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National Museum of Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
4.6 / 84
The largest museum in Copenhagen, which contains exhibits dedicated to the history of Denmark. It exhibits objects from the Stone Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages, and the New Age. From interesting specimens: the Tronnholm chariot, stones with ancient runic signs, golden horns from Gallehus. The collection is located in the palace of the XVIII century. The museum often triple thematic exhibitions.
Address:Ny Vestergade 10, København K
Phone:+45 33 13 44 11



Really enjoyed the trip here. The museum is probably my favourite so far. There are 4 levels and so much to see and learn from the Stone Age to bronze and after. Viking raid stuff is…meh, but we really enjoyed the money part of the museum. .. Read more »
Blake Butler
This place is massive. I was there for three hours and could have stayed longer but was starting to get burned out. Some many different exhibits and a ton of content. The money hamster wheel got my heart rate up for a bit. Lots of Denmark content but.. Read more »
SebCeleste M
Nice space for toddlers and children to discover Danish history and run around and use up some energy. Lots of drawing paper, books and crayons were available for children. Very impressed to see the amount of available strollers to use for parents, .. Read more »
Lisa Venske
One of the best and most thoughtful and detailed museums I have ever visited! I learned more than expected and this comes from someone who normally doesn’t really stay long in museums ;) Also very nice with children as there are little interac.. Read more »
This museum is incredibly complex and housed inside the former Prince's Palace. It is Denmark's largest museum regarding Danish history and there are so many rooms dedicated to not just Danish history from the Stone Age through modern-day, .. Read more »
Julia Hoover
Delightful museum with accessible historic and artistic exhibits for a wide age range. No discount for the disabled without a card, which excludes US visitors, who get no such card. On the other hand, youth are free. Some seating in each room, but o.. Read more »
Nice place to visit. It's generally just a large box to store random objects from cultures and history. It has a great exhibition on Money, Vikings, Colonial Era, Early people including artifacts and carved stones. Some antiquities hidden on the.. Read more »
Anthony Chan
Visited with Copenhagen card and spent one hour here but have spent more time here as the exhibitions are really interesting. Learned about the viking age and also different artefacts from different countries. Has a cafe shop and clean toilets. Great.. Read more »
SiQing Xu
We primary went to see the Vikings exhibit. The entire exhibit is very well done with lots of really interesting artifacts and information on display. For any Vikings fans I would recommend it. We also got to see some really fascinating Renaissance p.. Read more »
Lara Smolek
One of the really top museums! There are several different museum exhibits in one place. Danish history is somehow the most interesting to me. We spent a lot of time in the museum, but it is definitely worth it. We are very pleasantly surprised by .. Read more »
Mina Karadaban
Absolutely incredible. Very informative about the vikings, Danish history (1600-2000) and every other title it contained. Therefore really aesthetic and remarkable with its pieces. Workers are polite. Many opportunities available. It takes 3-4 hours .. Read more »
Cristina Vancsa
Amazing museum! It's a must if you visit Copenhagen. Full of history, guiding you through time (stone age-modern days) and places (nordic countries and the colonies), correlated with the whole world (with specific traditions). Really well displa.. Read more »
Simply put, the best part of this museum was on the ground floor and three thirds of the first floor. After the Viking section, I felt the museum just filled in the rest of that floor with things just to fill it in. To be honest, I did not have the t.. Read more »
If you enjoy ethnographic exhibitions this is the museum for you. An incredible collection which includes African, Chinese, Indonesian etc cultural items. There is a Renaissance section, an amazing Viking exhibition with an astounding collection of .. Read more »
Aisha Kadyrbaeva
I really enjoyed my visit to the museum, many interesting and different sections of different period of Danish history. Very nice experience. Spent five hours there, but managed to see only half of the museum! Will come back!
Joe Clark
An excellent museum! Comprehensive history of Denmark and the Viking period. Lots of intriguing exhibits of cultures around the world. Very much enjoyed the video experience of Bjorn, son of Ragnar and his eventual death. Lots of great items at the g.. Read more »
Lukáš Mikša
I warn you, you will spend there the whole day. The museum is immense with all it's exhibitions, it took me around 3 hours to get through the Viking section which was very informative and the narrative was very enjoyable. I am not even history f.. Read more »
Ioana Neagu
If you are into history, but especially passionate about viking history, this is the place for you. I had the chance to see an exclusive exhibition about the vikings' life and the general history of Denmark from 1600s until now. It has many othe.. Read more »
Really interesting museum and deceivingly large. We visited a few other museums that were specifically for Vikings, but this one has the best artifacts and info. There are also tons of other exhibits and things to see from all over the world and diff.. Read more »
J Page
I went there looking for souvenirs but when I spoke with the greeting I was quite interested in spending time seeing the displays. You can spend a day or less if you pick specific sections to view. Beautiful way to display history. I highly recommend.. Read more »
Max Venmore-Rowland
Simply brilliant museum. Starting from stone age the museum takes you through key stages of the development of danish people's. It was excellent. Easy to follow and very logical. The Viking section was also good with loads of info as well as a h.. Read more »
Svava Ósk
Beautiful and well managed museum. Absolutely one of my all-time favourites. Ended up spending two days with a total of 8 hours (5 hours the first day and 3 hours the second day) just to see everything. Fairly priced and happy to pay twice for such a.. Read more »
xena-marie Jarmey
This place is massive! Lovely museum! huge exhibitions and lovely displays with good knowledge in Danish and English. The collection they have here is overwhelming. And it's difficult to squeeze into one day if you are interested in reading disp.. Read more »
Samantha Decker
Educational about all aspects of Danish history and culture, including daily life, arts, culture, religion, government, and war. Informative, easy to explore in whatever level of detail you want. Friendly employees, and graphically very cool. Only sm.. Read more »
Via D'Agostino
An amazing collection of artifacts from all over the world! The Viking section was the best, including the remains of the world’s longest Viking ship, an extremely well-done video of the Viking quest to reach Rome, and several rune stones (whic.. Read more »
Cristian Garcia
Tremendous experience really. We were here for over 2 hours, traveling along the history of beautiful Denmark and learning about its legends, people, and early days. We also went to the third floor to experience the history of the viking peoples, whi.. Read more »
Jackie Kreitzer
Very large museum if you want to thoroughly see all the exhibits you will need 3+ hours. Viking exhibit was pretty good. The other exhibits in the museum had beautiful artifacts from all around the world large and small. Really great collection. I h.. Read more »
Rafhaan Shah
One of the nest museums I've visited, both in terms of sheer variety of things on display, to the amount of detail and effort that's been put into the exhibits. As others have noted, the Viking exhibit was particularly good, but the details.. Read more »
Theresa Oberstraß
Collection is stunning, but unfortunately there is literlay no information about the pieces displayed. We did not get that chance to catch a tour so hopefully you learn more then. We would have loved an audio guide, but without anything or anybody gu.. Read more »
Ludivine Pradeilles
This very huge museum has tremendous collections on a great variety of subjects! The visit took us 3h30 and we did not stop in each room! The building in itself is very nice, the staff is helpful and the museum is entirely wheelchair accessible. We g.. Read more »
Hölle cr
The Vikings-Raid was the highlight. That was very interesting. The rest of the museum consists of old and ancient things in showcases :) The best is that a big part of the museum is free and you only have to pay for a small part.
O Everything
The National Museum is massive, and for some even an entire day here won’t cover everything. The limited time Viking exhibit is my favorite, and I recommend that you prioritize this. The Prehistory, Renaissance and Stories of Denmark exhibits w.. Read more »
Edson Bittencourt Imperic
A must if you come to Copenhagen. Absolutely gorgeous collection of a bit of everything. I especially like the Greek vases collection, and all the ancient civilizations wings of the museum. Check also the unique exhibition on Greenland. Very inter.. Read more »
Kwak Family
Nice museum. With limited time, we focused on the Viking exhibit. Very good number of artifacts and historical perspectives on the extent of their reach! They went pretty much wherever waterways (oceans and rivers) were available.
We went to visit the viking exhibition. It's one room so I was thinking it's a little bigger. Lots of small findings and a very good movie about the story of Björn at the end. Depending on how much you're interested in reading abo.. Read more »
Christian Kornerup
Not to big and not to small, perfect place to spend a few hours. Affordable at 100 dkk pr person and kinds free. Artifacts from both Denmark as well as Rome, Greece and Egypt. Nice little museum shop too with a nice selection of books, souvenirs, toy.. Read more »
Станислав Семков
It's one of the best museum experiences I have ever been given the chance to have! It has an astonishing variety of artifacts for everyone's taste.
Kolle (4732)
Very good, it wasn't crowded at all and the exhibits are really interesting.
David Anderson
Well worth a visit if you're in Copenhagen. I was fascinated by all the Viking history and artifacts.
Rachel Lucky
Room by room explorative of Denmark in different eras. Well organized. Although I wasn't impressed with the articles of display, most of them looked new and unoriginal.
Lasse Lindahl
We looked at the ethnographic collection. Undoubtedly, a very important and impressive collection. But there is next to no information about the objects that are shown jammed together in overfilled glass cabinets. As a lay person I think I learned li.. Read more »
A great place to understand denmark. Be sure to take more time as 3 hours was not enough for me to see everything.
Claudia Chiţu
I recommend that if you plan to go to this museum, take at least half a day. The museum is large and each room is very interesting, and thus it is worth to enjoy it properly.
polarbear Frog
I can meet well organised information about Denmark and other cultures.
Vinh Phuc
The National Museum of Denmark (Nationalmuseet) in Copenhagen is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history, comprising the histories of Danish and foreign cultures, alike. The museum's main building is located a short distance from Str&.. Read more »
Kristian Helge Straton-An
No entrance allowed with a pram.
Javad K
Worth a try if you are interested in Denmark history and its colonies.
Cezar Neculae
Fantastic museum containing several very impressive collections of artifacts. We were lucky to see also the exhibition "Meet the Vickings", which is a wonderful interpretation of a Danish artisit about ghe way the old Vikings looked and dre.. Read more »
Joe Hyde
Such a wide variety of exhibits when we went the two main exhibitions were Genghis Khan and Japanese Culture, with a few smaller displays throughout. Great because it was included on the Copenhagen card so we utilised this again. Very good experience.. Read more »
Quite old-school museum with a bunch of different things to see. Somewhat interesting but dull to walk around and look at.
Alessandro Virtuoso
I love the Nationalmuseet, so much that I have a yearly pass. Excellent Viking and Danish in general collections, they frequently have very interesting exhibitions. But, but, but... there are sections that are deeply problematic, especially the ethno.. Read more »
Eileen Weed
I have seen many museums but this is one of the few that was especially engaging - I really enjoyed myself and would love to return one day! It was like going into a time machine and stepping into various homes from different times. Fantastic job! (I.. Read more »
Omobolanle Amure
There were a lot of things to see and because I wanted to read everything comprehensively I didn't finish the tour but it was very interesting and engaging. There was a boredom button in some display rooms, children could press and some animatio.. Read more »