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Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.8 / 106
A collection of works of art organized at the end of the 19th century on the basis of the collection of K. Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg company. The museum funds contain many masterpieces: the work of a brush by Gauguin, Degas, Renoir, Manet and other famous painters. There is also a rich collection of Rodin's sculptures and icons. The building itself is a picturesque architectural structure with rich decor and decoration of the Renaissance.
Address:Dantes Plads 7, København
Phone:+45 33 41 81 41



I absolutely adored this museum! A must see for every “statue-interested-person”! There was a lot to see from paintings to statues to mummies! The food and drinks in the cafe were great with a pleasant atmosphere! Definitely worth a visit.. Read more »
Very pleasant place to spend a few hours. Had various exhibits from around Europe and Africa (including a comprehensive area about Egypt). Cool courtyard and very nice and calm inside. No crowds or line for me, although I did come on a weekday after.. Read more »
One of the best museums in Copenhagen. They have an extensive sculpture collection as well as a beautiful exhibition of french painters such as Manet, Gauguin, Renoir and Monet among others. The Egyptian wing is worth a visit too. Free entrance on th.. Read more »
Gorgeous old building with a wonderful exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts as well as Roman. Danish and French painters and more. Very good cafe and lovely little gift shop. The center has a covered garden with koi pond and seating where you can pi.. Read more »
What a fantastic museum with a great collection of sculptures. Of course, the winter garden past the entryway is also such an incredible sight! Highly recommend just strolling through the rooms. Note that one needs to store all bags in lockers. One .. Read more »
Best museum in Copenhagen by far! It is really big, we spent almost 4h looking at the different exhibitions, and we were fast. If you really spend enough time there you could be there for a whole day watching the amazing exhibitions and the art. My f.. Read more »
I was so pleasantly surprised by the sculpture collection here. It rivals some of the best museums in the worlds sculpture collection in my opinion. The interior garden courtyard is beautiful and they have a nice collection of danish and impressionis.. Read more »
I am a tourist from Indonesia and this is the first time I have come here and had a memorable new experience. To enter the gallery, I use the Copenhagen card. I came in the afternoon and at that time quite a lot of visitors. Here you can see painting.. Read more »
Great museum. Thoroughly enjoyed our visit here. Lovely building and facilities too. Entrance fee was very reasonably priced. I especially enjoyed the collection of Greek and Roman sculptures. The Egyptian mummies were fantastic too!
Amazing museum. This is a great example of a museum well curated without needing “big name” art. The winter garden is beautiful and sets the tone for the rest of the visit. The focus is mainly on sculptures but they have a nice collection.. Read more »
Great museum. Large variety of art and sculptures from all over the world. There was a lovely free clay class, where you made your own little tile. That was a very fun surprise. The area inside is gorgeous and there are over 20 rooms full of art, so .. Read more »
Wow. This museum is beautiful, way bigger than you think from the outside building. And I think we even missed some rooms, there are so many everywhere! If you're a sculpture aficionados, then this place is for you! The entry in the greenhouse .. Read more »
I’d say it’s a must visit if you are into art. It’s a beautiful museum with a large collection of Greek, Roman and Egyptian sculptures and artifacts. They also have art pieces of Danish artists. The museum isn’t too big and 2/.. Read more »
Lovely art and history museum very conveniently located. The ancient Egyptian mummy and artifacts are definitely worth the visit. I also really enjoyed the collection of Roman and Greek figures... heads placed at eye level for a good view of expres.. Read more »
This museum was a beautiful collection of art pieces with a big variety of types of art. Aside from the art, the building itself is stunning with it’s indoor garden. I would highly recommend visiting here when you’re in Copenhagen. On Tue.. Read more »
It's a place with a overwhelming collection of classic Art and historical pieces. You can't ingest it all in one visit.. The Cafe got great cakes but little space, prepare for a wait for table and service. Love the gorgeous building and ar.. Read more »
An interesting small museum requiring at most 2 hours for a detailed visit. The ancient Mediterranean section is pedagogical with some unique pieces that are definitely worth a look. The small French impressionist collection is excellent.
Comprehensive antiquities collection with extensive Greek, Roman and Egyptian sculpture and artifacts. There is also a large, diverse collection of Danish artists and sculptors. There are also rotating exhibits as well. Museum is huge and spread out .. Read more »
Amazing museum with a great collection of antique and modern sculptures and paintings of French impressionism and Danish golden age paintings. You can find paintings from Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh … The museum is large, so plan to have at least .. Read more »
Amazing museum with sculptures and paintings from different decades and most of them from Danish artists. Really nice journey through the museum passing by the beautiful greenhouse located at the center of the building with lots of greenery from all .. Read more »
Very nice museum with a lot of interesting and beautiful paintings and sculptures, you definitely need to set aside a day to see everything. The museum is conveniently located and they have free entrance on Tuesdays, which is very nice. You can'.. Read more »
Great museum with lots of sculpture and paintings. A few key holdings like Monet and Corbet in the French section. Can be done in half a day, full day of you love the collection a lot and want to linger. Cafe is good for coffee and pastry, but light .. Read more »
Wonderful works from VanGogh, Monet and others. I enjoyed the paintings more than the sculptures out of personal interest. The indoor palm trees and others in the green area give a tropical vibe. The cafe is good, the also had vegan option for torte.
Incredible museum in art and ancient history. I really LOVE the arrangement of the museum with the small middle room which has a botanical flair and the surrounded floors. The area with the ancient remains is so beautiful! You should see it.
Amazing private collection in central Copenhagen. Has everything from Egyptian mummies to Roman sculptures and French modern artists. The winter garden is among the most beautiful places in Copenhagen. Don’t miss out free-Tuesdays for the perma.. Read more »
One of my favorites. It's incredible how the achitecture of the buildings complements the artwork and makes it a worthwhile experience. It will take about 3 hours for the exhibitions visit -- and maybe another 1-2 hours depending on whether you&.. Read more »
The museum didn’t try very hard to win my heart. everything lay in the right place. Comfortable colors are flying around. Everything just perfectly blends in. Best museum experience in my life
The building itself is gorgeous and it is a delight to explore the huge array of artefacts! I found the lighting of displays particularly great, with the museum fairly quiet, spacious and clean. Spent a good few hours ambling around and enjoyed a de.. Read more »
Very nice collection, especially the French artists, and mostly the sculptures with some majors great names like Rodin. The Gauguin and Degas sections are supposedly ones of the greatest but are currently on display in other museums... we were a bit .. Read more »
Fantastic museum full of wonders. The exhibits on the Mediterranean, Greece, and Egypt are fantastic - as are the art galleries featuring extensive collections of Danish and French works. The central garden is also a fine place to sit and watch the w.. Read more »
I absolutely loved this museum. The collection is so varied, and even having been to various museums in Italy, I was amazed by the extensive collection of Roman sculpture. The Rodins are beautiful and there are some other beautiful French sculptors t.. Read more »
Marvelous museum with a beautiful garden. It's a magical place with lot of history. Absolutely fabulous, everyone need to come here ?
All of the exhibitions were interesting. There were lockers for our stuff and the staff was really kind and helpful too. The cafe was a little bit expensive but it was really cozy. The museum is really big, so it is worth taking the time.
Great collections of sculptures and paintings. But there’s a serious lack of seats especially where the texts on the walls are long, or where the pieces themselves are so big, and worth sitting in front of them for a bit. The Egyptian part is w.. Read more »
Very quiet for a major museum! We went right when it opened and only really ran into maybe 3 school groups. The guides were kind and the collections well-identified. The rooms were very warm though so I would recommend dressing lightly.
A beautiful Museum. Just the building is art! Every room has beautiful flooring. You can see a lot of sculptures and paintings. And definitely take your time to relax a bit in the wonderful winter garden!!
Beautiful exhibitions... gorgeous gardens... tranquility. I wouldn't take young children though there are a lot of activities provided for kids to keep them entertained.
I didn't think it was going to be so big and so much to see. We were there for more than 2 hours and I felt like I need to go back just to see the exhibits again. That's just the regular exhibit, there is a special one for a fee. We went o.. Read more »
Definitely one of the best places to go to in Copenhagen! We spend nearly 4hrs inside. It's an amazing building with great art! Free on Tuesdays but has a bit of a queue, so come early.
I thoroughly enjoyed this museum (even though the permanent French Art exhibits were temporarily closed. Your experience may vary greatly depending on current t special exhibits, but nonetheless I recommend this museum and definitely suggest visiting.. Read more »
Very nice museum! Two special exhibits -- Rodin and Gauguin collections. Both bodies of work are obviously very famous and awesome. Gauguin exhibit was focused more on his influence rather than extensive collection of his paintings. But, it was good.
The museum is great. A lot of beautiful, historical art to look at and even the building itself is amazing. It's fairly big and if you take your time it will easily take most if not all your day. The museum shop is quite nice too!
Such a beautiful place with beautiful sculptures. I love coming here to draw or take in the look of the sculptures yet another time... You can almost never get fed up by looking at them here, but it sure does help with a big variation and the amount .. Read more »
Glyptoteket is one of my favorite museums in Copenhagen. There is a good mix between the regular exhibits and loans from other museums, so you can revisit favorites while also experiencing new. They have done a lot to accommodate those wanting to sk.. Read more »
Beautiful place to just relax and enjoy on a rainy day, the Winter Garden is my favorite!
Outstanding collection of sculpture and art from many eras. Almost crowded with sculpture to be honest but truly stunning works. The building is absolutely phenomenal especially under the dome in the garden area. It's a great addition to any vis.. Read more »
I really enjoyed the exhibition here on Palmyra! I hope that's made a permanent part of Glyptotek :)
Beautiful place. Wonderful collection of classic art, paintings, sculptures. Egyptian section etc. Too much to list here. Check their website. Recommended. Why only 4 stars. Because of the steep entrance price.
If you are an art lover it's a must see. It's one of most interesting museums I have been to. Great architecture of the building and a well thought out collection. There is a nice terrace on the roof, garden in a courtyard.
This museum is one of the best in winter time it has some beautiful exhibitions but the museum itself is even more beautiful with the most wonderful winter garden where you can enjoy a light lunch or coffee and cake. Would definitely recommend to go .. Read more »
The collection of sculptures and ancient artifacts is very impressive. The Kneeling Barbarian and Perseus Slaying Medusa were stunning (not sure why Medusa photo is blocked, I've seen one elsewhere in reviews). I am not so impressed with the mod.. Read more »
A must visit in Copenhagen. The museum has artifacts dating back to 2000 BC all the way up to modern times. There are many sculptures and paints too. You can literally spend the whole day at this museum and not get bored. Rooftop terrace is free to a.. Read more »
This is one of the best days out ever. Such a lot to look at and be amazed at the quality of the artwork. Dont miss this and give yourselves at least 3 hours. Magnificent ?
If you are an art enthusiast, this place is fantastic to visit. You can easily spend 4 hours or more over there. There are sculptures, paintings and antiques from around the world but mainly France, Italy, Denmark. The building itself is gorgeous, gr.. Read more »
The best museum i have seen. Crazy good. I have spent hours inside is so beautiful and amazing. Multiple rooms and floors full of different art and antiques. Old Egypt statue's, mummies and other stuff. Also Greek art. The Van Gogh paintings in .. Read more »
One of the best sculpture museums in the world. I was completely amazed. I loved the fantastic sculptures of great sculptors like Rodin. The garden is also delightful. Magnificent!
It has everything you need for a quick visit an why not for a couple of hours. If you're a tourist you will love it. It has a beautiful inside garden with a coffee shop and art, such as old paintings and sculptures,and a gift shop. The cherry on.. Read more »