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Palace of Versailles

Paris, France
4.7 / 127
The palace and park ensemble in the Paris suburbs, the famous residence of the French monarchs. Versailles appeared thanks to the efforts of Louis XIV in the XVII century. Gradually, from a modest hunting castle under the supervision of architects Jules Arduin-Mansard and Louis Levo, a magnificent palace grew, which became a symbol of the era of the “King of the Sun”. Many European monarchs took Versailles as a model for the construction of their own residences.
Address:Place d'Armes, Versailles
Phone:+33 1 30 83 78 00



Jees Grey
It is one of the tourist destinations with the best history. It is a very large place. 5-6 hours were spent touring both the palace and the gardens. The palace boasts very nice decorations and interiors both outside and inside, and the historical inf.. Read more »
Chris Allen
First went 25 years ago, back again now. What an amazing place. The history and the grandeur. A once in a lifetime visit. Make sure and book your tickets ahead of time and splurge on a guide if you want to get the most out of your visit. I noticed go.. Read more »
Jessica B
Don't get me wrong, the palace is incredibly beautiful. However, it looks better in pictures. I preferred seeing all the intricate details of the outside. The inside was pretty but I didn't really get the feeling that the royals lived there.. Read more »
Kaveh moeini
Stepping into this location is like taking a journey through time, surrounded by astonishing works of art and meticulously curated gardens. The seamless blend of scenery and history crafts an experience that is both enriching and captivating. Situate.. Read more »
Jesse Caple
So much history and so much to see. We took advantage of the breakfast option to beat the queues and it was a good idea. The crowds are always huge at this place but pretty much well behaved too. There are many guide options on offer from live to rec.. Read more »
Anurag Singh
If you are a history lover, it’s a must visit place for you. Book tickets in advance. We took Paris Pass in which this place was included. You will be amazed by the vastness of this place. It will take around 5 hours if you want to rigorously .. Read more »
J S Iyer
Palace of Versailles was the home of many powerful and famous French royalty. It was also the place where Napoleon Bonaparte lived as Emperor. The palace is an embodiment of grandeur, beauty and aesthetics. The gardens are phenomenal and vast. If you.. Read more »
L Halby
Absolutely buy your tickets in advance as the Palace of Versailles and gardens are a must see! This is an all day event, you will need quite a few hours to explore the whole place! We didn't get the listening guides but I would recommend that y.. Read more »
The palace is immense and beautiful. I strongly recommend having the audio tour because there is so much history and details in every room of the palace. My recommendation is to arrive early because the queue is long and you need a lot of time to vi.. Read more »
Aparna Sawant
The most beautiful palace I've ever seen. The opulence, design and architecture is marvelous. We had dedicated a whole day for the visit and it was worth it. We were lucky to witness a couple of musical fountains. It's a special experience .. Read more »
Bubble Jung
Today book private group tour to palace about 10 people. Once reach palace about 8.45 am need to wait until 9 am for opening time and great no need to wait in a because you come with tour so can come inside separate way. Inside palace so incredible,v.. Read more »
Nicolas Bilinkis
We didn’t manage to get into the Palace due to lack of tickets. We were only able to walk through the gardens. The gardens are nice, but expected more. They are not that well maintained (grass and plants is not well watered in some parts). Stil.. Read more »
Sa Br
The palace was super cool but there were so many people. As we walked around we noticed that there were huge crowds in all of the bedrooms and the crowd was less cramped in every other part of the palace. This was a cool experience but probably not s.. Read more »
Roy Khairullah
The palace is quite spectacular with amazing paintings and Interiors. The gardens looked amazing, but we didn't have time to go through them. It does get very crowded at times. We went on a guided tour which allowed us to hear a lot of informati.. Read more »
Narawich Poovarodom
Beautiful and large palace outside of Paris. It’s quite difficult to get to without a car. Inside the palace were plenty of rooms where you can walk around to learn about history and embrace the beauty of the walls, ceilings, statues and chande.. Read more »
Pietro Dell' Erba
What a wonderful place to visit. Less than 1 hour from Paris city center you can feel a bit of French and European history! Wonderful Chateau, beautiful garden you may need the whole day to visit it all! If you are planning to go over the weekend, be.. Read more »
Jane Purchase
It was vast plenty to look at the outside of the building just as fascinating as the inside. Long corridors and stair cases.. timed ticket a must if you don't want to spend most of your day queuing. Wonderful ceiling picture mirrors and chandeli.. Read more »
Anthony Michalak
Breathtakingly beautiful sights from one of the most important historical destinations in France. The architecture is ornate beyond belief, each room is decorated to its max, while containing large open hallways for easy touring. The Hall of Mirrors .. Read more »
Slavik Dezhnyuk
I recently visited the Palace of Versailles and was blown away by its grandeur and beauty. The intricate details in the architecture and decor are truly breathtaking. The gardens are vast and meticulously maintained, providing a serene and peaceful a.. Read more »
Paul Cortinas
We visited here and thought this place was gorgeous. The Palace was huge and was awesome to see! The rooms were beautiful and were nice to see all of the work put in to building this! We wish we visited in summer time because this time of year most o.. Read more »
All time favorite tourist attraction while visiting Paris. Highly recommend giving yourself a few hours to visit. You still may not have enough time to see everything. The palace is stunning. Marie Antoinette was living in opulence. The palace is mas.. Read more »
Eric Lammers
A must-visit in Paris. Highly recommend purchasing tickets ahead and for opening hour. We did the self guided tour and were fine. Everything you could see was impressive. Be prepared for a lot of walking. We rented the electric golf cart to tour the.. Read more »
Emily Anderson
We really enjoyed our tour here. It was guided and it was very interesting to learn about the history of this beautifully decorated place. Do the skip the line tickets if you do not have a guide. You can also access Versailles by the high speed train.. Read more »
Olena Polishchuk
Great place, definitely highly recommended. Book a ticket in advance, better 2-3 months before your trip or buy group tour to get the ticket in the busy hours. Be careful, once you step out of the gardens they won't let you in again at the same .. Read more »
All time favorite tourist attraction while visiting Paris. Highly recommend giving yourself a few hours to visit. You still may not have enough time to see everything. The palace is stunning. Marie Antoinette was living in opulence. The palace is mas.. Read more »
Caroline Blair
Amazing! This is a great experience. If you get the chance do visit. There is a free audio tour which you can download as an app. The rooms and the content are fabulous. Yes, it’s very popular. There are timed tickets for the Palace itself whic.. Read more »
The palace was incredible. It definitely explains why the French people started a revolution. I do think the audio tour and guide could be better. We recently toured Windsor Castle and found the way they did their tour more user friendly. My favorit.. Read more »
M Marji
Legendary place, you need at least 4-5 hours to spend instead it. The palace itself is breathtaking but better to go around it with a guide to tell the details about everything. The gardens are amazing. Better to rent a golf cart to go around it. Be .. Read more »
Olga Singereanu
A beautiful place. Pictures are very good when sky is blue. You can visit it any time, but during spring time you can see flowers planted near the trees. In summer you can admire singing fountains and you can spend all day in the gardens. You are all.. Read more »
Danny Kim
I would only rank 3 star for the palace...would not go back again. If you like old portraits, you might enjoy it. I don't... I would not like to pay for the entrance. Garden on the other hand was pretty alright. If we had more time, we would.. Read more »
Courtney Gordon
The Palace of Versailles is a must see! Plan to spend several hours if you want to tour the whole castle, but it’s all worth it. The castle is filled with rich history and artifacts which are a beauty to the eye. The audio tour enhances the exp.. Read more »
Jesse L
This is a must see when visiting Paris! So much history and such beautiful artwork and architecture! The Hall of Mirrors and the Gardens are the highlight of this area. I recommend paying extra for a guided tour to learn information your wouldn'.. Read more »
Aeji Byun
Be prepared to walk a lot. Recommend to get the passport ticket to view the garden. They also offer audio guide in many languages so please take an advantage of it to learn the history. Initial part of the palace will be a lot of paintings and histor.. Read more »
Plan a whole-day visit and try to get the earliest ticket. I suggest to start from the gardens that have fountain shows and bike/boat/mini-car rentals. Then visit the palace itself. We started with palace visit which took a full 2-hour tour during wh.. Read more »
Venky Peruvemba
Great palace with a bunch of art work. We visited the gardens as well with musical fountains. Hot day. Would have enjoyed it even more perhaps if not that hot. Be prepared for long walks in the sun in the gardens. You will love if you are a french hi.. Read more »
Desirae Helton
Such a grand place to visit! I couldn't stop saying how incredible everything was to look at. They have toilets on site in multiple locations as well as places to eat. A few gift shops as well. My husband and I spent 2 days here and still didn&#.. Read more »
Nia F
Book your timed tickets in advance! The palace is officially open an busy again - even midweek. Masks are required inside. The Versailles app helps so that you do not need to get a headset. With comfortable temperatures, we decided to do an express t.. Read more »
B. W
Beautiful gardens, magnificent palace, highly recommend. Pack a lunch and bring water because there is a lot of ground to cover. When we went we payed extra for the little train ride tour around the gardens which was great for seeing all the garden a.. Read more »
G Brood
Although the palace is very impressive the parts you get to see don't tell much about the 'real' life the people had who lived there. They took out all the furniture and all that is left are pieces of art by not-so important artists. T.. Read more »
I enjoyed Versailles more than the Louvre. So much to see (gross understatement, again)!! Even though my visit was during Winter, the grounds were still beautiful. I must come back in the Spring time, of the year! The Winter months tend to have f.. Read more »
Tony Gabrielse
So much to see and experience here. There is an amazing amount of history and the property is incredible. The palace itself is a work of art and the grounds are beautiful in their own right. Of all the places we visited we put on the most steps (22.. Read more »
Thanks to the genius of the artists who created it and the greatness and personality of its client, King Louis XIV, the castle of Versailles is among the most sumptuous and famous in the world.A visit to the French capital cannot be separated from an.. Read more »
Arik Binder
Wry unique and beautiful palace, with big rooms to walk in with a lot of paintings and historical things. The garden is very big and beautiful with very gorgeous fountains and green grass. I am very recommending to visit here
Georgios Stathakis
The palace and gardens of Versailles is huge, like a small village. We visited with two french friends who knew a lot about the history of the place, and it sure helped. The palace is kept unchanged, and you get a very good idea of how the life if th.. Read more »
Satish Patel
The French monarchy’s principal residence up until the French Revolution, the Palace of Versailles is truly a sight to behold. From the stunning Hall of Mirrors to the palace’s perfectly manicured gardens, there’s no shortage of thi.. Read more »
Always Curious
I felt like i am the part of the ancient European movies about kingdoms and their castles. It is so mesmerizing inside and outside of the palace. Definitely worth of visiting. In only 30 mins driving from Paris. You can spend 3-4 hours inside.
Gerardo Gomez
Fantastic museum, plan for a visit of 3-4 hrs. and make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes as you'll be walking a long time and there are almost no places to sit and take a rest.
mike aoun
The chateau de versaille is an amazing museum, although personally and art wise i like the louvre better. However, the hall Of mirrors is one of the best places i have seen in Paris. The gold on the walls and ceilings takes your breath away ! We went.. Read more »
Ahmed M. Farouk
A huge beautiful and amazing palace. It takes the whole day to visit all corners of the palace. I can not describe how much this place is beautiful. It is better to get your ticket online to avoid the endless queue. Be ready to walk too much and enj.. Read more »
Tej Jethwa
Amazing place to visit. Well controlled and safe during CV19 times. Gardens are lovely to explore and see. Definitely MUST come and visit here if close to Paris. Parking can get busy so best to arrive early
It was the most memorable place during my trip to France and the exterior stood out because of its splendid appearance, but the interior was even more splendid, surprising. Especially, the size of the garden, which was larger than the interior area o.. Read more »
Denny and Angelina Johnso
Enjoyed our visit! I wish we could have seen more of the rooms for the price. Even the secret passages! They really need to incorporate those passages somehow! They are amazing! It was busy, but was beautiful! Wear good shoes..
Ido Naim
Spectacular chateau in an amazing condition. Must see for any art or history fan and well worth the trip! The mirror Hall is definitely the highlight of the visit, and you can't miss it. The visit in the chateau takes about an hour or so and the.. Read more »