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Palace of Culture and Science

Warsaw, Poland
4.6 / 107
High-rise building, almost an exact copy of the Stalinist skyscrapers in Moscow. It was erected by the Russian architect L. Rudnev by order of I.V. Stalin, who thus wanted to make a gift to the Polish people. It houses offices, cinemas, a large conference room, museums and exhibition galleries. The spire of the building dominates all the buildings in Warsaw and serves as a guide for tourists who do not know the city.
Address:plac Defilad 1, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 656 76 00



Some Polish people do not like the building because it is made by Russian. However, It is a building that has become one of the symbols of Warsaw. As far as I know, it contains many things, from a library to a swimming pool. Tourists can also go to t.. Read more »
Unmissable striking building. Saw it upon exiting the central train station. It's one of the most communist Soviet buildings I've ever seen. Nice square in front to get some pictures
Great place for a wonderful view over all of Warsaw. Recommended for sunny days and days with good weather. The view is breathtaking and you can take hours to spot the different situations happening around the palace.
We know there is an observation deck in that building but it took us some time to find the right entrance, because it’s huge alongside with other buildings which have the same design. Very Soviet Union style like the way we saw on movies. They.. Read more »
Very beautiful sightseeing point on Warsaw. From the top you wont see historical part of the city but you will see skyscrapers of the city and surrounding area. Incredibly long time on Sunday to get to the top due to many people…30-60 min wait.. Read more »
The first thing you think of when you’re in Warszawa. Easily accessible thanks to the well planned transportation system in the city. This old piece of soviet architecture is truly stunning. The details in the building itself along with the vie.. Read more »
One of main symbols Soviet era. Very popular place. Is it worth, building itself is great. View from 30th floor is not something special. In summer there is a lot of people. So better buy ticket from on-line.
you can find this beautiful building, which is very reminiscent of the york building, in the very center of warsaw. entrance fee is around 6 euros. The view is fantastic, but I recommend going in the evening because that view is also a must see! entr.. Read more »
This is a really impressive building that takes centre stage in Warsaw. The 1950’s architecture is similar to buildings in other cities like Riga. It stands out from right around the city and is a useful landmark for navigating. The building it.. Read more »
A beautiful viewpoint. From it, the differences in the architecture of the "old" and "new" Warsaw can be clearly seen. It's great that they didn't decide to tear it down. The place is really beautiful. Inside the bui.. Read more »
Nice architecture/building in the middle of Warsaw, nearby the central station. The location is just perfect. The surrounding area is nice to walk around and even to visit inside and go up for panoramic view. Ticket is very reasonable, the view of Wa.. Read more »
This place is very special place to visit in Warsaw, Poland. From this place, you can see whole Warsaw. There is a fees of 25 zloty for adult and for students there is a student discount. You can see all big skyscrapers from this top. For a normal p.. Read more »
The building isn’t anything special but the view from it is really magnificent, especially during the golden hour. I recommend to visit this place in the evening if you want great photos. But the waiting time was longer than we expected (around.. Read more »
Pretty nice lookout tower, where you can watch almost the entire city. The waiting time is about an hour, and you better to buy tickets in advance. We did it during standing in the line? So if you do not purchase tickets before, you sucked. Because y.. Read more »
There is a nice tour you can take for 40 zloti. They offer tours in English and Polish. It lasts about 45 minutes and includes entry to the viewing deck at the top. The tour is really informative and the building is beautiful. It's a great way t.. Read more »
Maybe I didn't know what to look for. Not very much was in English but the tour ticket I got was to go to one of the higher floors to be able to see most of Poland from an elevated position. You can see old town and a few other things at a dista.. Read more »
Good because of all the club's and bars and theatres there. Loads of options for nightlife. Central location, easily accessible. And interesting building itself. It has a terrace in one of the too floors to see Warsaw from above . It has swimmin.. Read more »
Lovely looking Tower, given to the Polish from Stalin as a gift back in the day..... Nowadays its a cultural marker in a modern city surrounded by nice and shiny high rise office towers.........its still holds its elegance well, and is a beautiful b.. Read more »
A most interesting building, which is also an object of cultural heritage. It contains a number of different things such as cinema, theatre, banquet halls, library. It is one of the tallest buildings in Poland - 237 metres, so great views of Warsaw.
This is the most beautiful place in Warsaw. Located right in the city center it is very affordable to take the elevator to its stop and see all of Warsaw from it. There is a small cafe at the top. It's also offers the panoramic view because you .. Read more »
Loved that building on my trip to Warsaw. Very impressive architecture style and dimensions. Nice photo subject at day and night. I recommend to go to the viewing platform in the evening while it's sunset and blue hour.
Tip about queue, is that you have Amazingly to go Early 5 P.M. for me luckily it was dark at 4 P.M too, otherwise at later time wait can be longer than 30 Minutes. View of the city. 5€ ticket for going on Terrace. It is worth seeing at night. I .. Read more »
I strongly recommend going on the observation deck in the Palace of Culture and Science while visiting Warsaw. The view is truly stunning. The tickets are quite cheap and there's no time limit on the top. The lift is quite fast, but even the sho.. Read more »
Magnificent building, makes the skyline of Warsaw really special. It is visible basically from anywhere in the city, right next to the central train station, bus station, surrounded by the best hotels this city can offer. Heard that polish people don.. Read more »
Absolutely brilliant! Lots of activities for kids and adults to do together, we loved it and will definitely go again when we next visit Warsaw. I'd recommend spending at least 4 hours there to ensure you get round to see everything ?
Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw Visited on 28/9/2019 It is a pity that my tour group have very jam-pack schedule and do not have time to visit this building to give a detailed review. We arrive late in the evening, and most members go separ.. Read more »
I went there in the evening. The was no line and almost no people. I went up and down rather quickly. It has very nice 360 degree views of the entire city. I enjoyed the experience but it’s not the highlight of my trip.
This building has so much character, the views are spectacular. The minute I looked over the city from all views, I wished I was not just on vacation. Warsaw is a beautiful place and from this building you can see so much of it. I also recommend taki.. Read more »
Would highly recommend the Palace of Culture & Science! There were great views of the city along with information at the top showing you what you are looking at and some history. Outside of the building you can see the demarcation of the old ghe.. Read more »
This is not about the Palace (it's very cool) but about Poland in general, Poland is a beautiful country and a very safe country. Actually, Poland is much safer then France or Germany. Poland will be the new European economic heart, so please vi.. Read more »
Great architectural site for the Warsaw. The history of the building is worth enough for the visit. However, I have a mix feeling visiting the Terrace. Only one operating elevator made 15 min visit into hour and a half. I believe the expected scenery.. Read more »
Very authentic and beautiful place. There is a park just opposite to the theater where one can sit and have some measure time. Perfect place to observe the busy city life molded in authenticity.
Beautiful building with a great view from balcony on top. Great at night also with the special light effects. I don't know, if it is possible to visit it right now. I was there in march and it wasn't expensive to get to the platform with th.. Read more »
Pretty cool old soviet building in the heart of Warsaw. Looks very intersting when it's all lite up at night. Going up to the top offers a great view of the city as well. It's hard to miss if you go to Warsaw so even just walking by it for .. Read more »
Central point of Warsaw. Outstanding in many contexts. It's a skyscraper which is packed with cultural and scientists institutions, what is quite unusual those days. The Palace was erected in 1955 and still looks very socrealistic. It's lik.. Read more »
I love this place. One of the Stalin buildings. Very big, central area and amazing view. You should go to the terrace and enjoy the sunset there. They have toilets and everything. You can get there by metro, it's next to it.
Highly recomended
View from the top was breathtaking. best way to see the city. Covid measures were well enforced.
Remarkable building, which is unique in comparison to the rest of the buildings in the city. It may appear not as big as it is, but once you go around it you'd actually realize how huge that building is. The only downside was the lack of directi.. Read more »
This enormous structure dominates the centre of Warsaw It looks glorious at night when it is lit up and bathed in a reddish glow .
Wonderful palace, it has the most beautiful view that you can have of the main city in Poland, Warsaw. You can go to the top floor and make some very nice videos of the city! I absolutely recommend you to go! It is also very easy to reach both usin.. Read more »
The sightseeing that this building offers is unique. I visited with my wife during summer and we really enjoyed it. If you are in Warsaw, you should experience it