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Palace at Wilanow

Warsaw, Poland
4.8 / 118
The palace is 10 km away. from the Polish capital. It was built in the 17th century for King Jan Sobieski and his wife Maria Casimira Louise. At the request of the Queen during the construction, the creators focused on the French architectural school (the Baroque style prevails). At the beginning of the 19th century, one of the first art museums in Poland was opened on the territory. During the Nazi occupation, museum collections were looted, but then they were returned back to Poland.
Address:Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 10/16, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 544 27 00



I visited Pałac w Wilanowie in November when the entrance was free. The scenic views of lakes and trees were impressive, but I was disappointed by the intrusive illuminations during the day, detracting from the overall beauty of the garden. The sculp.. Read more »
The palace is a beautiful example of Baroque architecture and the park is well-kept and nice. Outside of the park, you will find several cozy cafes and restaurants. It is a very nice place to spend a few hours away from the hassle and the castle of .. Read more »
It was a trip down memory lane for me and, hey, palace is a splendid example of Polish baroque and park is simply marvelous, it was funny to see the same trees as 50 years ago. One can walk there for hours. Recommended!❤️
Beautiful palace to visit. Starting from the garden which is nicely maintained to the museum inside. You will discover how the noblety lived back in the days. Many interesting fun facts and paintings. It is a must see.
The entrance fee to the palace park is 10 zwerty per person. Using the vending machine at the entrance of the parking lot can save time. Walk slowly and capture the beautiful scenery. If you walk along the river, you can rent a canoe or a boat
A wonderful area to be. The park before the whole castle is wonderful for walking and enjoying the sun and wheater. There is a grave and the whole area is clean and cared. The garden you can reach by buying a ticket is wonderful too. A cared area w.. Read more »
A must-see if you're in Warsaw. Believe me, it is worth the trip. This palace is more impressive than the kings palace in town and offers a big collection of art pieces as well. The gardens are really beautiful, too. You can even go for a boat r.. Read more »
Nice palace with lots of historical value. The garden is very beautiful, and the park is a lovely walk to take. There isn’t too much to see, since the palace is quite small, but it is still worth coming here! Out of the many castles/palaces in .. Read more »
It is a really nice place to visit. The garden and the palace are wonderful. I've been there with my family and everyone liked it. There is a parking lot nearby.
Beautiful place, I would recommend to visit but plan at least a good couple of hours to see it. The entry fee to the park (only - the palace is extra) was 10 zloty for an adult).
There is more than 1 ticket machine so it there is a long line you can find a different one 2mins walk away and it will most likely be empty. The gardens are well kept, the ponds are clean, the whole easthetic is wonderfull. Would recommend to anyone.. Read more »
The place could be a good alternative to the city parks since it has a large park and a pond in it. The museum closes at 15pm contrary to written in google maps. So we couldn’t see the inside of the palace. But a short walk by the pond was amaz.. Read more »
A beautiful illuminating palace! There is a ticket to entry into the palace. The place contains a small park inside where the illuminating superhero characters are displayed. There is a small illumination rose garden lawn which is very beautiful. The.. Read more »
A very beautiful palace and no less beautiful garden. You need to come here for the whole day to see everything. The palace has its own specifics, which cannot be compared with other palaces in Poland and Europe. I recommend everyone to find at least.. Read more »
Such a beautiful and calm place. A must visit in Warsaw. I loved the walk by lakeside , watching ducks . The palace is very beautiful and the most important thing is light decoration and show. If you are planning to visit , plan to visit in evening a.. Read more »
You just have to visit this palace! It's stunning, the park around it is gorgeous and the atmosphere is chill and quiet. It takes some time to watch all the exhibitions but it's definitely worth it, everything is interesting and detailed. Q.. Read more »
Definitely one of the most beautiful places in Warsaw, worth seeing! The garden provides plenty of room for roaming around and there is also a lake where you can borrow a kayak or a rowing boat. However, my visit didn't go without problems. I ra.. Read more »
Such a nice place to visit with family! Very clean well organized! I recommend to anyone who loves history and wants to know more about polish culture! I really liked the gardens and all the surroundings. Tickets are not expensive in my opinion. Park.. Read more »
Pretty nice place to see and spend time with pleasure. There is lovely pond nearby the palace to have the rest in the shades of trees. There are no discounts for international students, only for students from the European Union.
Good area to take a walk, there are beautiful mansion, garden and old church nearby. I couldn’t find where I can walk in the mansion, so you can only have a look at exterior. Cost of entrance to the area is 7 PLN. The only way you can get there.. Read more »
It was a beautiful place. The garden is amazing! And the inside is amazing too. The staff is nice and helping you. They all can speak English. It was really nice.
Very beautiful palace and well-kept garden. The tour inside the castle is very interesting and informative. In good weather it's perfect
Wonderful gardens, very well preserved and maintained. One can stroll there for hours. Many places to rest and contemplate. A true jewel.
This place is straight out of a fairy tale. It was magical. Unfortunately we did not get in time to buy the tickets and see it from inside. But it was so much worth it to see the garden itself in the afternoon. It was basically a light show with mesm.. Read more »
Stunnning baroque palace in the outskirts of Warsaw. It’s immersed in a huge and amazing park and next to the river. I visited it in winter and it was beautifully lighted at night. It’s absolutely to be visited inside as well, tickets are.. Read more »
Beautiful castle and garden in winters its like magic. Very nice illumination near xmas days. The garden is big and beautiful. Do see inside castle you have to buy ticket. But its worth viewing. Its a must visit if you are in Warsaw.
Nice place to visit, beautifully decorated with lights around the garden. There's some lights spectacle on the Castle fachade. Recommended for special night thing to do.
Very nice place to visit, but probably even better at night, because they have plenty of figures of coloured light on the gardens and they surely work during the night time. It must be a fantastic view. The walk around the forest is great and even a.. Read more »
Beautiful place. Would recommend getting the audio guide if polish isn't your native language. I would prefer to go as early as possible because it's quite full as is one of the main attractions in Warsaw.
Top place once you are in Warsaw. Is like a time machine. I think I spend three to four hours in there reading the details. Amazing
Absolute beauty, if you love gardens or architecture you will enjoy this place during sunny days. If you love both then it's a must visit. During summer time you can also endulge yourself in some free of charge concerts.
Only went to the gardens. Nice for a nice walk but unlike some reviews spending more than 90 min is a stretch. You would have to sit on a bench a whole lot or take a kayak or rowing boat to make it a whole afternoon. Also I would recommend Coming in .. Read more »
One of the best experiences in Warsaw. The palace is on the edge of the city but can be easily reached by bus from the center (stop: Wilanów). It's absolutely beautiful and very nicely preserved. Garden is stunning but be careful if you a.. Read more »
The Palace is pretty on the outside. The garden has a lot of pretty flowers many of which are lilies, advisable not to go if you're allergic. The interesting part of the garden is pretty small. The rest feels more like a regular park or small na.. Read more »
Best place for peaceful walk and have rest from your busy day. This is the one of place that give historical value. One of the most elegant palace located in Poland. The lake also make a relaxing walk for your preference.
The park is nice, but some parts are not well maintained and some paths are closed. It's actually not so big. There is no restaurant or cafe on the terrain, just a small bike cafe with drinks only
Lovely palace with interesting rooms and decorations to see inside. The outside of the palace and the grounds are by far the best part of a visit, so try to come on a sunny day. The gold details on the outside are stunning in the sunlight. We found t.. Read more »
One of the most elegant palaces in Europe, Wilanów Palace is Poland's "Little Versailles", the home of its greatest King, Jan III Sobieski, a legendary man of many virtues, talents and formidable in battle. There is truly majest.. Read more »
It is so beautiful! Unfortunately, today we couldn't visit the palace but only the park but it was also worthy!
It is available for handicapped people and there is a lake to walk if you seek peace and silence. It is a historical and magical place.
Really nice place for a walk at the garden, you can also kayak, totally recommend it! The museum is small but nice with explanations in English.
A lovely getaway from the city buzz. Very calm, private park.
Not whole palace open for visitors. Perhaps 1/3. You pay for enterence to the arden and traditionally for palace. Place is interesting, but ticket for palace should be cheaper.
Great place to visit or just go for a stroll. In the summer can get busy, but the gardens are the nicest.
Simply Great Historic place.. with well preserved artifacts and we'll maintained park around the palace. Also they have entry tickets and hygiene is also properly maintained with automatic sanitiser machines
The palace is beautiful. Something to see. The day i was there, the palace was closed, but the park was open.