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Palace of Children and Youth Creativity

Gomel, Belarus
4.8 / 12
The Palace of Children and Youth Creativity is a wonderful place that has received positive feedback from its visitors. People who have been attending the palace for several years express their love for it. It is described as a creative haven for children, catering to their various hobbies and interests. The palace offers a wide range of circles in different fields, including dancing, vocals, fine arts, IT, music, theater, and more. The presence of a large selection of interest circles and dedicated teachers is greatly appreciated by both the children and their parents. It is considered a great place for children to learn and grow, providing them with an alternative to spending excessive time on electronic gadgets. Commenters also highlight the coolness of the palace and compliment the good, helpful teachers, interesting assignments, and the presence of cultural workers. Additionally, the palace takes the safety of its visitors seriously, implementing COVID-19 precautions such as mask-wearing, temperature checks, and the availability of hand sanitizers. Other amenities at the palace include a coffee machine, restrooms, wardrobes, a winter garden (with additional paid services), two concert halls, experienced teachers, and parking facilities for both shifts. Overall, the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity is described as a fantastic place for children to explore their interests and receive quality education.
Address:Pralietarskaja vulica 2, Homieĺ
Phone:+375 232 32-73-63



Nice place with great teachers
I've been going there for about 5 years and I love it
A creative paradise for kids with all their hobbies. Everyone will find something interesting to study with creative and talented teachers and leaders.. Read more »
A large selection of circles, both paid and free of charge in different directions: dancing, vocals, fine arts, IT, music, theater, etc.
There are a lot of interest circles. Good teachers. The kids love it.
Great place for kids to grow
children have a place to occupy themselves in order to be less in gadgets
He is cool!
A great place to study with good, helpful teachers, interesting assignments and cultural workers. And if you are worried about covid-19, then there is.. Read more »
Just super. Many directions from programmer to vocalist. There are both free and paid training. There is a coffee machine, a toilet, two wardrobes, a .. Read more »
A good place for interesting leisure activities for children. There are many different circles of interests and ages. There are dances, drawing, music.. Read more »
Convenient location, good staff
Good organization of events, and our Elena Sergeevna Karman is a wonderful dance teacher???
It used to be great, now, like everywhere else, everything is ruined
I go to the Palace for classes in a model school for adults. I like everything, it suits me. Convenient location - in the park.
Pure, light, warm. There are coffee machines, a few clean toilets, a green orange in the center, which looks very original. The marble hall is bright .. Read more »
I have been studying for about 4 years, I really like everything) I advise everyone to bring their children there, a large selection of circles. And a.. Read more »