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Odesa Fine Arts Museum

Odesa, Ukraine
4.8 / 17
The Odesa Fine Arts Museum is a must-visit attraction in the city. Located in an old palace, it houses a fantastic collection of paintings that showcase both classic and modern art. One of the highlights is the collection of South Russian school, Itinerants, and Serebryakova. The museum also has a contemporary art exhibition that offers a unique perspective on the artistic life during the communist era and the first thirty years of Ukrainian independence. The museum has undergone a renovation and rebranding in 2011, and the changes are clearly visible. The staff is pleasant and helpful, and the museum is well-maintained. Although some visitors have mentioned that they didn't like the lighting, the overall experience is highly recommended. The entrance tickets are reasonably priced, and there are discounts available for students. Many visitors have fallen in love with the museum, and it has become a favorite destination for art enthusiasts. The permanent collection is impressive, and there is always something new and interesting to see. The only downside is the unfortunate passing of the director, Roytburd. However, the museum continues to thrive and offers a diverse range of artworks that are worth exploring.
Address:Sofiivs'ka Street, 5А, Odesa
Phone:+380 48 737 3870



The permanent exhibition is in safe storage - Sept 2023. The contemporary art they have in display in an interesting backup
On the previous week our tireless team was coaching a crazy number of curious visitors from Odesa fine arts museum. We've tried to teach locals with b.. Read more »
A lot of impressive picture - I visit it every year a few time
The main art attraction in the city. There are great pieces of art all arranged in rooms of an old palace. A city visit without seeing this museum wou.. Read more »
The museum is nice , entrance tickets are not expensive at all. The only thing I didn’t like was the lighting, I think they have to change to location.. Read more »
Fantastic collection of paintings. Especially worth of seeing is a collection of South Russian school, Itinerants, Serebryakova. A new expo at second .. Read more »
Fell in love with the museum! Great contemporary exhibition right now and a wonderful permanent collection. It's a pity director Roytburd died
Diverse collections, worth visiting. Contains classic and modern art
I really enjoyed the museum and the pictures that you can find there, especially masterpieces of Aivazovsky.
Good paintings exhibition. You will need 1.5 - 2 hours for watching it. Entrance fee for main exhibitions is reasonable 100 UAH They have discounts fo.. Read more »
Great experience in Odessa National Museum. Art exhibition with many masterpieces ?
Delightful and compact with a lot of pleasant surprises and really interesting local insights. We managed both floors in about 75 minutes. No queue or.. Read more »
Museums is fairly small, but very much recommended to visit. For some reasons one or another floor is closed on some days. During our visit some local.. Read more »
In this kind of place, why dont I see a good and wide signage banner, I dont know but usually no sign to understand where I am staying in front. Also .. Read more »
Great as always! Unfortunately this time the upper floor of the exposition wasn't available.
Great time to see very famous Russian painters. Enjoyed it very much.
OFAM has truly became the avant-garde of the modern museum in Ukraine. It is a place, where you want to come back. And enjoy every minute of your stay.. Read more »
Nice but small. Definitely worth visiting . The restoration of the building would add value to the experience
Excellent collection , mostly from 18 & 19 th century. One can spend 90=120 minutes.
A famous museum will make your holiday mood. Exhibitions, performances, master-classes. All you need is love on arts.
Unbelievable! Super exhilarating! Surely recommended!
Beautiful old fashioned museum with a lot of interesting old and more modern pieces of of art
Roitbudt madd this museum famous:)
Awesome place! With AR snap pictures
Amazing place, must to see! Good collection, inspiring grotto, highly professional guide's lection. Thank You esteemed museum team, personal thanks to.. Read more »
Good paintings exhibition. You will need 1.5 - 2 hours for watching it. However, they don't have any discount for students.
Enjoyed seeing many good paintings of both famous and not so famous artists. Some rooms are very beautiful as well while others are very basic. All ad.. Read more »