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New Customs

Dusseldorf, Germany
4.7 / 69
A complex of buildings erected on the site of the former customs within Düsseldorf harbor. New Customs is a modern building in 1998 in the style of deconstructivism, invented by F. Gehry - the author of the famous "Dancing House" in Prague. The complex consists of three parts of white, mirror and red colors. Each part is a separate asymmetric complex with curved lines.
Address:Neuer Zollhof 2-6, Düsseldorf



Khan Sazzad
Unique architectural views
Aric Austermann
Cool project that needs some upkeep
Tomas Fuchs
I visited the place because of the buildings of architect Frank Gehry, as I know only his "dancing house" from Prague, where it is a symbol of modern architecture of the 90s. The middle house with its shiny metal facade reminded me of the d.. Read more »
Ugo Reghini
It is always a pleasure to see some architectural complex thought by an archistar. Frank Gehry is a master and this residential complex hardly can't be appreciated. The whole area is very interesting, I recommend to come and have a walk for all .. Read more »
se jung Oh
Unique place, good mood
Juan José Ortiz Becerra
An interesting building to look at
Miguel Hoyos
To be honest is an interesting place to know, but... It wasnt My favorite bulding in dusseldorf
has Aa
A very amazing neighborhood! It is a set of very impressive buildings, either by their shapes or by their colors and the whole has given a small contemporary architectural wonder. A walk in the shade of these buildings is to be planned without any he.. Read more »
Xu Zhang
There nice buildings with same window elements.
Nik Bloomquist
Either you love Frank Gehry or you don't: D In my case, the former predominates. Beautiful to look at, especially when the evening hours of the day approach. Everyone who is interested in architecture gets their money's worth.
Kimochi San
One of the icons of modern architecture in the harbour area of Duesseldorf.
Romeo Rum
These buildings reminded me of the Dancing House in Prague. The creators wanted to attract attention and they did it - very extraordinary. Bravo! And special thanks to Google for choosing my photo as the main one (a trifle, but nice) ??
M.K. Choe
Frank Gehry's works in Düsseldorf. Neuersolhof is an apartment complex built by redeveloping the port. It consists of three buildings, each with a different appearance. One seems to be white plastered, and the other is the brick exterior, a.. Read more »
greme-de p. gremmelspache
Frank Gerry's architecture - extraordinary and interesting. As a residential development at this location, however, anything but quiet: D
This is where you can see the architecture of world-renowned architect Frank Gary. There are three buildings, but the appearance itself is different, so it seems to look at different buildings. In addition to this, there are unique and famous archite.. Read more »
Eddy Depetter
Wonderful buildings. Great piece of architecture!