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Odesʹka Oblasna Filarmoniya

Odesa, Ukraine
4.3 / 15
Odeska Oblasna Filarmoniya is a beautiful old building in Odessa, Ukraine. It was originally built as a stock exchange and later converted into a theater. Despite being in need of renovation, the building has a unique atmosphere that many people find captivating. The acoustics inside the theater are generally good, making it a popular venue for concerts and events. Tickets can be purchased either on-site, online, or at special stores in shopping centers. There is a small bar downstairs where concert-goers can enjoy a drink before the show or during intermission. The concert we attended, performed by the Hardy Rock Symphony Orchestra, was somewhat disappointing due to the quality of the singing, which was not on par with the orchestra itself. However, overall, the building is truly amazing both on the outside and inside. The seating is relatively comfortable, but after about an hour, you may start to feel the need to stretch your legs. Additionally, it can get quite hot inside as there is no air conditioning, so it's advisable to bring something to cool yourself. The stage is relatively small, and the orchestra members face each other rather than the audience, so the best acoustic experience is in the middle of the first rows. However, the sound quality is still good in other seats as well. Despite the need for renovation, Odeska Oblasna Filarmoniya remains a nice place to enjoy beautiful music in an authentic and historic setting.
Address:вулиця Буніна, 15, Odesa
Phone:+380 48 725 6903



Very interesting building, despiratly needs renovation but anywhere plave is uniqe and atmosphere.
Beautiful old building, which used to be a stock exchange and then was converted into a theater. The acoustics are good, many people find their seat h.. Read more »
The building is just amazing, both from the outside and from the inside. Sits are relatively comfortable but after about 1hr you start to feel it and .. Read more »
One of the originally built ( Spt 3, 1894) , oldest philharmonic theater in Odessa city . Exceptional audio acoustic,symphonic orchestra needed. Easy .. Read more »
Building is waiting for renovation, however very nice
Nice place. The acoustics are not the best though
Beautiful theater.
Yesterday we visited this place for the Serega concert. The performance was awesome! Sergey Parhomenko did everything he could to make his show so won.. Read more »
Very authentic place amazing acoustic but need renovations. Government please do it.
I love this place for the excellent sound.
Toilets kinda bad but place is beautiful
Very beautifull! Great Architecture.
One oc the historic buildings of Odesa. Must be visited.
Nice building but in need of some cosmetic retouching. Bit of a climb up the stairs to get to the concert hall so if slightly infirm, give the climb s.. Read more »
The sound was average, and sometimes too distorted. The insides were neither attractive, nor well treated with. But the Hardy orchestra performance wa.. Read more »