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New Synagogue

Berlin, Germany
4.3 / 96
Jewish temple of the middle of the XIX century. Surprisingly, the Wehrmacht authorities did not destroy him, but simply closed in 1940, adapted the premises for a warehouse. The synagogue also survived during the bombing, although it was significantly damaged. After the war, they decided not to rebuild the temple, since almost all Jews - potential parishioners were killed under Hitler. The building was demolished in 1958, only the facade remained of it. After the unification of Germany, the synagogue was restored.
Address:Oranienburger Straße 28-30, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 88028300



win task
Just been there for this beautiful building because I’m in love nice architecture and it has awesome details same like Natural History Museum in London. A lot of history and info inside.
Jeffrey Kraskin
The New Synagogue Berlin should not be missed. A visit to this site is a strong reminder of the hate of yesterday and the continued hate today that one may experience. The visit is full of joy in what has been restored and disappointment in knowing.. Read more »
Eyal Zeev
Incredible experience! Like much of Jewish culture this place exudes both a joy for life and a sadness of tragic proportions. Visitors may come out with different emotions and revelations about meaning.
Andrea Crvena
A beautiful, must see place in Berlin, both powerfull and tragic. Historically and architecturally important.
Justyna Kuciel
It was a really nice occasion to get to know some information about Judaism and the history of the Synagogue. But unfortunately, I think it’s prepared in a wrong way, it’s hard to get to know even basic information. I expected more archit.. Read more »
Giuseppe Marchisio
A place of memory, history and sadness. Looking at the media shows inside keep you inside a dark age for the humanity. The area kept some remains of the synagogue and shows how big was it. We must not forget.
Anja Moore
Very interesting exhibition inside, lots of information. Heavy heart. I'm glad I was able to show my 10 year old the Synagogue and the history.
Beddy Frointlich
not what one expects perhaps - too much was destroyed - but still very interesting to go inside and learn about different people, see small clips of former times and learn of the photographer who took so many pictures displayed ( video of his daught.. Read more »
Debbie Zioni
Amazing museum and architecture. Plan to spend 2-3 hours there. Only problem is there’s just German and English translations.
Karim Gilyazov
The synagogue hosts a museum, highly recommended. The audio guide helps to understand the history of Jewish community of Berlin, also the place hosts temporary exhibitions. Exquisite design and historical details await visitor.
Dmitry Bershadsky
Very interesting history and well-preserved site. Get Jesse as your tour guide ;)
Anna Silverman
I cannot find words describing the weight of history and beauty of this place. The museum is worthy of seeing, and the building itself, every detail of it, a history in itself...
Adam Sumner
Pretty disappointing experience. They call it “New Synagogue Berlin” but it’s just a museum. The synagogue was destroyed and later rebuilt, but they don’t let you actually go into it. Much of the information coincides with tha.. Read more »
Aimal Massoudy
It was good information regarding Jewish and their existence in Germany. The line was long and the weather was cold. Overall good place to visit.
Floriane Penon
Visiting too many museums is not my thing, but if you are interesting in learning how the Jewish people faced the WWII, it's the place to go.
Sheila Kaznowska
A huge amount of interesting information, so we didn't then go onto the Jewish Museum. Amazing view from outside at the back. I wish we'd actually been able to see more of the synagogue and prayer areas.
Kevin Chua
Very informative and interesting exhibition on the Jewish community in Berlin particularly before the Second World War. It’s so sad to read about the accounts of discrimination and eventual murders
Unfortunately the synagogue was seriously damaged in the past and nothing left behind. Therefore, our visit was a bit disappointing. It can be visited free of charge on the first Sunday of the month. No prior booking is required.
Geeh MrLuigi
I don't care how nice the museum was inside, I accompanied an older relative and the security guards humiliated her with snarky and unnecessary questions such as "have you never flown before?". Such a sad display of power hunger in a p.. Read more »
Deb Litman
What a beautiful building. It was closed today. But was worth passing by to see
Chantal Saab
My first time in a Synagogue beautiful experience. Calm and very well secured place.
Must-see in Berlin, the former center of Jewish life. Engaging exhibits in print and digital. Home to very important archive of photos by photographer Avraham Pisarek. I recommend going in the morning and spending an hour. Exhibits accessible by sta.. Read more »
Elliot עליות Shayle שייל
I heard some really interesting stories about Jewish life in Berlin, including Jewish history, and facts and artefacts from the holocaust years! It was very engaging with clever multimedia exhibitions to bring narratives to life. The architecture of .. Read more »
Racheli Levitas
Interesting exebition about the history of this place. Loved the interviews with people that remember the place before the Holocaust
M Singh
Stunning Synagogue steeped in history, beautifully preserved. One of the most beautiful buildings in Berlin. Very welcoming staff. A must visit! Thank you for having us :)
Do Co
An amazingly preserved, very important part of the Jewish story of this city. Allow a good few hours to see it all and make sure you get the audio guide, it is well worth it.
Nick Cairns
We had a very interesting tour if the synagogue. I learned many new things from a very professional and knowledgeable guide.
Yolo Yang
Nice Architecture Attending Louis Lewandowski Festival 2016 Opening
Raquel Donoso
It's not a synagogue anymore, it's just a museum. Not worthy
Sabina Pip
Interesting exhibitions and an amazing space.
Najib Cherka
A place that tells an important part of history. Audioguides available at an extra cost. The story that museum wants to tell could be more consistent.
Asli Moon
Recommend it to everyone. Very informative!
Torsten Mertens
From the outside it looks great, its a pity there is an entrance to pay and not a voluntary donation
Daniel Goertz
If you're interested in Berlin's history, you have to see this place as well. Because the Judish history also a German history. The building is beautiful and hosts also various exhibition.
Adam Tabachnikoff
Beautiful. Powerful. History. New beginnings.
Ivan Bok
Sad place of the sad history. But worth to see.
Noam L
Very nice museum from the late 18th century. Happy to visit and happy it was not destroyed. I also felt very safe.
Olive Tree
Looks nice from the outside and it is the most beautiful building in Berlin and the Coziest building in the whole city.At night its lights up like a giant ancient golden domed dollhouse.
דותן אר-
An amazing sight to behold. The synagogue is beautiful from the outside, well at least what's left of it and the museum and art collection inside of it is worth seeing not only for the history of it and what it used to look like. For Jewish peop.. Read more »
Gilberto Güiza
The facade of the site is spectacular, the interior is a good museum that explains the history and life of the community and the place. It is somewhat disconcerting because many of the rooms are white spaces not restored after the war. What is reall.. Read more »
G L Littleton
Prior to entering you are required to complete a security check. Then you proceed to ticket sales. No Photos allowed. This is always a red flag for me. If I'm spending $ or € I want to look at my pictures and recall the experience. So I did.. Read more »
Pedro Aguilar
Beautiful place! Synagogue and museum at the same time. I liked that I could see the damaged made during WW2. It made me think of how much this place and people part of it had to go through. Architecture is beautiful outside and inside too. Peaceful .. Read more »