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Munich, Germany
4.9 / 103
In 1972, Munich hosted the next summer Olympic Games. Since that time, there has remained a park (a territory with Olympic facilities), which local residents use for recreation and walks. Former facilities are operated as sports training facilities; large social and cultural events are still taking place here. It should be noted that in many respects thanks to the Games the city was transformed and became more comfortable.
Address:Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, München
Phone:+49 89 30670



Wonderful atmosphere in the park. Large, sprawled & very clean with vast stretches of green all around with water bodies. Ideal for spending a sunny summer day walking or cycling. Lots of benches thrown in for resting as well. The ice hockey aren.. Read more »
Bahre Srebrenica
Idyllic! Futuristic whereabouts with plenty of space for cycling, jogging or callisthenics.
win task
The best park I visit ever in Munich. Well managed and organised park. Love Olympic village and sea life. A beautiful lake in the middle of park is a nice touch and making this park more beautiful. There’s a high point in park from where you ca.. Read more »
László Gyulai
Wonderful park with a small lake. Sadly we didn't have much time there, but it was enough to get its feeling. If you have just an hour free time in München, I would recommend to take a short visit.
Vimal Mishra
A very fine park to be connected with nature. It is huge. You can ride a bicycle, skate, swim and what not. Boating and trekking is also there for adventure. Small food stalls can be found nearby to the entrance. No entry ticket is required to visit.
Northern Wanderers
A must when in Munich. One of the must-see places in Munich. It may take you 2-3 hours comfortably. The venue, which hosted the 1972 Olympics, is also eye-catching with its facilities. Don't forget to climb the tower and watch the whole city fr.. Read more »
Amy Gu
Very nice park to walk around. It’s amazing many facilities are still open to public. My kids had fun playing teqball at the soccer facility. Entering main stadium requires ticket and it’s a good experience. Overall we had a wonderful tim.. Read more »
Markus Bahr
One of the must-see places in Munich. It may take you 2-3 hours comfortably. The venue, which hosted the 1972 Olympics, is also eye-catching with its facilities. Don't forget to climb the tower and watch the whole city from above. Be sure to sav.. Read more »
Niels Reed
One of the must-see places in Munich. It may take you 2-3 hours comfortably. The venue, which hosted the 1972 Olympics, is also eye-catching with its facilities. Don't forget to climb the tower and watch the whole city from above. Be sure to sav.. Read more »
Dietmar Zorn
One of the must-see places in Munich. It may take you 2-3 hours comfortably. The venue, which hosted the 1972 Olympics, is also eye-catching with its facilities. Don't forget to climb the tower and watch the whole city from above. Be sure to sav.. Read more »
Wilma Kölsch
One of the must-see places in Munich. It may take you 2-3 hours comfortably. The venue, which hosted the 1972 Olympics, is also eye-catching with its facilities. Don't forget to climb the tower and watch the whole city from above. Be sure to sav.. Read more »
Brent J
One of the best things about Munich. One of the most beautiful and iconic parks and facilities on the planet. Clean, safe and idyllic. Constant sports, events, concerts and a hell of a lot more. Not sure what to do, this isn't a bad choice to le.. Read more »
himani jain
One of the largest park of Munich. Its one of the best place to be with friends and chill. Friday/Saturday evenings are the best time to be here to chill with amazing music and concerts going on at the stadium. Get a beautiful view and enjoy the musi.. Read more »
Haidab Hany
Amazing place. Park is beautiful. Walking up to the top of the hill gives a fabulous view. A very relaxing place. So much to see. Enjoyed mini golf there.
Arafat Ahmed
It's Huge, the views are amazing, you can spend a whole day just exploring that area from BMW Welt to the BMW Museum to even just the Park. The park has a swimming pool center and an aquarium (€€), small paddle boats as well. It's.. Read more »
Ranjith Ambekar
Huge open area with lush green space to hangout with friends or family. It’s very near to the BMW museum. The place is disabled friendly, has large roads. It was hard to find the restrooms. Overall a nice place but not cozy. You also have to wa.. Read more »
Santosh S R
Another tourist attraction, good place to hangout with friends and family. In summer/spring, you can get a nice view and have a nice walk. A lot of eating outlets/restaurants nearby to enjoy and good view of lake. Pretty close to train station, BMW W.. Read more »
Akhil Garg
Olympia park was made in 1972 during Munich Olympic. It’s really a nice place to visit. Very beautiful. You can have a picnic here and also people go for swimming/training here. You can climb up at top and have a nice view of park and city. Rea.. Read more »
Damir Vujnovac
Great place to walk, being in the nature in the middle of the big city. You can enjoy green hills and water even on your way to the Olympia stadium or hall if you go there for a rock concert or some sports game... or just come here to spend some quie.. Read more »
matt knight
Considering its been 50 years since the 1972 Olympics, this place is in fantastic condition and bustling with life, plenty of sports going on and families having fun. Its right next to the BMW museum so I'd suggest visiting that first, then enjo.. Read more »
Uki Bear
A large sized park ?, made for OS 1972 in Munich. Here you can stroll around ?, admire the view from the viewing point ?, exercise ?, run ?, walk your dog ?, do sport in the Olympic sporting centers, go up in the Olympia tower ? and enjoy the view or.. Read more »
Good place to hangout with friends. Also in spring you can enjoy a beer with warm sun bath. Lot of fun activities to enjoy. Good lake view. Also close to BMW Welt and Museum, so you can enjoy the automobile giant's creativity. Also in the evenin.. Read more »
Srinevasan Sothynathan
A must visit park! If you enjoy walking aimlessly this place is perfect, it provides winding walkways, hills, ponds and great views. This park also has some small restaurants to grab bratwurst, coffee or Mulled wine. I ended up grabbing Mulled wine .. Read more »
Balan Robert-Gabriel
Amazing park, very big, lots of things to do and see. You can come with your bicycles , or roller skates, or make some exercises in the special designated areas. The lake is offering splendid view, the park itself is clean. I enjoyed and relaxed wal.. Read more »
Sweden Test Piece (Test P
Lovely place to chill long day ... Nice restaurants and food trucks available. Could take a bike to ride through the entire place.. the small hilly mountains are nice to walk on as well.. Plan with kids then go for water sports.. not too pricey... T.. Read more »
Amanda da Silva
The cherry blossoms in April are the best time to visit the park! There are also often events going on at the park, like music festivals or fairs with rides and nice food. The place is easily accessible by subway or by bus.
Phuong Ngo
A beautiful and widely interactive park in Munich. You can spend a whole day exploring the park with friends or family. There are plenty of playgrounds and cafes, as well as a lake to enjoy boating at. I think April is the most beautiful time of the .. Read more »
Kriti Sharma Bhargava
Very large and beautiful place to visit in Munich. Its a huge park with great greenery, lake, ducks, Olympia tower in the middle. Great place to visit on a sunny day with amazing weather.. There is place to sit and relax lake side.. icecream, beer, f.. Read more »
Tegan Hope
Beautiful place for all friends and family. I go on runs here twice a week and it's beautiful for any sport with so much to do and pedelos. I can't recommend visiting here enough, one of my favorite places in Munich, if you're around c.. Read more »
Dimi Tass
Beautiful place. Huge nicely organized parking lots. No dirt or vandalism. Excellent walking paths and a large number of benches where one can sit and rest. A large hill from which you can see the panorama of Munich. There is a huge TV tower in .. Read more »
Koel Ganguly
I think this park is a place where everyone would find something to do. You can come with your dog, your kids, ride your bike. During the spring, summer months even boating is possible here. Bring your picnic mat and your book if you want a calm plac.. Read more »
Jesper Pedersen
Love Olympia park! To have a walk, run, bike ride or boat ride. Here is something for everyone. When concerts are playing in Olympia Stadion you can sit on the “Olympia berg” and listen. In the Winter you can have the thrill of a speedy s.. Read more »
Athar Hayat
Went there during the Christmas holidays. I was surprised to see the large number of people hanging out there even in these times. There is peak outlook on the top of Olympia Berg. The views are astonishing there. There is beautiful lake in front and.. Read more »
Carolina gonzalez orbegos
Such a beautiful and safe place to go for a run, a stroll or take the kids to the playground. Also, from its highest point you can overlook München and into the mountains! And if you happen to be there at noon, you can hear church bells chiming .. Read more »
Matt Perrone
Olympic Park in Munich is a fun little spot, with a lot of interesting shaped buildings inside of a large park area. Very common for people to come here and walk around, it's a hotspot for tourists to come and take pictures. Would highly recomme.. Read more »
Aiman Saeed
This park took my breath away! My gosh, what a beautiful beautiful park. Lush green areas to amazing place to relax by the spree. The park is huge, perfect to relax after a long day or go for a jog or just sit there with your pals. The park also ha.. Read more »
Louis Kim
Very nice park. Perfect place for jogging in the morning. There is observation point on the top of hill, you can see nice view including stadium, lake and tower.
Niranjan Manjunath (niru)
Huge park with wonderful views and eateries. There are a lot of waterbodies, cycling paths, birds and children's playing area. Definitely a great place to take a long walk and make sure walk up the hill for a wonderful 360 degree view of the sur.. Read more »
Wonder Junior Gumise
This place honestly makes me feel like a kid again. I can't remember the last time I was in such awe. Beautiful landscapes, awesome architecture, tons of sightseeing spots and to top it off, a life changing view of the whole of Munich from the O.. Read more »
Peter Viktor Wagner
Huge, amazing park with a lot of buildings and memories from and about the Summer Olympics 1972. Have a good walk or ride around with a bike, don’t miss the buildings - they are really interesting. You can ride around with a small train, and th.. Read more »
Perla Muñoz
Olympiapark is an historic place, but it is also a great place to walk or hang out with friends. There is a small hill, a big lake (not to swim, but nice). In Summer 2020, during Corona times, they installed some rides and food. Sometimes they have c.. Read more »
I like Travelling
Perfect for a walk during the day or at a warm summer evening. This big park is a Munich highlight, so you need to go there. Climb the small mountain or use the elevator to go to the top of the olympic tower. You will have an amazing view over Munich.. Read more »
Juliana F P
I love the park. It is great for just a walk to see the nature or if you want to go to the top of the tower to see the city skyline, or during summer days to go to the Kino am Olympiasee, that is a open air kino, or if you want to go iceskating durin.. Read more »
Rade Gojkovic
You can enjoy here whenever are you coming. So many things to see and amazing adventure. For the best feeling, you visit this place and you will know how is all this amazing. Here are coming a thousands of people.
florent K
We have visited the park on a Sunday in summer. There is lots of attractions that are funny for children. It is a good place to come in family but also to walk in a green area with water spots. Perfect place for a sunny day. We just walked around in .. Read more »