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Mykolaiv Observatory

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.6 / 70
The Mykolaiv Observatory is an extraordinary place that stands out not only in Ukraine but also in all of Europe. It is known for its unique architectural style and its rich historical and scientific significance. Stepping into this observatory feels like entering another dimension, immersing oneself in the world of science, space, time, and observations. It is a place that truly captures the imagination and inspires the study of the cosmos. Despite its allure, reaching the observatory can be challenging, sometimes seeming impossible. Visiting the Mykolaiv Observatory offers a fascinating and informative experience. It allows visitors to delve into the history of the observatory while also providing opportunities to observe the moon and learn more about astronomy. The observatory is undeniably beautiful, but it is also in desperate need of restoration. It is disheartening that the mayor of the city can allocate funds for unnecessary projects while neglecting the restoration of such a unique and valuable place. The observatory staff is highly praised for their wonderful excursions. They are dedicated to their work and provide an informative and enjoyable experience for visitors. The guide, Felix Ivanovich, is particularly commended for conducting excellent excursions in both Ukrainian and English. If you have an affinity for science, space, and stars, visiting the Mykolaiv Observatory should be on your itinerary. Established in 1821 by Admiral Greig, the Mykolaiv Observatory is the oldest observatory in Eastern Europe. It was first led by Karl Khristoforovich Knore. Today, the observatory conducts research on celestial bodies, monitors space debris in Earth's orbit, studies small bodies and comets, and offers excursions where visitors can observe the planets and the moon through a telescope. The observatory also houses a unique library with a collection of books, as well as a museum featuring instruments, compasses, precise clocks, and other objects related to geography. Overall, the Mykolaiv Observatory is a lovely historic place that offers an unforgettable experience. Visitors are treated to impressive and meaningful excursions, guided by knowledgeable researchers and astronomers. Looking through the telescope and witnessing the planets Saturn and Jupiter is an awe-inspiring sight. Even young children can find the observatory fascinating, although lack of funding has taken a toll on its appearance. It is an interesting and informative excursion that allows visitors to engage with science and history, especially as the observatory celebrates its 200th anniversary. However, it is important to note that the large telescope can only be accessed with a stepladder, limiting its use to individuals who are at least 140-150 cm tall. Despite this limitation, the Mykolaiv Observatory is highly recommended for all ages.
Address:• M, Observatorna Street, 1, Mykolaiv
Phone:+380 512 477 014



The Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory is a unique place not only within the borders of Ukraine, but also throughout Europe. It fascinates not only with its architectural style, but also with an important historical and scientific content. The place i.. Read more »
An interesting and informative place. You can dive into the history of the observatory, as well as look at the moon. I recommend!
A very beautiful place. Only very badly in need of restoration. It is a pity that the mayor of the city finds money to roll up the city with tiles, to disfigure the central square, but cannot find money to restore such a unique place.
A wonderful excursion, thanks to the observatory staff! I admire your work! Thanks for the informative evening
A wonderful guide Felix Ivanovich conducts wonderful excursions, including in English. If you are attracted to science, space, stars - you should definitely visit here!
The oldest observatory in Eastern Europe. Founded in 1821 by Admiral Greig. The first director is Karl Khristoforovich Knore. Currently, the observatory is studying celestial bodies, fixing space debris in Earth orbit, conducting research, observing .. Read more »
Lovely historic place
There was an evening excursion on August 14th. A very impressive, interesting and meaningful place! Informative excursion from the observatory researcher and Astronomer. We looked through a telescope, saw Saturn and Jupiter! This is an unforgettable .. Read more »
It was interesting even for my 4 year old son !! But due to lack of funding, the appearance wants better ((
An interesting and informative excursion. To touch science and history, because the Nikolaev Observatory turns 200 this year. I liked both children and adults very much. But it must be borne in mind that a large telescope is actually quite large and .. Read more »
The tour is just great! Lots of new and interesting things around us! We didn't even know that... Me and my 7 year old daughter loved it!! Thanks a lot!!!
Were on Excursions. I would like to look more at the moon through a telescope! - they looked at the stars for only 1-2 minutes per person. The Astrologer spoke for a long time and it is not clear. Nice setting and very nice evening photos. Take mosqu.. Read more »
We were on excursions. I liked everything very much. Informative and interesting, thanks to the guide Daniel.
We were on a guided tour, very interesting! Huge territory, everything is clean and tidy. A lot of positive emotions!
I really liked the evening tour. It is amazing that there are such wonderful places in Ukraine. Interesting, informative, good? Employees love their job and it is felt.
Unfortunately we did not get on the tour, but we will definitely return when possible, the best said in April, May, June
Unfortunately, you can not get on the tour every day. I want to return to the warmer season, so that drafts and cold wind on the street do not interfere with the perception of not so much information as the atmosphere of this place. In addition, it w.. Read more »
In all lists "what to do in Nikolaev" the observatory is at the beginning of the list. Came here in the afternoon (by the way, Google maps are a little wrong there), and the area is closed. Fortunately, the security guard saw me, refused to.. Read more »
The whole family went on an evening tour. It was quite interesting, especially when they started looking into the telescope. I liked Luna. She was so beautiful! It is only sad that all the equipment is outdated, the premises need repair, there is a l.. Read more »
Very beautiful, full of history place. Friendly staff conduct interesting and informative tours (as for an adult, this is exactly what the doctor prescribed). Huge territory, interesting exposition. And of course it needs investment and attention!
One of the first observatories in Eastern Europe, and the first in Ukraine, this facility was created in 1821 for the Black Sea Fleet to aid orientation and time-keeping. The observatory sits at a height of 50 metres in the centre of the city and st.. Read more »
For such ridiculous money, the time is not wasted. Moon bomb! The rest will do too.
Just a wonderful place for everyone who is not indifferent to the sky and everything above the sky. I am very glad that I visited here with the children on excursions. The children were delighted after seeing the moon and Saturn in full view, as well.. Read more »