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Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory

Krakow, Poland
4.8 / 100
A factory for the production of metal utensils, founded in 1937 by Jewish industrialists M. Gutman, V. Gleitman, I. Kon. In 1939, she went bankrupt and transferred to O. Schindler, who modernized and revived production. During the Second World War, Jews from the Krakow ghetto worked here. Thanks to Schindler’s efforts, many workers escaped death in a concentration camp. In 2010, a memorial museum of the same name was opened on the territory of the factory.
Address:Lipowa 4, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 257 00 96



I went just to see the factory not realising it was a museum! To soak up some history. It was fascinating. Lots of history and poignant information. The exhibits and photos were interesting, and like most who have seen the film or read the book,.. Read more »
We visited the museum on a free entrance day, so we had to wait in line, because we came a bit later. It went quickly, but it's good to arrive as soon as possible. On other days, be sure to buy tickets in advance. I definitely recommend it to th.. Read more »
I was surprised by how interactive the museum is - there are many places you can be immersed in the story. also the plethora of artefacts is probably unmatched nowadays. it is absolutely worth a visit but mind where you’re getting your tickets .. Read more »
Very informative and interesting giving us lots of knowledge about the war not just the factory or Schindler. Great guide at a good pace allowing time for photos. Provided headphones so that everyone could hear the your guide easily. Great place to f.. Read more »
Amazing museum, guided tours in English but are very rushed, they have 1hr 50min.to complete the tour. We held back and did it at our own speed, you get more info. £6.50 entrance, worth every penny but get very busy
So much to take in and often the display area cramped at times with guided tour visitors standing about looking bored. Read the material for yourself Polish or English. A very good effort with a difficult subject. Staff lovely🙂
One of the best museums I've ever visited. Thrilling experience and an insightful journey through a dark history that we must not forget. The staff is very friendly, informative and very helpful. I arrived a little late and the museum was almost.. Read more »
We experienced a guided tour of the factory. This took around 1.5 hours, but if you decide to walk around yourself it can take 4-5 hours with the amount of content included. Our tour guide was very friendly and informative. If you've watched the.. Read more »
Travel through time from ´39 to ‘45 to discover Krakow and the struggle of the population under the Occupation. The descriptions and testimonies will bring you tears but the visit is necessary to prepare you before going to Auschwitz and .. Read more »
A must-visit for everyone interested who wants to learn more about history. It can be a bit crowded and there are two ways of visiting it: on your own and with official guides. The tour with a guide takes around 2 hours and it's worth it, even .. Read more »
A must when visiting Krakow. The museum is amazing and very informative. You will need at least 2 hours or more to take in everything the museum has to offer. I would recommend getting there early and buy a guide book.
A must-see museum when visiting Krakow. It includes everything from the initial invasion by the Germans, the persecution of Jewish citizens, and the later Soviet era under communism (and of course, Schindler's list, but the museum was much more .. Read more »
I am a little disappointed regarding this visit. Generally museum is very interesting but it is very crowdy even at normal working day in May. Management should think about some solution. Guides in several languages speak very loudly to their groups... Read more »
This is a must visit while in Krakow. You should be able to relate a lot if you have watched the movie Schindlers List. The photos on the wall is an example of how an individual can save things that can go beyond comprehension. It is also a reminder .. Read more »
One of the best museums I've ever visited and certainly the most tactile museum of this kind. Each room is themed differently with walls, floors etc. fitting the theme. An insightful portrayal of the impact on Poland throughout the war and an em.. Read more »
This museum is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. We booked a tour as this was recommended by a friend. As they did not and wished they did. The guide was very good and pointed out things that we may have missed. I would like to ret.. Read more »
It is more than just the factory made famous by the film, it’s a complete history of Krakow from before the Nazi’s arrived until they left. we had a guided tour but would go back and spend longer there to read all the history. video, inte.. Read more »
Very interesting experience. Very harrowing and enlightening as to how poorly the Jewish population was treated in Poland throughout the different stages of the war. Not too expensive and definitely worth doing just to gain a bit of perspective.
Website said it was free on Monday but the catch is, you have get there early. So we missed it but the history alone was thought provoking
I visited it during my last day in Krakow, early in the morning and it was closed. Sadly, cause I was leaving, I didn't have the time to wait until is was opened. But it was even nice to see it from the outside. Next time in Krakow, I will defin.. Read more »
More of an exhibit about the occupation of Krakow than Oscar Schindler, but that is not a minus. He was an incredible figure who's actions echo down the decades in the shape of generations that would not have otherwise lived. However, he is onl.. Read more »
I thoroughly enjoyed this tour,it is NOT a tour of the factory. It takes place in the old admin building and is about the occupation and events leading up to schindler taking the Jews to CZ. As I said I thought it was a 5 ? but my cousin had wanted .. Read more »
One of the most informative and detailed museums I’ve visited. To be honest we hadn’t looked at reviews first so we didn’t know what to expect, but the museum took us on a journey from prewar Krakow through the evil horrors of the h.. Read more »
I visited it during my last day on Krakow, early in the morning and it was closed. Sadly, cause I was leaving, I didn't have the time to wait until is was opened. But it was even nice to see it from the outside. Next time in Krakow, I will defin.. Read more »
Well thought out museum experience that is very immersive and provoking. A great tribute to Schindler and a summary of the war.
The museum was full of information about the persecution suffered by the people of Krakow in the war time period. Lots of interactive displays and screens meant you could see even more. The museum was very busy when we went, but it was easy to get ar.. Read more »
It provides a good impression of the history of Kraków and what role Oskar Schindler have played in it. I would recommend to have watching the film "Schindler's list" before you visit the museum, so you can compare what is ficti.. Read more »
Didn't feel up the the emotional weight of going to Auschwitz. Schindler's was a good alternative. Very informative guide and I learned a lot. Was nice to have a positive note at the end. Don't get me wrong if you have the time and en.. Read more »
We liked the place & the exhibition a lot. Apart from the actual factory and things like the cabinet of Schindler, there were many halls dedicated to the broader history of Poland under German occupation with numerous items - even things like a s.. Read more »
Interesting places to visit. A lot of history in one place. Wery well organized and our tour guide give us a lot of information about that country.
More about life BEFORE the war in 1939..life during & after. Not much about Schindler. Still, a cool history spot. Lots of pics.
Sobering experience and great way to learn about what WWII was like in Krakow. It took us 2 to 3 hours to go through the museum. It can get a bit crammed but it is definitely worth a visit.
One of the best museums I have visited. Highly recommend watching the film “Schindler's List” before visiting in order to compare the chronological events. The museum has a stunning style, everything is done with the right design and.. Read more »
Interesting place to visit if you're in the area Well put together and very informative The only downside for me was that there were a lot of bigger tour groups that were blocking some of the exhibits but other than that it was a good experience.. Read more »
If you want to visit somewhere with your friends in Krakow or if you are interested in history you should visit this place. Very cheap price and discount for students. If you want to buy things like souvenirs you can buy them.
A real somber eye opener advise that you have a guide to to give you a more in depth understanding
Don't go expecting to see a factory setting it's a museum but still very good
a terrible reminder of human cruelty to others considered worthless
45 minutes walk from my hotel and I was mesmerized by the authenticaty of the place. I have got a tip to visit this place. After few minutes it hit me that it has something to do with the Schindler's list movie. The document they play at the sma.. Read more »
A bit disappointing, its been turned into a 2nd world war museum!!
You must get a guide to get the full experience, it’s well worth the extra.
Amazing, shocking and interesting museum. Very well made. If there are no tickets online you can come before 10 a.m. and buy them in the museum ?. Really worth visiting.
The concept of the museum is very nice, i would recommend you visit it. You get a movie at the start of the tour. After that it is a lot of pictures with informative text in both Polish and English. Its not so much about Oskar Schindler, which was .. Read more »
I found it very informative. It’s not so much about Schindler, it’s just a collection of images and testimonials from WW2. The stories are very educational. A real eye opener.
Went to a lot of museums during my stay in Krakow and this one was by far the best! A good balance of great visuals and informative text provides a thorough and engaging look into the chronological history of Krakow during the occupation. I would re.. Read more »
Really worth a visit! It's not really about the story that we know but rather about the leading to the situation. Very well done and informative. It took me over 1.5h.
One of the most informative and detailed experiences of the city’s history before, during and after Nazi occupation. It tells the story of Krakow, the short resistance to an overwhelming force, then day by day from the first entry of the German.. Read more »