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National Museum of History of Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova
4.6 / 91
The National Museum of History of Moldova is a must-visit place if you want to delve deeper into the history of our country. Housed in a historical building that was once a boys' gymnasium and later a lyceum, the museum boasts 12 exhibition rooms and a diorama, covering a total area of 5,700 square meters. It is highly recommended for both kids and families. The museum offers a wide range of collections, making it a very nice place to explore. The entrance fee is incredibly affordable at just 10 Moldovan lei (50 euro cents), and there are often temporary exhibitions to enjoy. One recent exhibition that captivated visitors was the sushi exhibition. Visitors have praised the museum as a great place to visit, particularly for families with children. It is also considered very affordable. However, there are a few disadvantages, such as a fee for taking photos and certain rooms where photography is not allowed. One of the highlights of the museum is its collection of prehistoric exhibits from nearby areas, which some visitors believe deserve their own separate museum. For many people, visiting this museum was their first introduction to the sights and history of Moldova, making it a great experience. The National Museum of History of Moldova is a fantastic destination for those interested in learning about Moldova's history. The ticket prices are incredibly reasonable, and each room is dedicated to a different period in history. One room that left a lasting impact on visitors was the one focusing on the history of the gulag. The gift shop offers a diverse range of items, including funko pops and manga. Don't forget to check out the wolf statue and the unique helicopter outside! Visitors have described the museum as awesome, with beautiful halls adorned with chandeliers. The museum offers information in English, Romanian, and Russian, ensuring accessibility for all. The prices are affordable, and the service staff is friendly and helpful. Visitors have also expressed excitement about the merchandise books available. Overall, the National Museum of History of Moldova is a highly recommended place to visit if you want to explore the rich history of the country. With its extensive exhibits, dedicated rooms for different historical periods, and affordable prices, it is a must-see attraction. Whether you are a history enthusiast or looking for a family outing, this museum has something for everyone.
Address:Strada 31 August 1989 121A, Chișinău
Phone:+373 22 244 325



Such a great museum, full of exhibitions, from the old to modern time. At the entrance of the museum you can see a replica of the Capitoline Wolf symbolising the presence of the Romans.
Funny to see the wolverine with Romulus and Remus (I was born in Rome) in front of the museum. Wonderful building and rooms and explain in a good way how the republic of Moldova was formed and the history of the area.
Excellent museum. Unique and varied attractions e.g. the rooms themselves are beautiful and worth the price of admission. There’s even an old fashioned diorama room that includes thunder and lighting — so cool! We visited many museums .. Read more »
Must see place for to know better the history of our country. The National Museum of History of Moldova from the very beginning was located in the historical building of the former Chisinau Boys’ Gymnasia No.1, later the Boy’s Lyceum. Tod.. Read more »
Very nice museum. Big and various collections. The entrance fee is just 10 moldovan lei (50 euro cents). Recently, I visited the sushi exhibition. It was quite captivating
Great place! Really recommend to visit it! Great for kids also. Very cheap. Disadvantages: you can make photos after paying a fee and there was a room where no photos where allowed
Very interesting museum with temporary exhibitions. Very interesting prehistoric exhibits from near by areas, which deserve their own separate museum.
That museum was my see sightseeing for the first time . I learned about different historical Moldova . Great !
The National Museum is a fantastic place to visit if you are interested in Moldova's history. The prices are 20 lei (approx £1) per person, and if you wish to take photos, then it is an additional 15 lei. Each room is dedicated to differen.. Read more »
Awesome! I've been in just two halls, and already exhausted of cool things they have there ^_^. You have to save couple of days for that, cause it won't fit in one. Dope beautiful halls, chandeliers etc. The writings are in en/ro/ru. Prices.. Read more »
Th National Museum is a fantastic place to visit if you are interested in Moldova's history. The prices are 20 lei (approx £1) per person, and if you wish to take photos, then it is an additional 15 lei. Each room is dedicated to different.. Read more »
Museum has a huge exhibit. Each hall is dedicated to particular period of history of Moldova. There is a lot to see. Much recommend!
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to this beautiful Museum in the heart of Chisinau. We got a sense of the history of Moldova going way back to the prehistoric age and chronologically up through the present. The exhibits were well set out.. Read more »
Approximately 15 exhibitions are held in this museum every year and it is considered one of the most important events in Moldova. This museum is divided into many scientific departments: ancient history, archeology, medieval history, history of Bessa.. Read more »
Interesting place, maybe the athmosphere is a bit cold and very poor in exponates. I don't understand some inside walls made it from PVC which is totaly unapropriate for an old building. On the other hand, i dont understand why there is a moder.. Read more »
Not very big, but it's a good place to visit. I wish they included more of their historical items from the USSR era. However, it did not have much of it. Questionable history should not be hidden or censored, it should be used to educate and not.. Read more »
This museum is not really for tourists visiting from outside of Moldova. Although there are signs in English it just feels like a collection of objects without any story especially for someone who doesn't know the history of Moldova
Great place to spend an hour or three. It was a very minimal amount for museum entrance for quite a lot of things to see. Favorite is the diorama. Staff were all very pleasant and helpful. Taking photos cost extra (not a lot).
Nice museum with good lounge zone
You have to visit this place if you want to find out something about the history of this country and to understand more about its people.
One of the first destinations for those who want to get acquainted with Moldovan history. It contains historical valuables from 13th century till the modern history of Moldova. The guides are very nice and are eager to answer any question one may hav.. Read more »
If you are a tourist, I'm not really sure this place is designed for you. I think rather it is dedicated to creating the identity of an independent Moldovan state, which I guess is fair enough. It does mean, however, that there are a lot of disp.. Read more »
This museum doesn’t do justice to the rich history of Moldova. Little information in English and little context overall, just a bunch of interesting artifacts without much explanation or context in most of the cases. The gold exposition was ama.. Read more »
Very good rich museum, with many collections like historic, Moldovan history, soviet period, military, others. Strongly recommend to visit. Located in the centre of the town, parking is available nearby. Good place also for children.
Possibly the worst national museum I've seen outside of Africa. It does have a collection of artifacts but, I might as well be at a flea market. Sad place, but I did enjoy the atmosphere and the garden is pretty.
Awesome experience. I recommend for everyone
Impressive exhibits of Moldova’s History. Especially some of the 3000-5000 years old items, and some of Ancient Rome and Greece exhibits. I was just important which relics this museum has - so interesting to see that! One more must have if you&.. Read more »
One of best Museums in Chisinau! If you are interested in History - best place!
A very interesting location, where you can learn more about the history of Moldovans. Anyway, the staff could be kinder.
There are many things that look outdated and need to be updated or removed. Personnel needs an update as well. Perhaps use more cameras instead of people. It's still quite interesting to visit and I'm glad we have this museum in Chișinău.
Impressive museum with a an immense collection of relics from different parts of the local history. The entry fees are pretty symbolic (especially if you're a student) and offer 2 floors full of history. The diorama present in the building is al.. Read more »
Interesting exhibition, affordable price and recently renovated. Highly recommended
A wonderful museum with numerous collections. One of the few places to witness the glamour of a prehistoric culture known in Archaeology as Cucuteni-Trypillian.
No one speaks English, not well organized and very disappointing. The only good thing is low price.
Very interesting museum, a lot of rooms. So many history here.
Imprecionante...... Very very nice
Initially was named National Museum of History of Moldova and was founded in 1983 based on funds transferred from the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History of Moldova and the Museum of Military Glory. The building of the museum is a buil.. Read more »
Genuinely one of the most interesting museums I've ever visited. Fascinating to learn about the history of Moldova and there were information sheets in English in every room. Just worth noting that the price is actually double what you might ex.. Read more »
Fantastic museum. Very interesting, The building is very nice. Beautiful architecture and wonderful displays of history. It must be visited not only by tourists but by locals too.
Spent a few hours here reading about the history of the Republic of Moldova/Basarabia. The building is well kept, neat, and clean. Was able to observe the chronological evolution of the region, with some well kept artifacts. Does a good job of explai.. Read more »
The building is very nice and there are many things on display, which are quite interesting. The museum lacks however any sort of a concept and no audio guide or written guide is available who would tell you the background or the history. You come to.. Read more »