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National Museum of History

Sofia, Bulgaria
4.3 / 107
The National Museum of History is a fascinating place to visit, offering a wide range of exhibits that showcase the rich history of Bulgaria. The museum is housed in a grand and architecturally stunning building, which adds to the overall experience. Inside, visitors can explore exhibits that span from ancient times to modern times, including artifacts from the Greek, Roman, and earlier civilizations. One of the highlights is the collection of goldsmithing exhibits, which are truly impressive. However, some visitors have noted that the presentation of the exhibits could be more interactive and that there is a lack of detailed information in certain areas, such as the communist era and post-World War II history. Despite these minor drawbacks, the museum provides a comprehensive overview of Bulgarian history and is a must-visit for anyone interested in learning about the country's past. Additionally, the museum offers a pleasant cafe with a stunning view of the mountains, making it a great place to relax and soak in the surroundings. Overall, while improvements could be made in certain aspects, the National Museum of History is definitely worth a visit for history enthusiasts and those curious about Bulgaria's rich cultural heritage.



A great place to cool down in peace and quiet. When you arrive there is no information on how to learn the history in a chronological way. It’s all a bit disjointed and it’s difficult to understand the context of the exhibits. However, th.. Read more »
Amazing exhibits, some being a couple thousand years old, like mammoth's tooth. Lota of human history - greek, roman and even earlier. Great place for people liking ancient times.
One of the coolest places I have seen! First of all the building itself is architecturally stunning, makes you feel small but it is fascinating in design on how it incorporates elements.of traditional architecture. The there is the historical artefac.. Read more »
Museum is good. Socialist architecture of the building is impressive inside out. Exhibition starts from the early age. But after that it’s too brief for me. I was lacking a detailed exhibition of the Balkan Wars, World wars and socialism in the.. Read more »
The National history museum🏛️ has exhibitions ranging from the ancient era to modern times, permanent exhibitions but also temporary ones. All exhibitions have descriptions of what they are in both the Bulgarian and English language. The ticket 🎟️ pr.. Read more »
We had a great time there. It was very interesting. Exhibit details were offered in both Bulgarian and English. We went on Sunday and it wasn't very crowded. We got the family ticket for 10 lv. The museum also organizes birthday parties for kids.. Read more »
As much as can be told about the sad and varied history of Bulgaria. It stops right after WW2... No coverage of communism or the corruption since. Amazing collection of gold. Worth a visit to better understand the country.
For any first time visitor or anyone interested in understanding the rich history of Bulgaria, I would totally starting off with this museum. Situated right next to mountains and with a pretty large exhibition, it covers everything from pre historic .. Read more »
The building itself is grand and prestigious. The collection is large but the way of presentation could be more interactive as its a bit presented in a static way. It would be nice if there would be some information about the history of the building... Read more »
Interesting exhibits, mainly the exhibits of goldsmithing. But what is really worth seeing is the building itself that houses the museum. The building is from the communist era, otherwise one can hardly find more information that is really accurate. .. Read more »
Very peaceful location in the mountains. You travel back in time for some 80s vibes. Interesting gold artifacts. Coffee is recommended for the view of the Vitosha mountain and to reflect upon your experience
Definitely a beautiful museum with excellent pieces and information on Bulgarian history. Also the building itself is quite interesting from an architectural perspective. Only giving four stars as the role of Bulgaria in the second world war is skipp.. Read more »
I can barely say that it's OK. It's being renovated from the inside a bit, but left from the outside. You can see that the park is being neglected from a long time ago. The entrance is still in relative shape so you can easily mislead yours.. Read more »
I had a walk in the past last night at the beautiful National Museum of History. The magnificent building and gardens, a remnant of the communist era are now open for anyone interested. I was reminded that Bulgaria is a country wit lots of history an.. Read more »
It have been a very benefit visit. The place is shedding a light on the Bulgarian people and there deep historical roots in human civilization , history of nation building, peace , wars , art , kings , Kahns, early metal and tools invention. Realy.. Read more »
Interesting exhibits, mainly the exhibits of goldsmithing. But what is really worth seeing is the building itself that houses the museum. The building is from the communist era, otherwise one can hardly find more information that is really accurate. .. Read more »
The ticket fare for entrance is 10 leva per person. There are some interesting items from the Romans, and especially gold ones are very nice. Third floor is for some old local clothes and war items. I think direction signs are kind of insufficient.
A very interesting museum, with detailed descriptions of Bulgarian history and some fascinating archaeological artefacts. The value for money of the visit is excellent; even just to see the architectural might of the building. It also has nice garden.. Read more »
The museum itself is pretty bit and there are 3 floors to visit, the treasure of  Panagjurišteis probably the most notable you will find together with some army and uniform from WW2 and Bulgarian traditional costumes. There's a disco.. Read more »
Interesting exhibits, lots to see and learn about the history of Bulgaria.it was very quiet, just our group at this particular time.
Nice museum, although it is out of the city centre. There is a bus line from Bulgaria boulevard (M3), which is convenient. The tickets were 2 Lev per person (if you're a student), otherwise it is around 10 Lev for adults if I'm correct. The.. Read more »
Tickets for students are only 1lev. Altough a bit out of the way and a solid trip out of town it is worth a visit. Staff was friendly but as we were the inly ones in the museum, they were making is a bit nervous
Chaotic, badly organized, of date museum. Some things are nice but rambling around alone would not get one any idea about Bulgaria. Try guides… We didn’t and the impression is sad
Beautiful collection HOWEVER the staff is very unfriendly. They keep looking at you and following you around as if you're a criminal ready to steal some old stones.
Interesting, but slightly chaotic collection on Bulgarian history. The building itself is very impressive if you like this kind of communist architecture.
Very interesting museum. Everything is ordered and displayed in a chronological way which makes it easier to follow and understand. The staff was friendly as well.
Lots of content and will take you at least 1,5h. Considering the colourful history of Bulgaria they could have had clearer descriptions. Keep Wikipedia at hand while you browse, it presents somewhat clearer and more interesting narrative. There is al.. Read more »
Interesting Museum with a great variety of historical objects. Beautiful ceilings inside. You definitely have to visit when in Sofia.
The National Museum of History in Sofia is hosted in the ancient government residence, thus a historic place, too From the first settlers in the territory of today's Bulgaria in the stone age over settlements in Roman and medieval times over the.. Read more »
Beautiful property nestled in the forest at the base of Vitosha Mountain. Amazing place for a concert!
Like every tourist places, photos are a forbidden inside. But looks like some local guides here really don't care... The old history of Bulgaria is really nice presented even for foreigners. But after the 10th century, it s just a collection of.. Read more »
It is a great museum. Absolutely worth to visit!
Great stuff there but the building is in terrible condition I literally saw the ghost of Todor Jivkov while I was there. The artefacts are amazing but everything else was terrible. Nothing has changed there literally since the communism. Maintaince i.. Read more »
Really well sorted place. It has a restaurant on the back so pretty much after exploring you can go to take something to go. The museum itself is full of historical weapons, clothes declarations and more.
Remarkable artefacts part of the Bulgarian history. Absolutely beautiful golden treasure collection!!!! Nice view to the city Definitely recommending visiting !
Miss this place a lot. Very good museum.
Really informative, but not well organized. At the beginning not much description and at the last floor a lot of description and not much of the items. Seems like it was not modernized at whole. But if you pass through all you get some overview of th.. Read more »
Very nice exhibition presenting Bulgaria and its history all the way from 6000 years BC to modern times.
The building itself is interesting as it used to be the primary residence of the dictator and last Bulgarian communist leader Todor Zhivkov. At my third visit instead of the real Panagyurishte Treasure there was a replica. The fact that I visited it.. Read more »
A must for tourists and locals. I forgot we were in Sofia. The place is amazing and full of stories to tell. There is also a little coffee area with a view towards Vitosha mountain.
I have visited so many times but it still amazes me how grand the building is.. beautiful exhibits are divided in rooms according to their time period and it is always a treat to discover new additions. There is an outdoor coffee house however small .. Read more »
Tickets are pretty expensive 10 levas for one person and we was able to see only 1.5 floor with poor collection of guns and tons of church items. Maybe it's worth to rename place church history museum? Workers was quite aggressive about followi.. Read more »
Nice little museum. It's not huge, but it's an interesting tour or Bulgarian history in an old communist building. It's in a nice area as well, with some pretty views.