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Ozeryanska Church

Kharkiv, Ukraine
4.3 / 15
The Ozeryanska Church is a beautiful and inviting temple that holds a rich history and exudes a calming energy. Built in the late 19th and early 20th century, this red brick church showcases an eclectic Byzantine-Russian style and has been a place of worship for many years. Although it was temporarily closed in the past, the church has been functioning since the German occupation in the 1940s. The current rector, Archimandrite Nikodim, has been overseeing the temple since 2011. Stepping into the Holy Ozeryanska Church, visitors are immediately enveloped in a sense of peace, leaving behind the distractions and worries of the outside world. The spiritual atmosphere and tranquility found within the church surpass any other feelings that can enter the human heart. It is a place where one can find solace and respite, no matter the burdens and anxieties they carry. Located between st. m.Kholodnya Gora and South Station, the temple is somewhat secluded but offers a serene and quiet environment. However, it is worth noting that the road leading to the church may not be suitable for low cars, so walking may be a better option. For those seeking to connect with their spirituality, the Ozeryanska Church is a must-visit. Many have expressed their desire to work there and even repent, hoping to find purpose and meaning within its walls. Visitors have praised the friendly staff, cleanliness, and warmth of the church. Restoration work is currently taking place, adding to the beauty and significance of the shrine. Additionally, the temple holds special rites and ceremonies, such as the ritual of passage from spoilage, which provide moral and spiritual satisfaction to those who participate. While some have mentioned encountering beggars near the entrance of the church, others hope that they will stop receiving money and leave the area. Despite this minor inconvenience, the overall experience of visiting the Ozeryanska Church is deeply fulfilling and uplifting.
Address:Poltavskyi Shliakh Street, 124, Kharkiv
Phone:+380 57 372 4869



A beautiful, very old, so cozy and, perhaps, homely friendly temple. Liturgy on Sunday starts early, at 6:30 am. With the beginning of the service, confession also begins. I enjoy coming to church every time.
I love this temple very much. There is a powerful energy and peace
The Holy Ozeryanskiy temple was built in 1892-1901. designed by architect V. Nemkin from red brick in an eclectic Byzantine-Russian style. It was further improved by the architect Pokrovsky. It was closed in 1938, but began to function again during t.. Read more »
Entering the door of the Holy Lake Church, we leave behind the distraction and confusion of the world. Here our souls find peace and rest from our life worries. When we visit the temple, spirituality and feelings of peace come to us that surpass any .. Read more »
Quiet calm place. The downhill road is not for low cars. Better to walk a little
A beautiful temple. Geographically located between st. m.Kholodnya Gora and South Station, slightly closer to Kholodnaya Gora
I really like this church and I would very much like to work there if possible. I have not found any contacts other than a phone number. I would very much like to come for an interview and try myself in this direction, I would like to repent ... I re.. Read more »
nice temple, only beggars at the entrance are tired. If they stop giving, they will get out of there.
I was honored to visit one more holy place - Ozeryanskiy temple. The church impressed me. Friendly staff, clean, warm. In the middle of the church, restoration work is underway. Special thanks to the rector, Father Nicodemus, for the work of decorati.. Read more »
On Tuesdays, there is a rite of passage from spoilage. Received moral and spiritual satisfaction
I read with interest an article about the history of this temple. He lived with his parents not far from him on Abramovskaya Street. And now, living in another place of the city and sometimes visiting its center, admire the panorama of the Cold Mount.. Read more »
I was at an early service on Sunday, I bought a large candle, put it on a candlestick and I saw it immediately removed, I went up to the workers of the church and asked why they were taking it off. They said it was for the altar. I don’t unders.. Read more »
The child was baptized. Premises are the basement of the church. The room is small, but beautiful, I can't imagine how more than two children are baptized there. Batiushka reads a prayer and instead of words says "mememe", somehow stra.. Read more »
A delightful church, everything is very beautiful and majestic. True baroque. The church choir sings very beautifully in the temple. Good location - can be reached by metro (station Cold Mountain) or by tram.
This is a kind of church that I really don't appreciate. Lots of homeless people walking around this place, lots of them are alcoholics too. Also this place is a real magnet for all of the scammers and other kind of people. But the most importan.. Read more »
very nice temple