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Opera Varna

Varna, Bulgaria
4.6 / 59
The theater stage is located in a picturesque Empire style mansion, which is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. In popularity, the Varna Opera is second only to Sofia. The troupe was formed in 1947 and immediately began working on the production of works by classical and contemporary authors. Later operettas were added to the repertoire, which allowed to attract more viewers.



Dimitar Slavov
powerfull performance by the orchestra. pleasently surprised with the facilities and the venue itself. Recommended
Dimitris Holidis
Great experience, go and treat your soul because its worth it
Cory Pearson
Working in the centre is amazing, unless you work close to this building. Playing the same screaming songs 10 times per day for the last month. I do understand they need to practice but is it really necessary to put the outside speakers on? Not every.. Read more »
Сергей Мешков
Highly recommended! Nice building, nice performances!
Olya Petrash
Opera Varna is another place to visit in the city. It is located in the center and has beautiful architecture. Was lucky to visit it for opera and ballet. The performance is great. Interesting and entertaining
The Autistic Traveler
I didn’t attend an event (a.k.a an opera) at this theater, but I admired the architecture from outdoors and enjoyed my stroll along the pedestrian promenade that goes past the building. Next time I visit, I’ll certainly need to see a perf.. Read more »
Doru Coldea
Nice feelings around this building....even the walls have a lot of stories to tell!!!
Жулиен Керемедчиев
The play, the atmosphere and the artists were all great :) A true breath of fresh air in these COVID times.
Delina Dimova
Gorgeous building, friendly polite and kind staff. I watched a Symphonic Concert and I loved it. It was beautiful to experience this kind of music live. I'm very grateful that they let me in as well because I arrived late. Highly recommend it.
Rosa AK47
Lovely place for theatric performances
Filip Velikov
I love the interior of the building. The shows are great, the actors, dancers and singers are extremely talented.
aleksandar smolenski
Nice to walk at night
Mohamed Ben Naceur
Nice music and good atmosphere.
Lora Nielsen
Very beautiful building from outside. I guess it will be as beautiful inside. Make sure to get some snaps of it if in the area.
Petya Slavcheva
A lovely theatre and opera house lacking only a bar. I had a great time there.
Maxim Popov
Great opera theatre with full program, especially in the summer season.
Honney Bunny
Beautiful building and lovely performances. For non Bulgarian speakers for Opera there is a English translation as well as a Bulgarian. Very reasonable and affordable pricing. The building is truely magnificent.
Alexander Kolesnikov
We loved the opera theatre! It isn’t large but nice and comfortable, and it somehow has a homely feel. We had Karmen, and voices were mostly very good to excellent, especially Jose, the orchestra was excellent, and the ballet was great. We&rsqu.. Read more »