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National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

Chisinau, Moldova
4.7 / 78
The National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History is a great museum that offers an immersive and interesting experience for visitors. The museum showcases a variety of exhibits, including displays of prehistoric animals, birds, plants, and folkloric apparel. The museum is well-maintained and has excellent security measures in place. One of the highlights of the museum is a beautiful sculpture in the middle, and on the top floor, there is a great display of folkloric apparel. The employees are nice and kind, and the museum offers discounted tickets for students. Some of the memorable exhibits include filled animals, a 3D Moldova map, and ancient bronze jewelry. There are also traditional masks, architectural elements, and sculptures throughout the museum. The museum also features a showcase of traditional rugs that are described as gorgeous. Visitors can also learn about the country's natural history, including dinosaur fossils, and immerse themselves in Moldovan folklore through wax figures, traditional wear, instruments, and fabric and rugs. The museum is a large and impressive space with many rooms depicting various historical eras and periods. It is definitely worth a visit, whether you are visiting with kids, as a couple, or on your own. Despite some issues with language barriers and ticketing, overall, the museum is a favorite among visitors and offers something for everyone's taste.
Address:Strada Mihail Kogălniceanu 82, Chișinău
Phone:+373 22 240 056



Very amazing 😍 experience!!! Everyone I recommend to visit this museum! They really did a nice job to organise everything there!
It worth to visit once for sure. There are interesting halls especially halls dedicated to Moldova nature and prehistoric period. There's a dino sceleton!
Very interesting museum. Enjoyed it a lot. If you are in Chisinau, it is definitely worth a visit. It's a shame that their aren't signs in English. My girlfriend had to translate a lot. So if you have a Moldovan of your own, definitely ask .. Read more »
Great museum, great conservation, great security. It includes a lot of displays of prehistoric animal birds and plants. It has a beautiful sculpture in the middle and on the top floor they have a great display of folkloric apparel.
A small but beautiful museum. I especially recommend you to see if you are interested with weird animals. We were one adult and one student and we payed about 15 lei. Employees are nice and kind. I personally really liked the filled animals and the 3.. Read more »
The workers were quite pleasent. There is a charge for taking photos, but it wasn't enforced as I did it discreetly and nobody said anything. It was a simple, cheap museum. Nothing to write home about.
The most amazing museum. Entry fee 10MDL, a ticket to allow for taking pics is another 15. Stuffed animals on first floor can rub some people the wrong way but they do showcase what a large variety of species inhabit Moldova, which honestly was quite.. Read more »
With a discount for students, this museum offers a various exhibit, from Moldovian folklore and ethnography to national flora and fauna. Some of the items really are memorable like the fossils or siamese lambs. Definitely it was worth to visit.
Am immersive and really interesting experience! It was so captivating learning about the country's natural history, with the dinosaur fossils being a standout! Also, the visitors are being immersed into the Moldovan folklore by real-life wax fig.. Read more »
Very interesting place to visit with kids or as a couple. Adult ticket costs 10 lei, student ticket is 2 lei while the ticket for taking pictures is 15 lei. The museum is huge. I’ve never imagined that it’s so big, but it is. The animals .. Read more »
All the ladies were very nice even though we didn't speak the same language. Lots of things to look at. They let us stay a few minutes late and didn't make us feel unwelcome at all. We only had one day in Chisinau and I'm glad we went .. Read more »
Favorite museum from Moldova. The variety of exhibits could interest anyone, regardless of the field they’re interested in. This museum incorporates biological, geological, political, historical, cultural and artistic exhibits, and it also has .. Read more »
Dear Colleagues, there is probably little funding, so the renovation of the National Museum's ethnographic branch's unconceptualized, outdated exhibition without subtitles in English is still a task. But what is not a question of money: an.. Read more »
Museum full of artifacts and information on Moldova, unfortunately a poorly maintained. extremely rude staff! rude and not interested in tourists! we had to go out 20 minutes before closing!
Amazing place. It has a series of exhibits that are in a very chronological order. There is not much in English but you can tell easily what each item is.
Probably one of the best museums in Chișinău since the number of items on display is quite large.
My favourite museum of Chisinau. Great architecture, lovely garden. The events organized here are very popular. And, to my mind, it is the best museum for kids.
Amazing Museum - the oldest one in Moldova. For those, who are interested in History and Ethnography - the best place! Entrance fee is just 50 Eurocents. Really worth visiting!
Verry interesting. Certainly worth to visit
Gorgeous building. Inside it covers both natural history as well as ethnography. This means there are lots of displays of types of soil, stuffed animals and birds and fossils and so on. There is also an enormous mammoth skeleton that is quite impres.. Read more »
Too bad this beautiful museum is slowly being overpowered by the years. It's a beautiful building and a very interestingly collection of heritage items
Definetely a good place to visit. You can admire the local traditional dressings, instruments, flora and fauna
A surprisingly good experience. A folklore, tradition and natural history museum that is a must. I enjoyed every minute in it.
Interesting facts, little interaction
One of the most impressive sights in Chisnau which must visit! It is the oldest museum in the Republic of Moldova, functioning at the moment. The building so spectacular either outside and inside that you can spent extra time just for seeing it beaut.. Read more »
From outside, it seems almost like abandoned building. But as you enter, it is packed with various very interesting exhibits of Moldovan culture and wildlife. Also it's great place for kids. Very great visual experience.
Very cool museum with a lot of traditional tools and clothes. It also has some more special rooms, which you can find about while visiting
Definitely worth a visit. Take the time to actually read the notes because once you do, then it really captures your attention. Lots of unique things displayed and the building itself is very fascinating.
Old style museum. Nothing changed there for the past 50 years for sure. Some exhibitions are interesting and it feels like you ended up in a place where the time doesn't exist at all. But it all doesn't matter when you interact with the sta.. Read more »
Museum of Ethnography and Nature is the first Moldovan museum. It was founded in 1889 by baron Steward, and during the 20th century it used to be the laboratory for the local scientists: F. Ostermann, S. Miller, F. Porouchik, I. Sukhov, B. Taraboukhi.. Read more »
Some of the cultural exhibits are interesting, but the staff are extremely irritable and rude. I asked for the bathroom, was given annoyed and vague answers, and when I asked if there was a place to get paper, the lady yelled at me about where I&rsqu.. Read more »
Very nice museum for a visit of 1 or 2 hours. You can see an overview of the animals of Moldova, the fossils and bones of prehistoric animals and the development of human culture of Moldova. The entrance fee is extremely low, there is a small additon.. Read more »
Wonderful exhibitions covering a broad spectrum of history,. There were thankfully English explanations on much of the exhibits.
An interesting museum, many exhibits on display, more than 15 halls, many different animals and old books and decorations. The only thing is, there is no ethnographic project on the territory. Entry costs about 20 lei.