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National War-History Museum

Sofia, Bulgaria
4.6 / 106
The National War-History Museum in Sofia is a must-visit for anyone interested in military history. The museum offers a vast collection of tanks, planes, helicopters, and other military vehicles both inside and outside the museum. The outdoor "gardens" showcase an impressive display of tanks, planes, and amphibians. Inside, on the four floors of the museum, visitors can explore the rich history of Bulgaria through engaging exhibits. One of the highlights of the museum is the extensive collection of military pieces, including enormous tanks and planes. The museum also offers multimedia and audio options, making it an enjoyable experience for both young visitors and tech enthusiasts. In addition to the fascinating exhibits, the museum is known for its friendly and informative tour guides. Visitors can expect a warm welcome and helpful information from the staff. The facilities, including spotless bathrooms and ample parking, make it an attractive destination for school groups and teachers. What's even better is that the museum offers free admission, allowing everyone to enjoy the incredible collection of tanks, troop transports, artillery, planes, and more. For those who are not particularly interested in military history, there is even a parking lot exhibit that can be visited without paying. Visitors rave about their experiences at the National War-History Museum, describing it as an amazing place to visit. The wide range of tanks, planes, missile systems, and other military vehicles offers a captivating and immersive experience. Many visitors express regret for not allocating enough time for their visit, as the museum offers hours of exploration. Even in unique circumstances, the museum goes above and beyond to accommodate visitors. A visitor from the UK shared their positive experience of being granted access to the external part of the museum due to maintenance closure. The guide, Georgi Kanev, provided a fantastic tour, displaying extensive knowledge and excellent English language skills. While the exhibits and collection are highly praised, some visitors have noted instances of rudeness from staff members. However, this does not overshadow the wonderful history and extensive collection of unique items on display. Overall, the National War-History Museum in Sofia is a captivating and engaging destination for military history enthusiasts. The combination of outdoor displays and indoor exhibits, along with knowledgeable staff and affordable prices, make it an excellent choice for a visit in Sofia.



If you want to see whole place you should be prepared for few hours of visiting. In the "gardens" there are a lot of tanks, planes, amphibians etc. Plus 4 floors with stories about Bulgarian history.
I was absolutely mesmerized by all the military pieces that are displayed inside and outside. There were enormous tanks and planes. There is also multimedia and audio available for the young and the techi. Another reason why I recommend going to the.. Read more »
Amazing place to visit, incredible collection of tanks, troop transports, artillery, planes...(even a luftwaffe's panavia tornado) all for free!. In the parking lot you havea exhibit good enough that, unless you are excited about military histo.. Read more »
Amazing Military History Museum in Sofia. I did not allocate enough time to explore this beautiful museum. Amazing planes, tanks, missile systems, helicopters, and other military vehicles. I spent about 2 hours and could have easily spent another 2-3.. Read more »
So my visit was a bit different, I knew the museum was closed for maintenance for part of my trip but due to technical difficulties they had to remain closed on my final day. I emailed the museum to see if they could do anything with me having travel.. Read more »
Most engaging thing to do in Sofia. Loads of tanks, jets, missiles and more. QR codes are good to get an extra view. We paid 4 Lev to visit all the outside space and the front is free
Excellent museum. Most is in English. The exhibits are great. Unfortunately the staff are incredibly rude. The woman working today on the reception today 4pm 31st July 2022 was barking at me in Bulgarian because I tried to use a student card. Then I .. Read more »
That was the best museum I've been in Sofia. There two yards with planes, tanks, helicopters and other army vehicles. There are two buildings, the first has uniforms and guns of recent history and the second has 3 floors, at first there are was .. Read more »
Great museum! No entry fee, and all the big tanks etc are just outside and you can walk freely around them. Very much appreciated going inside the main building to see the exhibits afterwards, as there was air conditioning. Nice staff gave directions.. Read more »
Pretty cool outdoors museum with an exposition of various different military vehicles. I would recommend visiting it especially if you are interested in such kind of things. It's also perfect for young kids!
Great museum with a lot of exhibits outside. Great military history of Bulgaria and all exhibits have fantastic English translation! Would definitely recommend if you’re a military/weapons fan
Amazing military museum! The garden in front of the museum is freely accessible and you can walk between the machines without restrictions. Admission to the second part, which is also outside, is 4 lev and including the inside part 8 lev. Definitely .. Read more »
Quite disappointed of the Cosmic weekend event, I expected something modern, not just a bunch of balloons painted to look like planets. Such waste of effort, money and time… the military history part is the same as it always was, good, but aft.. Read more »
An amazing experience. I highly recommend the full package. Though the main attraction of this place is naturally their enormous backyard of WW2/Soviet-era tanks, artillery guns, jet fighters, missiles and reconnaissance vehicles, the indoor exhibiti.. Read more »
One of the best military museums I've ever been to. Vast collection of vehicles. Well worth the time if you're in Sofia.
Very nice museum! I liked it very much! There were also a lot of sound effects and multimedia.
Extraordinary amount of different weapons, history and arsenal. The museum is well cared for. It has everything written in English as well. The personal is friendly and the price for the ticket is affordable. It doesn’t have parking.
We visited the museum as a family and were very impressed with the collection of military equipment that the museum has to offer. Some previous people mention unfriendly staff - but our experience was very good and the staff were keen to show us extr.. Read more »
Very interesting museum with a large collection of military vehicles and machinery. You can visit the entrance garden with many objects for free. You can go inside to buy tickets for the larger part of the museum.
The tanks outside of the museum are pretty cool. The museum itself wasn't very interesting, very high entry prices. The women were friendly, but on every floor they check your ticket again.
A must see if you go to Sofia. Perfect museum, also for non military crazy fans... Remembering where we come from is a must to understand where we must be heading to...
A staggering amount of all kinds of war equipment and weapons, spanning several centuries. Be sure to visit for anyone interested in military development through history. The visit can take several hours due to the huge number of exhibits and histori.. Read more »
You cant always enter and sometimes ts too crowded. Otherwise the staff is very nice and most of them speak english. I recommend it dfor families too. Also the outside part is free to explore.
Very interesting museum. Lots of uniforms, medals, and guns. I wish they had some planes inside as well.
This museum is interesting but the people who work here ruin the experience. By now, anyone working in tourism has had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated. Yet the staff have found a way to weaponize covid fear to get their authoritarian kicks. Fo.. Read more »
You can see some WW2 armoured vehicles as well as some from the cold war. They also have some old Soviet aircrafts :)
Great setting, especially when it comes for the exhibits in the courtyard of the museum. Excellent examples of artillery weapons, airplane models, long-range missiles ... Whoever, for those who loves artifacts from the liberation wars against the Ott.. Read more »
A very nice museum, you can get a better insight into Bulgarian military including history. There are several exhibitions i.e. white weapons, guns, orders etc. Outdoor, there are plenty of airplanes, tanks, cannons etc. The reduced ticket for all exh.. Read more »
The most interesting and definitely the best military museum i have ever experienced.
Good military musium of bulgarien history and present.
Nice military collection. A real military vihecls planes and choppers. Guns and more equipments. The price (19.9.20) is in one of my pictures picture.
We enjoyed ourselves a lot. So much history and information. Very interesting and good exhibits.
Best museum in Sofia. So much history and weapons
Amazing museum with a multitude of tanks, planes, and other war machines
Very interesting place. All signs are translated to english. Took 2 hours to see everything with pretty impatient child :)
At first the boy completely disappeared. The museum is very nice.