelchenko
Those people knew where and how to build their summer residence’s. Really nice park and place with this building on lake. I would also recommend to visit the botanic garden near but it’s not free the ticket is 20zl
Margot Laskowska
Amazing place, though I have seen it many times over 30 years ago when I was in college in Warsaw, always seemed to have more furniture. Overall, beautiful piece of history.
olha olha
Very big park with many locations to visit. Nice pond inside. Beautiful birds around, squirels and neat areas to rest. Good to spend a day or even more
Amit Chandra
Totally worth your time! Palace on the isle is all about charm and bliss on a beautiful day. Some epic work of art and nature's heavenly quietude surrounds the place. Exquisite birds and squirrels can be easily spotted nearby. Go for it! ?
Daniel Bennett
Only stopped by for a quick walk around the park but the beautiful sculptures and buildings really made this place a wonderful little escape from the busy streets of central Warsaw. The mansion has a little amphitheatre Futher round on the lake which.. Read more »
Dima Harba
I loved this place. It is located a bit far from the city center but it is totally worth a visit. There is a very large park on the skirts of the palace. Every picturesque place. We did not get to see the inside of the palace but the outside itself w.. Read more »
Stunning palace, beautifully placed on an island in a small lake next to the Vistula river. I visited it in winter and I can only imagine how great it must be in summer or spring. The park is immense and perfectly taken care of.
ethan 2.0
Beautiful place to take your family too. It's related beautiful this time of year. The park is really spacious and it's the perfect place for photos and long walks.
Nice place for a Sunday stroll, beautiful autumn colors, and falling leaves everywhere. It gets quite crowded on the weekends, mind you. Virtually no parking around, so be prepared to leave your car quite a distance from the park itself.
Alexandru Ioan Istrati
Very nice summer palace. The entire park is worth a visit. Free entry on Fridays.
Tatiana Młynarska
If you were in the Royal Castle in Warsaw, and you enjoyed it (I can’t imagine why you won’t), so you are going to love the small version of this Castle, which is the Palace on the Isle. It’s a very beautiful and so incredible place.. Read more »
Nasar Alam
One thing I love about Polish cities is you always have some kind of parks nearby. The greenery is abundant and this palace and surrounding is no less of a delight among all these great places. I spent around 4 hours moving around and it felt like I .. Read more »
Sakis Karapanos
The whole place there is truly magnificent. It is the largest park i have ever visit. It is the perfect place for nature lovers. It is difficult to describe so much beauty in words. Many congrats to the citizens of the city and to the staff who care .. Read more »
Ranita De
Beautiful...the lovely architecture overlooking the lake makes it gorgeous ♥️
yongsang Kim
Not changed much since I visited a decade ago. Calm and peaceful place.
James Jones
Very nice views, shame about the covid otherwise could have gone inside and seen more. There was a boat that did a small tour of the river, which was nice.
Vira Pismenko
Free of charge entrance on Fridays;)
Piotr Dziekański
Very beautiful palace inside, it's a walk of around 15-20 minutes but the inside shows how kings where living for sure good to see
Kamelia Sarafska
Amazing park! So beautiful and peaceful! You can spend your whole day here and it's gonna be worth it! Super relaxing!
Really beautiful palace with marvellous halls, paintings and statues. Only wish you had access to at least the terrace overlooking the river toward the bridge or to see more of the rooms "teased" in the written descriptions. Quite friendly .. Read more »