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Osobnyak Kapitana Dluholendsʹkoho

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4.4 / 5
"Osobnyak Kapitana Dluholendsʹkoho" is an impressive mansion located in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Originally built in the 19th century as the estate of Nikolai Ovodov, the head of the city, it underwent reconstruction in 1909. The main architect, G. Artynov, drew inspiration from Moscow modernism, resulting in a unique blend of classical Russian architecture and gracefully curved facade lines. Today, this architectural monument is home to an art school and serves as a cultural hub for the community. The mansion's distinctiveness sets it apart from ordinary buildings, and it is currently being used as a kindergarten. Visiting "Osobnyak Kapitana Dluholendsʹkoho" is highly recommended, especially in the evening when the view around the cross is particularly spectacular. The charm and beauty of the mansion are evident, and it is a sight worth experiencing, especially for those who have not yet had the opportunity. However, it is important to note that the maintenance and upkeep of the mansion, like many other places in the country, may not be at its best. Despite this, the interesting architecture and historical significance of "Osobnyak Kapitana Dluholendsʹkoho" make it a worthwhile destination for anyone visiting Vinnytsia.
Address:Mahistratska Street, 66, Vinnytsia



Impressive! Especially if you look in the evening, around the cross, the view is worthy, be sure to look who has not been yet!
The mansion appeared through the reconstruction in 1909 of the estate of the Vinnitsa head of the city of the 19th century, Nikolai Ovodov. The main architect was G. Artynov, who, apparently, was inspired by Moscow modernism. The combination of class.. Read more »
The house is not ordinary. If I'm not mistaken, there is a kindergarten there now.
I was driving through Vinnytsia and decided to stop by to see this architectural monument. I took one photo... It was possible not to stop by
Interesting architecture, but like everything else in our country, it is not well-groomed and clad