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Old fire tower

Hmelnytskyy, Ukraine
4.6 / 34
The old fire tower in Khmelnitsky is a remarkable architectural masterpiece that resembles the Renaissance town hall. It stands proudly in the city center and has become a beloved symbol of the city. The tower features a unique addition - a trumpet figure that plays the "Ode to Joy" at regular intervals throughout the day. While the tower itself is not accessible to tourists, it still attracts attention and admiration from locals and visitors alike. On Saturday nights, the area around the tower comes alive with couples dancing Latin American dances, creating a lively and harmonious atmosphere. The construction of the fire tower was a significant project that began in 1951 after facing delays caused by postwar difficulties. The building's elegant architecture, reminiscent of historic town hall towers, made it a standout feature of the city's central intersection. It served as a fire station for several decades before being repurposed as a children's cinema in the 1980s. Today, the cinema, known as "Planet," is one of the city's two operational cinemas and is equipped with modern technology and facilities. Although tourists cannot explore the tower itself, its presence adds to the unique charm and character of Khmelnitsky. The tower is often featured on magnets and souvenirs as a recognizable symbol of the city. While the tower is a must-see attraction, visitors can also enjoy the movie theater, grab a coffee at the average but decent coffee shop, and browse the gift shop located within the building. Overall, the old fire tower in Khmelnitsky is a fascinating historical landmark that offers a glimpse into the city's past while still remaining relevant and vibrant today.
Address:Podil's'ka Street, 39, Khmel'nyts'kyi
Phone:+380 701213



Local architectural remake of the Renaissance town hall.
Khmelnitsky, cinema. Here every three hours a trumpet player plays the anthem of Europe and Ukraine.
"Interesting" of Khmelnytsky, which is well preserved to this day. Supplemented by "trumpeter")
Fire tower on which is installed a musician who at 12 o'clock plays "Ode to Joy"
Old building. We recently added a twist - a trumpet figure playing at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00. On Saturday nights, couples can be seen dancing Latin American dances outside the building. Without suits, in ordinary clothes, but it looks ve.. Read more »
The project of construction on the corner of Soborna and Podilska (then Karl Liebknecht and Karl Marx) buildings of the city fire brigade was developed by arch. I. Chekerda and approved in late 1946. But, due to postwar hardship and lack of funds, co.. Read more »
Usual tower at the city centre. Closed for tourists, you cannot go upstairs.
A beautiful fire tower, a kind of visiting card of Khmelnitsky, which can be displayed on a magnet for the recognition of the city.
Good Kalanche. It's a pity that you can not get to the middle and explore the city from a height
The old fire tower is a historical building that has a movie theater, a coffee shop and A gift shop in it. The tower has a clock that chimes on the hour with a bell and music. The theater is small but not as fancy as it could be, and in the movie the.. Read more »