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New Town Hall

Munich, Germany
4.9 / 57
Neo-Gothic building on Marienplatz square. The town hall was built in the second half of the XIX - beginning of XX centuries, although it seems that it is already several hundred years old. In 1874, the City Council moved here from the Old Town Hall. In order to make way for the construction, about 30 residential buildings of citizens were demolished. The Town Hall is crowned with a 85-meter tower with a spire, the facade is decorated with figures of famous and significant personalities in German history.
Address:Marienplatz 8, München
Phone:+49 89 115



win task
Town Hall is amazing building of Munich which is in the center of city. Very central location in Munich. The architecture is neo gothic style which is beautiful and well detailed. This building is houses of administrative offices, council, mayor &.. Read more »
Balkrishna Shroff
It’s located right in the centre of Marienplatz. It’s a beautiful building. There are many shops and restaurants around.
Joanna Carab
Definitely worth visiting! The student ticket to go up to the tower costs 5.5€ for students and you take the elevator. Gorgeous view, beautiful building on the inside! Totally recommend it!
Vinh Gấu (A Wanderlust!)
No one can miss this place once visiting Munich! Nice building, nice architecture & there are many angles for photo. Crowded people is a thing to expect. You can pay to visit the hall & climb up for better view of old town.
Ruzanna Konjoryan
The place is marvellous and beautiful and I wish it was working during celebration day, we tried to reach there by 24 and 26 of December but both days it was closed luckily we good watch the play of the watch
Emily Faerber
I loved visiting the Marienplatz! Definitely a must see destination. Make sure to go in the new town hall and get tickets to go up in the tower. You will see amazing views of the city. Try to see the glockenspiel that plays at 11am,12am! Such a lovel.. Read more »
david antoun
The neo-gothic town hall built in the early 1900's is the symbol of Munich. an 85 m height Tower with 6 euros entrance to let you see the whole city with panoramic view from above. the many external sculptures and of course the famous glockenspi.. Read more »
Fabio Da Roit
Marienplatz is the heart of the city, the square was created in 1158. The new town hall is one of the most beautiful buildings in Germany, built in 41 years and completed in 1908 in its main tower houses a large carillon that plays at 11:00 - 12:00 -.. Read more »
Truly magnificent architectural ensemble adorned by a superb neo-gothic facade and a working clock. The interior courtyard displays some very interesting architectural elements ( spiral staircase, Gothic windows, gargoyles as downspouts, etc). A not .. Read more »
Alex Rybkovsky
This Rathaus is absolutely majestic! Wonderful gothic style. Love it
Artur Victoria
Located on Marienplatz next to the Cathedral, this architecturally beautiful building passes discreetly through its hidden entrance. this is where the city council works
Luke Matarazzo
Absolutely love this gothic architecture on the outside. Just great.
Aakash Christ
Beautiful town hall, it is built in the neo-Gothic style at the end of the 19th century. At Marienplatz in the center, which is definitely worth seeing ... there is a carillon, which we just happened to see at noon and it was beautiful. There is also.. Read more »
Olga Klein
The most beautiful City hall I have ever seen. Maybe there is one in Vienna which similar. That's all. This is the heart of the town and the main meeting point.
Backpacker _Hiker
Beautiful building and SO BIG! It's difficult to get the entire building in one photo. I love the gargoyle type statues on the building too. Looks more like a church. Beautiful!
Sin Fong Chan
New Town Hall at Marienplatz of Munich Old Town Visited on 22/9/2019 The New Town Hall is the seat of the city’s government and hosts the city council, offices of the mayors and a small portion of the administration. This Gothic architectural.. Read more »
Fernando Barbella
Awesome arquitecture, spectacular building indeed. Iconic place right in the middle of the city center. Stunning, full of details.
Chaiyot Yetho
The main attraction we must visit when in Munich. A square of everything in the heart of this stunning ? city. Irresistible beautiful!
Reeta Sharma
This is the main attraction of Munich. When you come outside and see such a beautiful place. It was amazing. This place is always crowdy. There are several restaurants around and in front of this.
Joerg Schudrowitz
Be there or be square. Visiting Munich without seeing the New Town Hall is a no go. A lot of people only take pics from the outside but the inner courtyard is worth to step in. It is free of charge - so take a moment and have a look. Enjoy!
Brandon Noble
The neo-gothic style certainly is not for everyone but quite impressive. The surroundings here are beautiful anyway!
Helena Dang
Love the architecture as well as its history. Totally worth a trip.
Nima Maloumi
The most spectacular and outstanding attraction of the city, the building was built in 19th century, it is located in the city center, unfortunately I couldn’t get a chance to enter the building but still it was a great feeling even observing t.. Read more »
Stefano Bianchi
Amazing place!
Manar Al Ghazali
One of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. Perfect place for sightseeing and friendly people ???
Vỹ Nguyễn
The first section of the building in the Eastern part of the Marienplatz, on the corner of Dienerstrasse, was the results of an idea competition won by Georg Hauberrisser and carried out between 1867 and 1874. When it became clear that this new build.. Read more »
Rhena Sobhan
An Iconic places of interest to visit. Enjoy the architect and also there's many street performance artist here! If you want to do some shopping, the famous shopping street is only right beside the town hall.
Benedict Uy
This is such a beautiful building that is located in the Marienplatz. There is so much to see on the building that it is hard to focus on one single thing. The Glockenspiel is the clocktower of this building. There are a few shops around the base of .. Read more »
Ilko Radulov
The Old Town Hall building, extremely impressive, has the opportunity to climb up to one of the towers, which offers stunning views of the city. Every day at 5 pm, 11 pm and 12 pm, a mini spectacle with rotating and singing dolls is broadcast from th.. Read more »
Fahd Nait Ali
Beautiful. To access the tower, you need to buy the tickets from the Information Center which is located outside the tower. Then go to the elevator which is on your left side at the entrance of the tower. Press no 4, from there the operator will vali.. Read more »
Fredrick Aviles
Great place to sit in the grass and relax. Lots of families and kids playing and relaxing. Plenty of shops around and there is always someone performing different things which is nice to see.Upon exiting the Schlosplatz station, you pop right in the .. Read more »