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Ocean Plaza

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.2 / 94
Ocean Plaza is a fantastic shopping center located in the heart of the city. With its wide range of stores and brands, there is something for everyone here. The mall is clean and spacious, making it a pleasant place to shop. The helpful staff, many of whom speak English, make for a smooth shopping experience. The variety of products available is impressive, ensuring that you can find whatever you need. Additionally, the mall features a beautiful fish tank that adds to the overall charm. While there have been reports of theft in the area, the mall itself is well-secured and provides a safe environment for shoppers. The outdoor restaurants on the street level add to the overall appeal of Ocean Plaza. Whether you're looking for a specific item or simply want to browse, this shopping center is definitely worth a visit.
Address:Antonovycha Street, 176, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 591 3909



Lots of exciting shops, brands and restaurants... Stopped over here on our way back to the hotel. After a day of sightseeing and exploring the natural beauty of what Kiev has to offer it was a well deserved rest. If you are in the area make sure you .. Read more »
Great mall and amazing food court with different varieties. Very Clean and spacious mall. Have found everyone in every shop to be super helpful and many salespersons also speaking English. HUGE variety of EVERYTHING!!! Enjoy???
It is a very beautiful shopping center and has different brands???
I love shopping here. It's not a huge mall, so you won't get exhausted routing around the stores. On the other hand, Ocean Plaza has everything you need from a place of this kind of places. Great location. Never too crowded. Always clean, s.. Read more »
Unfortunately the place has become hub of thieves, in previous visit mobile phone stolen. Last week my friend's wife's mobile phone along with purse also stolen. Be very careful in all places inside the mall. Look like management is invo.. Read more »
Large clean and modern mall with most of well known brands and shop chain are available. Within the border of the city center. Movie theater but not in english. Charming outdoor restaurants on the street level.
A big shopping mall situated in the city center with wide range of mass market and upmarket shops, a cinema, a food court and lots of restaurants, a supermarket, an acquaruim, playrooms for children. Worth visiting
My wife lost a bag inside the mall containing $500 purchases And she kept looking for him And because we are tourists, we don't know the language well and we don't know where to go Then a man we don't know helped her He spent more than.. Read more »
Went a few times your lost for choice For takeaway food pods. The shops are plenty if you have time then this is the place to shop and enjoy. The aquarium is really beautiful, And the restaurant I eat that houses the Aquarium was superb.marlin fish r.. Read more »
Are you looking for somewhere beautiful amazing, with any kind of magazine to shopping, ocean plaza most biggest shopping mall in kyiv , there is a lot of different mark and shops , you can find anything you want , from perfume till nicest clothes wi.. Read more »
It one of the biggest mall that I have ever been to, there you can find anything you would want. The security is very tight and good, shop lifting is almost impossible here, good and different varieties of goods. So come shop smart.
Nice mall to hang out. Not too big, not too small, variety of offer from top brands to more casual and affordable. Aquarium is really standing out as an attraction. And location is the big plus.
A giant department store of modern days goods. It has everything to dream of, you can easily spend tons of your time inside. Clothes, electronics, music items, jewelry, huge aquarium with exotic fish, amusement site for kids and adults, cinema. Dow.. Read more »
A good place for a foreigner to go for shopping, relax, watch movies. They also have an impressive aquarium with interesting fish
Best mall I have seen in Ukraine so far. I have seen few malls such large and bright, even in Italy and Russia. There are various kind of shops, really big and for all budgets. Just a little bit cold atmosphere but, after all, it is a mall. Of course.. Read more »
Best mall I've ever been in Europe.
Very nice shopping center, I m really curious when ocean plaza 2 will open
Has huge variation of stores in mall compared to others. Enjoyed the ambiance and had quite a few food places. Surprising is the huge Mart underground and a huge space to sit outside. If you like above average shopping this is the place for you.
Perfect big shopping mall, base floor is a huge hyper market - that you will find everything you may need . - Mobile shops, laptop's, electronics, etc - Plenty of restaurant and cafe as well in base floor - Variety of brands . - confectionaries.. Read more »
It’s a pretty well organized mall with a lot of good brands available. What I like the most is a good parking lot, which is important and very convenient.
Super shopping centre, available everything needed (fashion, food, entertainment, groceries, electronics, etc). Impressive aquarium. On of the biggest supermarket. A few coffee shops. Major fast food chains available. Washrooms clean and free.
Great day we spend shopping here , they have nice shops and it’s huge place to spend the day , covered with air conditioned , almost the same brands you see in big shopping malls . Cinema included but Ukraine language only . Cafes and restauran.. Read more »
The largest mall in Kiev, it carries most of the brands globally and also some for this part of the world. Has a good set of activities to suit all ages of people. A good metro connection so its easy to reach for the city centers.
Wow, what a gem in Kiev. Such a thematic, artistic and beautifully decorated mall. Known international brands are there. Near to a metro station. The outside has good restaurants, you can enjoy a coffee or a drink. It is highly recommended.
I had an excellent time here. I was on a date and this was first stop here for a stem of wine an get acquainted. There is an excellent wine bar with open air sidewalk style bistro seating to connect with your companion and to people watch. I highly r.. Read more »