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National Museum of the American Indian

Washington, USA
4.4 / 109
One of the new museums on the National Alley - the opening took place in 2004. Expositions are devoted to the history and culture of Native American peoples. Here are collected clothes, household items and rituals, weapons, jewelry, coins of various Indian tribes. There is a theater on the territory, where the Indians play national instruments, dance and arrange various shows for visitors.
Address:4th Street Southwest, Washington
Phone:+1 202-633-1000



Megan Hall
I was a bit disappointed at the size of the museum. The building is large and impressive but half of it is an open atrium that extends all four floors in height. The exhibits are well laid out and interesting, I just found them to be a bit lacking. .. Read more »
Ian Reid
Incredible architecture and excellent collection. Informative and wise. Recommend a visit after you've seen the Air and Space Museum. Museum of American Indian brings you back to earth where the real wonder of the cosmos begins.
Scot Egg
Disappointing that there is not more about Native American; A) Culture & Spirit - Reference for land, water and animals B) Storytelling and Wisdom of Elders C) Sacred Lands, Burial Grounds and Tribes- Black Hills, etc. Too stark, too much Whites .. Read more »
Chris Le
This should be required viewing. Excellent exhibits both older and new. Does not sugar coat the stories inside. Some positive, some heartbreaking. Beautifully displayed in a gorgeous modern building that pays homage to Native American cultures. Moder.. Read more »
The National Museum of the American Indian is a great place to learn about the rich and diverse cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The museum has a vast collection of artifacts, from ancient pottery to contemporary art, and its exhib.. Read more »
Great learning experience. There are four floors, with the first main being entry and cafeteria/Cafe areas. We began the tour on the fourth floor and worked our way down. The museum attempts to walk a fine line between presenting the sad history of .. Read more »
Joakim Fridheim
The National Museum of the American Indian is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Native American culture and history. Located in Washington D.C., the museum's stunning architecture, featuring curving limestone walls and a sweeping.. Read more »
Pam Buss
Unlike most other Smithsonian museums, this one is not overwhelming. It shares so much information in an easy to understand way. It is also not overcrowded like those at the National Mall. Everyone needs to go here to truly understand what American g.. Read more »
JeVarn O'Neal
What a great museum. The items in the gift shop are fantastic and made by actual tribe members. My mom and I loved the displays and knowledge shared. My 5 year old loved the interactive kids area. I can't stop thinking about the ceiling in t.. Read more »
Bill Franklin
This is a cool stop on the mall and a smallish museum that you can do fairly quickly. The food court here has a some interesting items averaging about 15-16 dollars per entree. They also have an awesome gift shop and a neat little activity area for k.. Read more »
Dsansivar Soy
Finally had a chance to visit this museum. We visited level 4 and level 3, as they recommend you start with level 4. Two hours or so, then headed out. We will come back later on for the rest. It was a great experience. My kids loved it. I loved the N.. Read more »
Staff were friendly. The displays are pretty amazing and interesting. The kids area was really cool as there’re skateboard and canoe balancing games as well as a teepee. The kids library is closed though but I assume it’s because of covid.. Read more »
Hanane Ouazzani
Had the great fortune of being present and participating as an observing student, at the opening ceremony of the National Museum Of The American Indian, on the Fall Equinox of September 21st, 2024. It was the most life altering experience on all leve.. Read more »
Ian Bozung
Fantastic museum. Location is close in proximity to the Capitol, Supreme Court, etc (if you're in that area). Has a big and memorable atrium. Otherwise, the exhibits are fantastic-- they are very detailed and they go into depth about Native Amer.. Read more »
If I had limited time I would give this museum a pass. It’s a stunning building, but the collection seems lacking. It’s mostly full of art by George Morrison, a Minnesota artist who in my opinion, is average. Perhaps things have changed s.. Read more »
Matt Teaford
If you want to immerse yourself in a section of history that our textbooks often missed, you have to go here! So much history, anthropology, and an incredible art exhibit. You'll learn lots about the diverse tribes of our nation, their origin s.. Read more »
Nora Hobbie
Engaging exhibits do a nice job of placing things into cultural and historical context. The exploration of the use of Native imagery in popular culture and thought was interesting and the discussion of the role played by Little Big Horn and Pocaho.. Read more »
Beautiful displays with many videos/recordings providing first hand information. Excellent displays on the Native American vs.government points of view. Info on the treaties made and the violations of them were eye opening and saddening. Yet so many .. Read more »
Max Wood
Beautiful museum. Nicely laid out. Exhibits were great. Spent a half day here.
BJ Jablonski
If I use incredible one more time in a review I might hurl. The beauty was evident the minute you walked in, a huge 50+ foot prism window displayed rainbows on the opposite side of the building walls that kids were wanting to stand in. THE TALENT OF .. Read more »
Gloria Bocchetti
This museum is done extremely well. It's beautiful and very informative. It also evokes so much emotion. Allow yourself several hours to visit because it's on 4 floors and each floor has so much to offer. Don't miss the museum shop if .. Read more »
Matthew Wyman
I only had about 30 minutes to explore the museum before it closed but I loved it! I would really like to go back. It's an eye opening experience that has helped me rethink America's past and present treatment of Native Americans. Addition.. Read more »
Ilyse Wagner
Must see! The exhibits on each floor are packed with information. You could easily spend an entire day here. I especially liked the Our Universes exhibit (coolest ceiling ever) and the Why We Serve exhibit. The scope of the information and peoples co.. Read more »
Charles M
I want to love this museum but it could be so much more. The exhibits are small for starters. There is a lot of time and space spent on the “treaties” period as well as the use of Indian symbols, etc in media, advertising, and stereotypes.. Read more »
Joseph Pepper
Great museum. One of my favorites in the area. But one of the guards had a little power trip and got an attitude when attendees weren't sure where to exit at the end of the day, due to improper directions from other employees. Luckily everyone e.. Read more »
Grace Pugh
While I didn't get to every museum in DC, of the 5 (or 6, if the Library of Congress counts) I went to this one was my favorite. Wonderful collection of beautiful or thought provoking exhibits and stunning architecture. I especially enjoyed the.. Read more »
Amy Tucker
We thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this museum. Immediately when we walked in we were welcomed by a person at the information counter. He told us all about the exciting special exhibit we were going to get to view and where to look out for special de.. Read more »
Diane Leiter
I didn't get to go inside because I got there too early on Sunday morning, but I wanted to share some photos and comments about the outside of the building. Beautiful piece of architecture that makes you think of Gaudi and his organic designs th.. Read more »
Scott Walters
The American Indian community should be completely upset about this museum. Every exhibit is either about war or a interesting piece with no history about it. The only thing they write about it is how wonderful the museum is. Waste of time. Waste of .. Read more »
Hannah Feldman
Beautifully done museum. Highly recommend eating here when you visit, there is a great food court! It is clean, well designed, and well paced. The exterior is also beautiful, make sure to check the memorial out front. You need to visit here if you�.. Read more »
C Rule
Amazing exhibits. The artifacts, stories and displays are interesting, and it was great to see indigenous people's stories being told from many different tribes all over the American continent, past and present. It takes at least two hours to se.. Read more »
Douglas Sherman
The DC area museums are great. Extensive American Indian history and real artifacts back to the 1700's. Modern Indian replicas and art too. 4 floors with an indoor Cafe. Plenty of food and ice-cream trucks along the road.
Sayed Mohammad shah Alamy
This place is the best place I have ever seen before. It’s free entrance but lots of things to do inside for fun you should pay. Things to do? Take a tour to virtual space station. Get idea about scientific research. Explore the universe. Kids .. Read more »
R Lin
Man, I really wish I could have spent more time looking around this museum. We came when there was only 30 minutes til closing, but we used it for all it was worth. Honestly, we got to legitimately look at a 1/3 of a floor. So we missed a ton. Even .. Read more »
So well curated. It centers indigenous people and doesn't feel like it has a white-facing audience, which is cool. The ambiance in this museum is so nice. It feels cozy and warm, not cold and museum-like. The store is top notch. The cafeteria: b.. Read more »
Marianne Smith
This place was a powerful, spiritual experience for me and my family. Truly an EXQUISITE and BEAUTIFUL museum. Everything about it - the architecture outside and inside, the exhibits, the circular rooms honoring and educating about different tribal n.. Read more »
Beautiful architecture befitting of beautiful people and a beautiful landscape. Procession through the building is a bit strange: borrows from a Frank Lloyd Wright concept where the visitor immediately takes elevators to the top floor and proceeds d.. Read more »
Michelle Maggiore
I can't believe this place has already been open almost 17 years! I am thankful the tribes self-funded this beautiful space, because the gardens, exhibitions and installations represent viewpoints and history that all visitors to the Nation.. Read more »
Cristianna Nelson
Hadn't been here in years and I re-visited with my girlfriend and we loved it. Just seeing how many advertisements include native Americans blew my mind to see it all in front of me, I just had no idea of the magnitude of it. The set up for the .. Read more »
Jasmine Bellamy-Zion
Was here 5 years ago, and it looks like they changed their exhibits - which is always exciting. Highly recommended. A beautiful building with a lot of important information.
Rev. Dylan Myers
Very educational experience. Free museums in our nation's capital? You're a fool to not spend a day walking them. They close at like 4 or 5 anyway, perfect time to go get something to eat and then go out drinking into the night
N.Steele Andrews
Stunning building, great showcase for a powerful story. "Format" is dated, lacking an updated means to convey the story. Sadly limited amount of Indian art. Needs a new, fresh narrative to communicate historical significance - not just .. Read more »
Sandor Garcia
Grand museum with superb architecture and incredible art installations throughout. A fantastic immersive and educational experience for all ages. A must see!!!
John Dinyari
Must have online tickets ahead of time! - They are bios out through the next 3 weeks. Go online to their website for availability. We would have mapped our day differently if that was noted on their google maps listing.
It was very fun, I truly recommend going to this, place. With no other Smithsonian open, this museum did not let me down. It truly showed me how much the Smithsonians triumph over, others in their quality. Would recommend taking the family to it or e.. Read more »
Kalpesh Shah
This is one of the museums in Washington DC where entry is free. It has many interesting installations and the interior of the musem is beautiful.
Lorna Davison
I love attending museums. Especially well designed museums with large elevators. I am not happy with the security who check your bags and escort you in at this museum. In most of the Smithsonian the guards are gentle humans who love their jobs.This .. Read more »
Jonathan Katz
My favorite museum in the area. Can't wait to come back! While they were open during COVID, I was impressed with their attention to ventilation and masking.
Sharon Stone
One of those lesser-known museums. This is a must for visiting DC. The museum is not as crowded as the others But it has an atmosphere like none other. Truly amazed
Sara Key
This museum is very historical!!! Brings down history to life regarding the Indians! Extremely interesting if you love history!!! Go with your history class/ students or with friends!!! I really recommend you all going here!! This is the one place y.. Read more »
Lorna Davison
I love attending museums. Especially well designed museums with large elevators. I am not happy with the security who check your bags and escort you in at this museum. In most of the Smithsonian the guards are gentle humans who love their jobs.This .. Read more »
Jennifer Zechmeister
I learned so much about the American Indians. I realized my public education in this country left out very important historical facts about our Native Americans. Our country should be more than ashamed at the way the American Indians were treated and.. Read more »
Lorna Davison
I love attending museums. Especially well designed museums with large elevators. I am not happy with the security who check your bags and escort you in at this museum. The rest of the Smithsonian the guards are gentle humans who love their jobs This.. Read more »
Belle Liu
You'll need to purchase a free timed entry ticket online. Social distancing strictly observed. Must wear a mask or no entry. Bags get checked and you go through metal detector. Gift shop and cafe not open. Plenty of bathrooms, very clean. Great .. Read more »
Bowen Peng
Wavy building
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Really cool to see one of the most interesting civilizations in the world!
Colorado Paralegal, LLC
As a Native American woman I truly enjoyed visiting this museum. Many will say the history is not exact and the pieces stolen, however, the location was great and the pieces authentic. I would go back.
RJ Sea
A Washington secret, Native American Food on your next Thanksgiving Day. And American Indian arts and crafts for Christmas Gifts in the Museum Shop, Black Friday. Best of all, learn in the exhibits about the gracious Original Americans... The People .. Read more »
Raymond Ellis
This is a great museum. All of the exhibits are interesting. I especially liked the Americans exhibit. It displayed many Indian inspired products, etc. over the course of history. The side exhibits exploring the facts and myths concerning Pocohan.. Read more »
MJ Krugell
This museum was just amazing. It is actually very scary to think of how diverse the word native Americans are. The rich culture and traditions within each tribe or chapter. You can spend quite a few hour here listening to all of the stories and music.. Read more »